BuySellProf Security

BuySellProf Security

Balancing Buy and Sell orders, take profits on the market reversal in the conditions of increased volatility with uptrend or downtrend. Risk Manager closes all orders according to the statement loss or permitted arrived, checking account NumberAccount.

operation signals Expert BuySellProf, BuySellProf_Security. Setting a counselor in my blog.

Description of work

Entering the market two orders (Buy and Sell), establishes both a fixed warrant Take Profit. After operation Take Profit on Buy or Sell, Advisor sets based on Martingale Buy order, if the previous order is closed at Sell, or on the contrary, sets the warrant Sell, if the previous order was closed on Buy. Then connects both profit, and a new order of the previous one in the overall profit (with a special algorithm), moving it to the place of a possible price movement.

This opens another order (the rocker in the opposite direction to the two) with a value equal to the last order (with Martingale), creating a lock (lock) with the last order. If volatility exceeds the implied price of Take Profit orders, counselor, taking profit, repeats the previous operation, taking into account the Martingale, and so as long as the market does not turn around or volatility starts to decline. By this order Stop Loss is set in case the market turns from bullish sentiment to bearish and vice versa. This Stop Loss can be set to fixed or Trailing Stop (?).

At the closing of Take Profit (?) Or the largest CurrentPercentProfit (?) Of all previously set orders (currently all of them are connected to one Take Profit), adviser to the newly starts a new cycle of trades, establishing two orders respectively for Buy and Sell and so on to achieve the ordered profit TotalProfitPercentage .

Risk Manager constantly monitors the status of: balance, equity and profit. Displays them in the terminal value of the chart window. Upon reaching the drawdown (PercentLoss) Or book profit (TotalProfitPercentage), Closes all orders (as set automatically the same hand), and removes the adviser from the chart. To restart the robot advisor attach to the graph and re-enter the input parameters.


  • Risk Manager controls the account number (the adviser does not work on other accounts other than on one that is registered in the NumberAccount), balance, equity and operating profit, bringing their values ​​and the values ​​of the input parameters in the terminal window graphics in real time;
  • Commerce in manual or automatic mode (which can be installed any further orders manually, thus not interfere with the advisor);
  • Trade with high volatility, news outlet, bullish or bearish market;
  • Ability to work on any currency pairs and on all timeframes;
  • After a sudden connection failure, the adviser is able to immediately resume their work, re-calculating the Take Profit and placing orders according to the algorithm.

Disadvantages include the selection of the parameters on the history of trades, but this disadvantage is offset correct adjustment counselor and warrant balancer that adjusts adviser under the realities of the market.

Input parameters

  • NumberAccount – № numerical value account;
  • TotalProfitPercentage – the total percentage of profits;
  • CurrentPercentProfit – operating income in the cycle;
  • UsePercentLoss – enable / disable the allowable drawdown;
  • PercentLoss – allowable percentage loss (drawdown);
  • TP – take profit (Take Profit);
  • SL – Stop Loss (Stop Loss);
  • Lots – the value of the lot. This EA can be any value item, the fractional 0.01;
  • Martinlot – multiplier Lots to achieve better gains and bezubytka (1 – offline Martingale 0.1 and increased granularity, i.e., 1 = 1.1 + 0.1, etc.);
  • MaxLots – the maximum allowable value of the lot (by using increasing size Martingale item, for example from 0.01 to 2, further EA will establish additional orders only the magnitude of the lot Martingale 2 will operate in the intervals from 0.01 to 2. This reduces the balance drawdown.;
  • Use Trailing Stop – enable / disable the trailing stop;
  • Trailing Stop – trailing stop value;
  • MagicNumber – magic number, an integer constant that is used to uniquely identify the warrants.

BuySellProf Security


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TempoDiesel expert is poluskalperskoy system, which analyzes the market by analyzing the movement of the market rate. To work when testing is necessary to use all the ticks. By adjusting the parameters StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStart, TrailingBreakeven, set the mode of the system: Scalping is a system or not.


The expert can be optimized only at all ticks, as well as the test!

at work uses accounting positions in the netting mode (one character
can be only one position). EA does not work in an independent
accounting positions (hedging, when one character can be several
products). When tested on a demo account you need to choose an account without
hedging. Also, consider this fact when opening an account for the real work.

Suffice it to optimize TempoDiesel once, for example in the past month. After that, it shows excellent results in the forward period, which can be seen in the screenshots. Optimize needs only option doorstep. Trade need timeframe M1. Expert is designed to trade on the EURUSD, but it can also work on other currency pairs should be selected. For example, GBPUSD optimization was not carried out because the test results were good without it. The adviser is preferable to test a broker with the five-digit quotes, and even better on the MetaQuotes-Demo server. Expert automatically determines the number of characters in quotes and gives good results in the forward periods.


  • Magic – The magic number;
  • Risk – If Lot = 0, then the risk determines the lot of the deposit;
  • Lot – Offer, if not equal to zero deactivates the risk;
  • LimitSpread – Limitation of spread [2/10];
  • Millisecond – Time is used to determine the price of speed [10/1000];
  • doorstep – Option to optimize determines input [5/20];
  • xstep – Optional input parameter to [5/20];
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss [5/20];
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit [5/50];
  • TrailingStart – Home for the trailing stop [3/20];
  • TrailingStop – How many points to pull the trailing stop [1/10];
  • TrailingBreakeven – Level bezubytka, if you want to [0/5];
  • LimitTrades – Limit Orders [1/10];
  • Deviation – The maximum deviation of the price of [0/3];
  • Sleeps – Standby time [1/10].


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Big Candl DEMO

Big Candl DEMO

The indicator is a panel which the user is located in a place convenient for him and allows identification candle pattern formed by a combination of three candles based on the original technology, but starting from the idea that one is a candle. In this candle, called a large, covered three candles on any timeframe. Candlestick formations that you can see are one candle shapes:

  • Yo Sen (Yo Sen, bovine);
  • In Sen (In Sen, a bear);
  • Hammer (bovine);
  • Hanged (bearish);
  • Inverted Hammer (bovine);
  • Shooting Star (bearish);
  • Standard doji or a doji star;
  • A long-legged doji;
  • Gravestone Doji;
  • Doji Dragonfly.

In addition, given the importance of the analysis of the absorption figures are added to identify candlestick patterns mode.


  • corner – Angle indicator output generated. Default – the upper left;
  • Bullish_candlebullish candle. Default – Blue;
  • Bearish_candle – bearish candle. Default – Red;
  • Line_candle – line. Default – Green.
  • Fill color candles – staining color candles. Default – off.

We must always remember that any patterns can be no guarantee that the price should not ignore. The indicator supports along with English and Russian language names output patterns.

Big Candl DEMO

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Currency market Ruble falls on oil and geopolitics

Currency market. Ruble falls on oil and geopolitics

The ruble is slowly but surely
He is losing ground, even in spite of the massive US dollar sell-off after
weak statistics. Ball is ruled by two themes: geopolitics and dynamics of oil.

So, on Wednesday, it became known that the volume of
Commercial oil reserves in underground storage facilities decreased US not
much as expected. And this is a clear indication that the demand for gasoline, even
at the peak of “driving season”, weaker than forecasts. According to the Ministry of Energy, for a week of its
inventories rose by 2.096 million barrels. And it sent Brent to month low
46.77 dollars. / Bbl. Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Indicator displaying a grid on the terminal graph multiple logic levels.

The indicator was created as an alternative to the standard grid MetaTrader 4 for convenience of the price movement.


  • GridStep – grid spacing
  • PriceLabels price tags
  • ShowInObjectsList – the grid lines in the object list

Note: The color of the grid lines is set in the chart properties. Text color It sets the basic levels. grid color – intermediate.



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BRIEF DESCRIPTION advisor demo first test set

BRIEF DESCRIPTION advisor demo, the first test set

It is written as a universal machine tool trader.
It can be used as a helper in a manual trade as well as for automatic and semi-automatic trading.
Develop and customize the quotations of oil, but can be used on any other instrument.

Perhaps less effectively – on currency pairs the noise level is much higher, more difficult to make precise adjustments.

Boat has a graphical interface that makes it more convenient and efficient real trade, and allows "trade" in the tester – all basic parameters passed in a graphical interface, and therefore manage the boat in the tester. Graphics has the highest priority, the settings from the main menu are taken only at the first start if you make any changes in the settings afterwards, it is necessary to press the RESET button to apply them. This eliminates reset schedules at the entrance / exit of the settings.

Boat can be operated with the control of the trend, and without it.
When the control is switched off traffic trend tracked by trawl line open a virtual warrant at a predetermined pitch at a given distance.
Sometimes it is much more effective indicators.
The robot functions as a built-4 indicator.
– Two types of MA indicator can be customized to various TF with different parameters, allowing you to track both the general and local trend, specifying the optimal entry point in the deal. I use a second pair of AI as the average caliper growth rate or incidence rates (shift = 0)
– OS indicator (author) is an acceleration meter. Averaging does not apply. Outputs a real positive or negative acceleration at a predetermined number of periods. It is used both in the opening position, and for the closing of profitable positions in accelerating the fall.
– Indicator support / resistance levels used at the local level, great prevents false inputs.
Basic settings of all the individual indicators made for the buy and the sell as well as the nature of the movement up and down is very different from the vast majority of instruments. If this is not enough for optimal tuning and buy a sell, for the second direction of the second instance of the owl in a separate graph of the same pair may be set.
Any of the indicator can be turned off by entering a zero in the field Differ. In the formation of a trading signal are taken into account only evidence included indicators.

Boat has a multistep treylingstop.
Trawl, not only profit trawls, but also, if it is set, trawls stoploss in unprofitable areas. This allows the well to reduce losses.
The fixation can be set treylingstope bezubytka – to achieve a given level of profit Stop Loss is moved by a predetermined distance and does not move on until it reaches the next profit to a predetermined level setting.
Treylingstop can be used to position the trawl open bot, and to open by hand, if it is allowed.

Fixing Take Profit can be either rigid or floating. If allowed to the second, closed position TA provided that profit = preset settings and OS indicator lost trend. Sometimes it is very helpful, the actual closing takes place at a profit in 3-4 larger than the one that is specified in the settings.

Pending orders in the boat always virtual. This allows you to ignore the stop levels that Very Good on the type of oil instruments. And on the other, too, when working with DC increases the level of the stops on the news.
Take Profit levels are also always virtual.
stoploss levels can be both virtual and real.
Virtual trunks are used to work on one position. If enabled the opening position in the drawdown (BSnext_if_DrawDown 0) bot automatically switches to the installation of the actual trunk. It must be remembered that in this case the stop levels are no longer ignored and properly configure trailing.

Opening levels of virtual orders can be moved in the actual work, and in the tester. This will automatically move the TP / SL levels (changing the values ​​of variables) if they are set.
Moving the levels of TP / SL can only be entered with the corresponding values ​​via a graphical interface. TP / SL line on the graph is just a visualization of variables.

Sailboat allows setting permission levels / prohibitions and buy a sell for operation within a predetermined range. This is useful when working on the flat, and also in anticipation of a reversal.
The principle is as follows:
– Opening buy-positions is prohibited until the price drops below a specified level of resolution.
– received permission to open a buy position on the indicator signals (if the trend control) until the price reaches the level of banning.
Similarly, for a sell.

Demo bot networks and file of the first test in the attachment.
I specify – working TF test hereinafter always 15 minutes. So with Dukas in ticks enough to download only the TF.

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For post of President of Italy Mario Draghi claims

For the post of the President of Italy, Mario Draghi claims …

economist Steen
Jacobsen from Saxo Bank says, who can
take the post of the President of Italy – after
the resignation of Dzhordzho Napolitano. will
choose a prime minister
Matteo Renzi. According to the economist, this
It is not an easy task. Renzi is necessary
to find a candidate who
support of many of the reforms which
is well known in the international arena and
which, in the end, will be able to
two-thirds majority in the Senate.

There are a few
Candidates, who are primarily
It will offer Renzi Senate. Among
them – Romano Prodi, a former prime minister
and the European Commission president and former
Prime Minister Giuliano Amato. Both have
We tried to take the presidency in
Last, but not get the necessary majority

Another one
nominee – is Mario Draghi, very
significant, but it is unlikely. Chapter
European Central Bank is unlikely
whether it will throw the already existing good
work, besides he has to bring to the
the end of his program – is about to start
quantitative easing program.

On the other hand,
Renzi also considering nominations
among women. For example, the president
can become Emma Bonino, a former commissioner
EU, but it has recently said that he could not
apply for this position because of

from the list of candidates in general or
one will not work – and chooses the Prime Minister
(Knowing Italian politics) any
inconspicuous banker / economist
international level, which all
satisfied. Author sadness
He is talking about it, because he understands,
Now how much Italy needs bold
head, because the state
first and foremost a very strong influence
the nature of the president.

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