Blizzard Signal AM

Blizzard Signal AM

Signal light in Christmas style based on well-proven digital oscillator channel and moving averages. The signals in the form of snowflakes shown on a fully formed bars. The indicator is not redrawn and has no configurable options. Signals must be confirmed overcoming maximum / minimum price bar on which they are displayed. 

Blizzard Signal AM

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India wants for 5 years to bring in raw materials

India wants for 5 years to bring in raw materials extraction expansion $ 15 billion in investment

The Government of India is going for 5 years to bring 1 trillion rupees ($ 15 billion) investment to support the mining sector in order to reduce imports of raw materials, said Industry Minister Piyush Goyal in an interview with Bloomberg.

The minister spoke about the intention to invite foreign companies to participate, while recognizing the existence of a number of problems, including those related to the acquisition of land and in the field of environmental law.

According P.Goyala, mining industry in India is at an early stage of formation, but some success it has already achieved.

In particular, coal output growth has led to a reduction in imports of raw materials by 8% for the year ended March 31, up to 200 million tons. It is expected that in the current fingodu coal overseas purchases will drop to 160 million tons, and coal to the state corporation Coal India (NS: COAL) Ltd. It sets an ambitious goal of doubling production by 2020, up to 1 billion tons a year.

It is estimated the Federation of Indian mining industry, only 13% of 575 thousand sq. Meters of land with potential for production have been explored at the moment, with the share of private capital in the sector is minimal.

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Random Orders

Random Orders

Script places pending orders (symbol trading volume, direction, and the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit are set randomly).

Note: The script does not work on live accounts.

Random Orders

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Good midfielder

Good midfielder

Good Midfielder – semi-expert. Good Midfielder Advisor is based on the principle of imbalance.

The strategy allows pre-identify key turning points and major market movements.


  1. Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  2. It works with ECN
  3. Magic number is generated automatically
strategy tester
Description parameter
OverBalance button there is there is there is Start
correction button there is there is there is Activation
Depth button there is there is there is parameter zigzag
button ” < ” there is there is there is increase
button ” > ” there is there is there is decrease
Comment button Comment ovb there is there is there is The biggest correction
Button Comment ovb1 there is there is there is Number of corrections
OverBalanceShow button there is there is there is The level of imbalance
Trade Trade Button no there is there is Activation
buy button Buy no there is there is Purchase
selling Sell Button no there is there is Sale
BuyStop button no there is there is Clicking the left mouse button (price / SL / TP)
SellStop button no there is there is Clicking the left mouse button (price / SL / TP)
BuyLimit button no there is there is Clicking the left mouse button (price / SL / TP)
Selllimit button no there is there is Clicking the left mouse button (price / SL / TP)
Assistant no there is there is Help on the chart Help on the chart
comment lot1 no there is there is Increasing the amount bid by pressing the numeric key 2
comment lot2 no there is there is Reducing the amount bid by pressing a number key 1
Button trendline Trend Line no there is there is Clicking the left mouse button (the price / price) trend line
Button trailing Trailing Line no there is there is Commercial using trendline (pending orders)
Trailing Stop Button no there is there is trailing stop (SL_Trailing parameter)
Trailing orders button no there is there is Trailing warrants (correction parameter – see button Comment ovb) Manual adjustment in global variables (correction + symbol)
the average TP button no there is there is Virtual average Take Profit (Buy or Sell >= 2) Setting the price chart
Close Buy Button no there is there is Closing of the transaction for the purchase of
Button Close Sell no there is there is Closing of the transaction for sale
Reset Reset button no there is there is resets

Good midfielder

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England face cancellation of flights to Europe

England face the cancellation of flights to Europe due Brexit

Airlines canceling sold tickets for flights from the UK to Europe if the United Kingdom Government will not be able to reach an agreement with Brussels on the way out of the EU. Writes about this edition of the Sunday Times, RIA Novosti reported.

Warning about a possible cancellation of the flight will be printed on the tickets for the flights in 2019, which will go on sale from March 2018.

"We will cancel flights. We will cancel the trip people on holidays in the summer of 2019", – said the head of Ryanair Michael O Irish airline"Leary.

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EC will continue trade negotiations with United

The EC will continue trade negotiations with the United States until the effective completion

Negotiations between the EU and the US on the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are moving, in the European Commission has a clear mandate on them 28 Member States of the European Union, European Commission spokesman Margaritis Shinas.

"At the last meeting of the European Council, European Commission President Jean-Klod Yunker received the necessary support in regard to the continuation of negotiations", – said a spokesman on Tuesday at a briefing in Brussels in response to a request to comment on the question of the need for France to conduct further discussions on the TTIP.

M.Shinas said he did not consider it necessary to comment on individual statements. "We prefer to maintain an organized work and stick to what was envisaged in the hope to conclude these negotiations", – he said.

"We will continue our work on the basis of the mandate that we have been entrusted"- reiterated the EC representative, in response to persistent questions on the same subject. According to him, "When negotiating, they are to come to the result".

He again referred to a statement by Jean-Claude Juncker that the European Commission is negotiating not to weaken the European standards on environmental protection, food or lifestyle. This, according to him, on the other hand, is about how to achieve international recognition of these standards.

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EA Straddle Trader

EA Straddle Trader

Principle of operation

At a specified time advisor exposes two stops (BuyStop and SellStop) with predetermined stop-loss and take-profit by a predetermined distance from the price. The stop-loss is adjusted for the opening of each new candle (frequency correction stops timeframe depends directly on the chart, on which is mounted advisor, minute timeframe normally used to prevent false tripping order, that depends on the strategy). Pending orders will adjust its position relative to the price, as long as does not work one of the two orders, or until the two orders are not deleted at a set time.

Once one of the pending orders opened on the market, the second order is automatically deleted. Next Advisor continues to work with an open warrant modifying StopLoss level depending on the settings Thrall so that the order went into the black and closed with a profit or at the level of StopLoss, or at a specified TakeProfit.

external options

  • Lots – the size of the lot stops, opened advisor
  • StopLoss * – initial stop-loss
  • TakeProfit * – how far it will put take profit
  • slippage * – allowable slippage
  • Distance * – the distance above and below the price at the time of installation of stop orders
  • autolot – enable avtorascheta lot
  • MaxRisk – the percentage of loss of deposit if the initial stop loss will work, you need a car for the calculation of the lot
  • TimeSetOrders – the local time of the installation of stop orders
  • TimeDelOrders – the local time of the removal of stop orders, if none is opened
  • seconds before modification – the number of seconds before the modification stops if equal to zero, then the new bar modification
  • UseTrailing – if true, to use trawl
  • ProfitTrailing – if true, the trawl just profit
  • TrailingStop * – fixed size trawl
  • TrailingStep * – trawl step
  • MaTrailing – turn on the trailing moving average
  • PeriodMaTrailing – period for moving the trailing
  • INFO – If true, the widget included
  • comment – If necessary, write a comment, which will be displayed in the informer and the subject line
  • Color – widget color
  • VisualGap – if true, will be visualized all the gaps found during the work counselor
  • MinFixedGap * – the minimum size of gaps in points for visualization
  • Infoprofit – if true, the informer will show a profit in the currency of the account, if false – profit in pips
  • MailSend – if true, then the closing of the trading orders Advisor sends a letter to the post office with basic information about the transaction
  • UseSound – if true, the sound will be issued at the opening advisor orders, modifications, closing or removing
  • NameFileSound – You can change the default is “expert.wav”

* marked the parameters that need to be different for the characters 4 and 5 characters after the decimal point

Additional features advisor (when needed)

  • informer – inter alia fixes the widening of spreads
  • visualizer gaps – records the maximum value and the notes bars with a gap not less than a predetermined level
  • Sending e trade results – Expanded the result of trade information, the currency pair, the balance sheet, equity mailbox

Basic trading technique using Straddle Trade Adviser

Straddle Trade Advisor is made for trading on the eponymous strategy on strong news and market developments. The essence of the strategy – prices lining both sides of stop orders, based on the profit after a strong price movement. Straddle Trade can be used for trading on fundamental news, and for trade in certain strategies, such as the breakdown of important resistance levels.

This EA is a handy tool in the trader’s trading, but it is understood that 90% of all depends on the skill of the trader. If the trader correctly calculate when to turn on the adviser and with what parameters, then the probability of a successful deal one hundred percent. With the help of the adviser you can significantly increase your deposit, winning only one strong news or economic event, ie just a few minutes of trading. Keep in mind that not all brokers are suitable to make a big deal in this EA. Many brokers require that the transaction was more than 5 minutes, significantly increases the spread to the news or no open orders.

EA Straddle Trader

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