Just Waves

Just Waves

Among the many technological means
Forex market analysis, wave analysis is fundamental. one way or
otherwise, when it comes to price variations in time, we are dealing with
waves. Elliott claimed that waves are formed on the principle of
fractality, on what and built its system. The same principle
indicator for MT4 Just Waves allocates graphics waves of different levels
(Up to eight wave levels) and creates a graphic line indicating
their start and end.

Just Waves
It offers objective concept wave, thereby opening the broadest
opportunities not only for traders but also for programmers
development of trading systems and analysis systems. this indicator
It was created to help people as much as possible to get rid of
routine action that is capable of doing the robot, and concentrate
his attention to the decision-making process.

Recommendations and working principle: 

  • It is recommended to use the accounts with a 4-digit quotes.
  • The indicator plots the wave on the basis of the current timeframe.
  • If you change the timeframe is sometimes required to switch to it again for the correct construction of the waves. 
  • In some cases, the first wave level indicator generates multiple trend lines on top of each other instead of one.


  • Level – number of wave levels (0-7)
  • WaveName – wave name (default “Wave”)
  • VLine – if true, the indicator begins to build the bar, which has a vertical line
  • VLineName – vertical line name (default is “1”)
  • SelectableWaves – possibility to remove the selection by clicking to the waves and hide them from the list of objects. 
  • WavesOnBackground – an opportunity to draw the waves in the background.
  • The display can also adjust the color and width of the wave lines.

 Example code for counting the waves:

// + ———————————————– ——————- +
// | Waves counter.mq4 |
// | Copyright 2015, OysterForex. |
// | http://oysterforex.esy.es |
// + ———————————————– ——————- +
#property copyright “Copyright 2015, OysterForex”
#property link “http://oysterforex.esy.es”
#property version “1.00”
extern int Level = 7; // how much levels do you want
extern string Name2 = “Wave”; // major name of drawing wave lines
extern bool VLine = false; // Vline
extern string Name1 = “1”; // Name
extern string ind_name = “Market just-waves”; // Just Waves’s indicator name in “MQL4 / Indicators” folder
int i6 []; // Total waves amount
// Compile it into / mql4 / Experts folder
// Current Expert Adviser works only with “Just Waves” Indicator
// The script helps to get total waves amount and stores it into i6 []
// in order later to get easily access to Vertical lines and get data from it
// such as Date1, Price1, Date2, Price2, which means the Start and the End of
// a single wave
// Sometimes, on the history only, “Just Waves 1.00” is missing to create one
// wave of the least wave level in the chain of waves
// In order to avoid this non-critical bug there is i4 integer
// checks if there is one more wave after missing one and if true
// continues counting waves
int OnInit ()
// —
   ArrayResize (i6, Level + 1); // prepare i6 for work
// —
   return (INIT_SUCCEEDED);
// + ———————————————– ——————- +
// | Expert tick function |
// + ———————————————– ——————- +
void OnTick ()
   string coment;
   iCustom (NULL, 0, ind_name, Level, Name2, VLine, Name1,0,0);
   for (int y = Level; y>= 0; y–) // circle for levels
      int i2 = 0, i3 = 0, i4 = 0;
      for (int i = 0 ;; i ++) // circle for waves of each level
         int i5 = i + 1; // i5 is number of the next wave after i
         i2 = ObjectFind (0, y + Name2 + i); // returns >= 0 if y + wave + i exists
         i4 = ObjectFind (0, y + Name2 + i5); // returns >= 0 if y + wave + i + 1 exists
         if (i2<0 && i4<0) // stop if there are no waves anymore
         i3 ++; // i3 counts total amount of waves for the level
      i6 [y] = i3; // when counted global int i6 [] stores it
      coment = coment + “Lvl _” + y + “-” + i6 [y] + ” n”;
      Comment (coment);
// + ———————————————– ——————- +
Just Waves


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Critical Support and Resistance MT5

Critical Support and Resistance MT5

The demo version of the product is available here.

Also, the panel version is available here.

Critical Support and Resistance – It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to monitor and adjust the important support and resistance levels, and easily check the status of all important support and resistance levels.

There is a strong likelihood that the price rollback or breaks important levels of support and / or resistance. This indicator is designed to aid in tracking these critical zones of support and resistance, such as pivot support zone 1/2/3, 1/2/3 pivot resistance zone, day / week / month pivots, as well as levels of multiples of 100 (for example 1.1300 EURUSD; 118.00 for EURJPY).

Once the price closer to the important support and resistance levels in the area of ​​prevention (range warning zones can be set up), will be sent an alert or notification, and the indicator panel will turn red. Therefore, you do not have all day to sit by the monitor and keep track of schedules.


  • Choice of use to send alerts / notification function.
  • Adjustable warning range for each type of critical support / resistance levels.
  • Choice of use of critical support / resistance levels. By default they are all selected.
  • Adjustable position indicator panel

Objects panel

See screenshot 1

  • If the level of support / resistance is not selected / not used, the cell will be painted white
  • If the level of support / resistance is selected / used
    • The price is out of the safety zone, the cell is painted in yellow
    • Price is in the warning zone, the cell is painted in red
  • The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a blank template, please see screenshot 2.

Input parameters

  • Send_alert
    • True: send an alert when the price is included in the warning zone
    • False: the alert will not be sent
  • Send_Notification
    • True: send alert when the price is included in the warning zone
    • False: the notification will not be sent
  • Use Pivot Support – use the support pivot
    • True: the price is included in the alert levels of support pivot area of ​​the cubicle to support the pivot points will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
  • Pivot Support Warning Zone: levels of safety zone range support pivot in pips. For example, if the resistance level of the pivot 1 is 1.1300, and Pivot Support Warning Zone is 10 (pip), then Pivot Support Warning Zone is equal to the range of 1.1290 (1.1300 pips -10) to 1.1310 (1.1300 + 10 pips).
  • Use Pivot Resistance – to use the pivot resistance
    • True: the price is included in the warning zone of resistance levels pivot, the cell panel to pivot resistance levels will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
  • Pivot Resistance Warning Zone: resistance range warning zones pivot in pips. See the example for the Pivot Support Warning Zone.
  • Use Daily / Weekly / Monthly Pivot: use daily / weekly / monthly pivot
    • True: the price is included in the warning zone daily / weekly / monthly pivot, the cell panel to levels of daily / weekly / monthly pivot will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Pivot Warning Zone: range warning levels daily / weekly / monthly pivot pip zone. See the example for the Pivot Support Warning Zone.
  • Use Daily Open – use the value of the opening day
    • True: the price is included in the warning zone daily pivot points, the cell panel to daily pivot points will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
  • Daily Open Warning Zone: safety zone range daily pivot points in pips. See the example for the Pivot Support Warning Zone.
  • Use Buy / Sell at 100: the use of the 100 level
    • True: the price is included in the levels of safety zone ‘100’, the cell panel to levels of ‘100’ will be painted in red and will be sent an alert / notification
    • False: the action will not be executed
  • Buy / Sell at 100 Warning Zone: level range warning zone ‘100’ in pips. See the example for the Pivot Support Warning Zone.
  • X_axis: position of the panel on the X axis
  • Y_axis: position of the panel in y

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.

Critical Support and Resistance MT5

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Choosing broker for scalping

Choosing a broker for scalping

  • What cost to pay attention when choosing a broker for scalping: Floating spread. In the market there is a fixed supply and demand, and therefore,
    spread can not be fixed. When a broker provides fixed
    spread it is likely that the “kitchen” and the broker is not really
    encourages scalping at all. Low spread.
    The lower the spread, the more our earnings. Given the fact that the
    maximum deal with scalping is somewhere in the 10 points, while the spread of some
    brokers 1-3 points, the profits that we lose up to 30%. Low spread is of paramount importance, especially when the deal brings a whole couple of points. price accuracy – vazhno- to 5 decimal places. At the 4-sign even tick chart moves only at 1 point, and we’re losing from 0.1 to 0.9 points of profit with any transaction. No re-quotes. Vazhno- reliability and speed of execution, it is desirable to choose ECN. STP. NDD
  • Pay attention to the availability of
    quotations in a free download, the second level liquidity and tick history. The absence of any restrictions on trade
    DC some impose restrictions on the minimum time sdelki- less than 2 minutes it is considered as a minimal profit with
    order closing and the maximum number of open trades for
    trading day. Choose a broker with a long history. It is not necessary to enjoy the new broker, especially that offer leverage of 1: 1000 and 1: 2000.
  • Scalping – a trading strategy is not suited to every trader and not for any broker. But it’s worth noting, if the strategy was a loss and did not bring the profits would not be so popular with thousands of traders around the world. High-frequency trading most successful traders brings hundreds% per day, not a month as in the conservative trade.

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CMM Expert Advisor

CMM Expert Advisor

Calculation of market movement.

Part of the series Next generation products.

The adviser works on large market movements using sophisticated algorithms. Advisor adapted for long-term trade with any spread, but it requires no more than 1.5 pips (15 pips) spread with scalping. I recommend working with a five-digit broker with tight spreads, but you can test the product on the four-accounts. The adviser works on all cylinders. Your broker should also be given the opportunity to trade on the news.

Monitoring of account: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/aminx/seller

some notes

  1. The results of a real account are broadly consistent with the results of backtesting
  2. CMM works with all ECN-brokers
    • If you work with different brokers give different results, change the Threshold setting and pitch filter
  3. Advisor is not a tick scalper has no martingale, grid, arbitration, risky scalping and breakdowns
  4. The most appropriate timeframes: M1-M5
  5. Minimum deposit: $ 5
  6. The best virtual server for Ping: less than 5 ms
  7. Broker with a minimum stop level 1 pip

Input parameters

  • Threshold – the maximum trading range
  • Max spread – maximum spread
  • Slippage pip – slip in pips
  • Trailing Stop – trailing stop
  • Trailing Stop from – activate the trailing stop at the level of the order opening
  • Lot size – fixed lot size
  • Money Management – wealth management (True / False)
  • Max_Digit – the maximum number of digits of the lot
  • Percent_risk – risk on each trade
  • Min_Lot – minimum lot
  • Magic_Number – magic number
  • Stoploss_pip – stop loss in pips
  • Takeprofit_pip – take profit, pip
  • Time Filter – a temporal filter (True / False)
  • Start_Hour – hour start
  • Start_minute – minute start
  • End_Hour – hour end
  • End_Minute – minute graduation
  • Auto stop loss – automatic stop-loss

If you have any questions, ask them in the “Discussion” section.

CMM Expert Advisor

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Ozymandias indicator monitors market trends with absolute certainty, ignoring the sharp fluctuations and market noise.

  • Amazingly easy to use in trade
  • Finds moments pereprodannosti / perekuplennosti
  • It gives you the opportunity to always easy to trade without market impact noise
  • Avoids sharp turns on intraday charts

The indicator for trading on small time frames, because it ignores the sudden price hikes or price movement correction due to lower market noise around the average price.

Ozymandias indicator displays a colored line surrounding the price range. The color line represents the average value of the rates of the currency pair, and displays the state rates strip perekuplennosti / resale. If the average price of the blue, you should look for entry points for opening long positions when the market is overbought, and if the average price is red, you should look for an entry point to open short positions when the market is oversold.


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  • Just Waves

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AUDUSD Support at 0 7675 level

AUD / USD: Support at 0.7675 level


Commodity currencies, including the Canadian and Australian
dollars, were supported by rising oil prices. The oil and gas sector is
an important place in the economy and in exports of Australia.

Qatar’s Energy Minister Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Garden in
He said Monday that OPEC may hold an informal meeting on 26-28
September at the International Energy Forum in Algiers. comment minister
Energy of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Falih on the fact that Saudi
Arabia intends to cooperate with other oil-producing countries in order to
stabilize prices, contributed to the growth
oil prices on the eve of more than 4%. Prices for WTI and Brent crude oil rose to
three-week high.

On the other hand, the US dollar fell on Wednesday against
most of the major currencies as expectations of interest rate rises in the US
in September fell after earlier on Tuesday on weak data
labor productivity in the US for the second quarter.

This is the longest series of drop in performance from 1979
year, and the US economy can not move to raise interest rates.

Low interest rates reduce investment
the attractiveness of the US dollar and a favorable effect on the cost of raw materials
commodities and commodity currencies such as the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand

The Australian dollar is trading at the highest levels
end of April, will also receive support from the strong equity markets
Australia and stable prices for iron ore, one of the main products
Australia’s exports.

On the RBA last week published a forecast that
that inflation will remain outside the target range of 2% -3% to December 2018.

Low inflation will be a major factor in
deciding on rates in Australia.

Despite the fact that the central bank of Australia cut
rate to a new record low of 1.5% earlier this month, many economists
expect further rate cuts, and it will be a deterrent to
strengthening of the Australian dollar.

And on the back of expectations of interest rate hikes by the
Fed closer to the end of the year, caution should be used for the opening of the long
positions in the pair AUD / USD.

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NATO issued report that sanctions have strengthened

NATO issued a report that sanctions have strengthened the economy of the Russian Federation.

NATO Defense College published a report Richarda Konnolli of the Russian economy. During the analysis, Professor, University of Birmingham in Britain concludes that the anti-Russian embargo only strengthened the country, and its sequel will make Russia stronger. According to him, in the West do not understand that because of the difference in mentalities

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