Price of gold has updated minimum of 3 5 months

The price of gold has updated a minimum of 3.5 months against the background of strengthening the dollar

LONDON (Reuters) – Gold price declines on Monday, but played some of their losses after the passage of the lowest level since mid-February, below the $ 1,200 per ounce, while the Fed chief comments about the imminent rise of interest rates helped the dollar to grow to two-month high.

US Federal Reserve should raise interest rates "in the coming months"If the pace of economic growth accelerated in line with expectations, but job growth will continue, said the head of the regulator Janet Yellen on Friday.

The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Dzheyms Bullard said on Monday that global markets seem "well prepared" the summer rate increase, but did not specify the date when this will happen.

Gold in 15.02 MSK traded at $ 1.209,10 per ounce compared to US $ 1.212,15 at the close of trading on Friday, and in the course of trading touched the level of $ 1.199,60 per ounce, the lowest level since February 17th.

Futures in the US fell $ 5.2 to $ 1.208,60 per ounce.

Trading volumes were low on Monday due to holidays in Britain and the United States.

"The next support level is $ 1,185, and if it is overcome, it will open the way to $ 1,160"- said principal analyst at Think Forex UK Naeem Aslam.

"Much will depend on how much will the dollar on Tuesday, when trading resumed in all markets", – said Edward Meir, analyst at INTL FCStone.

Silver traded at $ 15.97 per ounce compared to $ 16.22 for the close of trading on Friday, platinum was worth $ 972.9 compared to $ 972,00, and palladium – $ 540.0 vs. $ 536.55.

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PZ Gold Trader EA

PZ Gold Trader EA

PZ GoldTrader EA – expert for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4), trading XAUUSD. It contains a complete and fully functional trading strategy.

  • Easily installed and operated.
  • No need for indicators and complex analysis.
  • The strategy does not depend on the timeframe.

Expert PZ Gold Trader EA a set of unique properties:

  • He absolutely does not need optimization.
  • It excludes the impact of the human factor.
  • Safe, because it uses little leverage.
  • It does not arbitrary input parameters.
  • Has built-in money management and risk control system.
  • It contains two types of risk: the recommended and excessive debt.

Extremely easy to use. Just upload an expert on the chart, select facilities and type of risk from the dropdown menu and start trading.

Configuring expert

First, download the chart expert XAUUSD. After that you will see a set of input parameters.

  1. Select the number of vehicles and the risk of type (funds and risk profile)
    Must be reported to the expert, how much money you are going to use in trade and the type of risk that may be recommended (recommended) or with excessive arrears (overleveraged).
  2. trade Preferences
    Advisor to decide for himself when to buy and when to sell, but you can disable the long and short positions.
  3. Colors and sizes (colors and sizes)
    Expert displays the graph lines and labels, color and size which you can choose yourself.
  4. expert settings
    Additionally, you can choose a magic number, and comment on the warrants.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Gold Trader EA

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Tunisian parliament approved composition of unity

Tunisian parliament approved the composition of a unity government headed by Yu.Chahedom

Tunisian parliament approved the composition "unity government" headed by Yousef Chahed, BBC. For new cabinet voted 167 deputies, 22 voted against. 40-year-old Yu.Chahed became the youngest Prime Minister of Tunisia since the country gained independence from France in 1956. The coalition includes several parties with different views, including leftists and Islamists. Yu.Chahed warned Parliament that the government will have to implement a program of austerity and cut thousands of public sector employees.

One of the main sectors of the Tunisian economy is tourism. Number of guests and, accordingly, revenue fell after the attack in the resort of Sousse in June last year that killed 39 foreigners. Tunisia estimated the losses caused by attacks in Sousse at $ 515 million.

Another leading sector of the national economy – phosphate mining – is also in crisis. Its employees in the past time often organize strikes and protests. Yu.Chahed promised that his government would get the economy growing again and generate jobs. Critics are not sure whether he has enough political strength to resist the unions. Strikes and other protests against the reform led to the resignation of the previous government.

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Time Line

Time Line

TIME LINE – a simple indicator, drawing vertical lines at a time value on the graph.

You can also customize the display of captions to a vertical line.

Line allows to distinguish between certain time periods (for example, the opening of the London session, the US, etc.). For more zones must be uploaded to schedule a greater number of indicators.

The indicator is very simple to use, simply place it on the chart and set the values ​​and desired style.

Zhta program from PForexMql absolutely free.

Input parameters:

LINE SETTINGS – lines settings

  • BrokerTime – time every day for the installation of vertical lines
  • VLine_Color – color lines
  • VLine_Style – line style
  • VLine_Width – line thickness

LABEL SETTINGS – Signature settings

  • Label_Text – text to display next to a vertical line (NULL, so as not to display the text)
  • Label_Color – color labels
  • Label_Font – font lettering
  • Label_Font_Size – font size

Time Line


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LY Longer Term

LY Longer Term

Expert LongerTerm – a long-term trader automatically based on the MACD indicator. Powered by H1 yl H4. Trades using a special oscillator signal. You will like it, if you prefer a long-term trade with the trend.

  • Trades EURUSD, GBPUSD.
  • Higher spreads broker does not have a significant impact on profits.
  • About 85% profitable trades.
  • It works best at mid-term market volatility.
  • The maximum drawdown for more than six months testing period was less than 30%.

indicator settings

  • MACD_FastEMA – Parameter Fast MACD indicator.
  • MACD_SlowEMA – Parameter Slow MACD indicator.
  • MACD_Filter – MACD indicator threshold.
  • MA1 MA2 – The period of the moving average for the first signal in order closure.
  • MA3 MA4 – The period of the moving average for the second signal to warrant the closure.
  • StopLossBars – Bars to calculate the price stop-loss.
  • TakeProfitBars – Bars for calculating take-profit price.
  • AutoMM – Automatic switch money management.
  • Risk – The percentage of available funds for trading when the AutoMM.
  • fixLots – Fixed lots of trade off when AutoMM.
  • LSComments – Expert Commentary.
  • LSMagic – Magical expert number.

trade section

The expert is suitable for long-term trading with the trend. He can not sell for a long period of time due to the lack of suitable signals. Be patient. If necessary, change the frequency of transactions, change the expert settings. For testing, I suggest a period of not less than H1.

Testing on historical data

Spend backtesting on H1 or H4. Expert uses all the bars. So, you can test it in the “Open prices only” to improve the efficiency of testing. The test results are very close to the model of “Every tick”. If the test showed good results, the expert will work stably in the real market.

LY Longer Term

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SuperMACD Index – This indicator consists of five parts: a long-term average MACD, short line DIF, red bar force (bovine), green strength bar (bearish), the axis 0. As crossing signal uses short moving average and long DIF MACD line. crossing signal generated MACD index is relatively slow, so it is appropriate to use a trading strategy.

indicator settings

  • MaFast – during the fast moving average.
  • MaSlow – period of slow moving average.
  • MaSignal – the difference between the two signals.
  • Price – weighted price.
  • Sequence – the minimum distance from the previous one to form a new extremum.


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Adaptive MA

Adaptive MA

Moving average. calculating method – the average value of all used in determining the price bar.

Description of the external display settings:

  • MA_period – The averaging period for calculating the indicator. Recommended values ​​are: 5, 13, 21, 34.
  • ma_method – The averaging method. It can be any of the moving average method (Moving Average). 0 – (SMA) Simple Moving Average. 1 – (EMA) Exponential moving average. SMMA 2 – (SMMA) smoothed moving average. LWMA 3 – (LWMA) Linearly weighted moving average.

Adaptive MA

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