The graph bars (HLC) of NZD (New Zealand Dollar) in a separate window with the long-term and short-term regression channel for easy identification of currency strength or weakness.

  1. For NZDUSD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators US Dollar and VSA volume.
  2. For GBPNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators GBP and VSA volume.
  3. For EURNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators EURO and VSA volume.
  4. For NZDCHF: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators CHF and VSA volume.
  5. For AUDNZD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators AUD and VSA volume.
  6. For NZDJPY: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators JPY and VSA volume.
  7. For NZDCAD: Direction of movement of the pair is easy to see when the product is used in conjunction with indicators CAD and VSA volume.


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Nikkei reached 11 5 week peak against backdrop

Nikkei reached 11.5-week peak against the backdrop of a weaker yen

TOKYO (Reuters) – Leading Japanese stock index Nikkei reached a maximum of eleven and a half weeks after the US dollar rose above the level of 110 yen for the first time since April 6, thus ensuring the growth of quotations of the shares of many companies that benefit from the weakening of the Japanese currency.

Nikkei index showed growth of the fourth session in a row and finished trading Friday, rising 1.2 percent to 17.572,49 points – its highest level since February, 2nd. Last week the main Japanese index gained more than 4 percent.

The broader Topix index rose 1 per cent to a maximum of eleven and a half weeks, ending the day at the level of 1.407,50 points. only six were closed in negative territory of 33 subindexes Topix. For the week, the index gained more than 3 percent.

Index JPX-Nikkei Index 400 rose 1.1 percent to 12.753,05 points.

Shares of Mitsubishi Motors Corp fell by the end of trading on the 13.6 per cent against the backdrop of scandal, which emerged after the automaker admitted Wednesday in falsifying test results for fuel consumption of more than 600,000 vehicles sold in Japan.

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Euro just could not

Euro just could not

He showed vague trade. If another commodity currencies continued in the morning
attract attention, thanks to the growth of commodity markets, it has to
European session, the fuse has been exhausted. However, USD / RUB can update
4-month low at around 64.59. In addition, attention is attracted by day
UK retail sales, which turned out much worse than expected, but on the
GBP / USD it did not have much impact. This confirms that once again
negative on the pound caused solely by political factors. However, in the center of
attention was EUR / USD, which soared to 1.1398 in a matter of hours and
just as quickly gave all earned. The ECB has not done anything, and that was
enough to send up a couple, but the buyers are not above 1.14
left. Draghi was not too aggressive, and therefore profit-taking
It came very quickly.

Markets finally switched to a correction, perhaps partly due to the willingness
ETSYU wait for the results of the previously implemented incentive programs. the
time Brent once again renewed a maximum of November, is now at 46.18, but not
I was able to resist. The precious metals market silver and gold
showed a sharp jump upward and then the same active sale.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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USDJPY if Bank of Japan will take additional

USD / JPY: if the Bank of Japan will take additional stimulus measures?


As today
said Prime Minister Counselor Japan Honda, Japan’s economy to maintain
and the acceleration of inflation is necessary to further easing of monetary policy.

according to
Honda, the new Bank of Japan easing policy may occur in June, when
Only there will be a strong deterioration in the economic situation. However, the government
Japan as Honda said it is necessary to maintain readiness for monetary
intervention. He also noted that “abenomics” needs a new phase
the combination of fiscal and monetary stimulus.

Last week in the media and it was reported that the Bank of Japan may
this week, will strengthen the negative policy announced in January
interest rates. Friday pair USD / JPY increased by more than 2.0% to
3-week high near the mark 111.80. Since early February, the pair lost
More than 1,300 items influenced by expectations that the Fed will not raise interest
rates in the near future, as well as a lack of confidence in the monetary policy
Bank of Japan.

the yen is also accompanied by negative macroeconomic data from Japan,
facing lately, as well as increased demand for safe haven to
background of uncertainty in global financial markets and the political arena.

With the opening of
today’s trading day, there is a correction to the strong strengthening of pair
USD / JPY last week. However, it is possible that the pair will continue to
amid expectations of the upcoming April 27-28 meeting of the Bank of Japan.

also in
Wednesday will be a meeting of the Committee on the Federal Open Market (FOMC).
Although interest rates are unlikely to change, however, Fed officials may
speak optimistically about the economy, signaled a further increase
rates. It will also have a positive impact on the pair USD / JPY.

If this week’s Bank of Japan significantly
soften monetary policy, it is possible that the pair USD / JPY may
rise to the level 114.75, 115.00 in a short time.


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adviser Sonata based on optimized Martingale. Is involved in the trade means minimized.

Sonata It can be used to obtain rebeytov.

Sonata works on any pair (especially to the flat) timeframe and with any broker.

Input parameters

  • Magic: Use when you have multiple advisors on one account, each advisor – their magic number.
  • Max level: the maximum level of the martingale (the maximum number of warrants offered by an advisor).
  • Start Lots: Lot on the first level.
  • Lots ratio: the lot multiplier to the next level, depending on your needs.
  • Risk Margin Level: if the margin level is below the specified value, new orders can not be opened.
  • Range 1: distance between the orders 1 and 2, in pips;
  • Range 2 – 10 Range: Same as 1. If the number of orders exceeds 10, Range 10 used
  • TP level 1 – TP level 10: to close all trades at levels 1 – 10.


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Avto Fibo ZZ

Avto Fibo ZZ

LED automatic construction of Fibonacci levels + ZigZag.

The indicator automatically exposes Fibonacci levels, depending on the selected timeframe. Technical Indicator ZigZag filters out minor price fluctuations.

Avto Fibo ZZ

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Congratulations to winners Weekend in Panama

Congratulations to the winners Weekend in Panama

We congratulate the winners
shares "Weekend in Panama"Who won $ 1,800 in the trading account!

The winners were Alexander of Saratov
Valentin from Novokuznetsk. They receive a cash prize equivalent of
$ 1,800 to your trading account. On the prize money the winners will be able to buy
tickets to Panama or to use it in trade.

Read more about this on the website GK FOREX CLUB

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