CinderFX Keystone Pro

CinderFX Keystone Pro

CinderFX Keystone – It is a reliable trend-tracking expert, offering a variety of strategies and uses a combination of three moving averages, RSI, CCI, ADX, MACD, Ichimoku, PSAR, SmartChannel and filter SmartTrend (recognition candle pattern for trend strength filter).

  • Recent developments in the creation of experts to MT4.
  • Creation of own technologies CinderFX products.
  • Intelligent and secure with a clear strategy and a professional code.
  • Support for the latest MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • The minimum deposit – 100, but it’s better to use $ 1000 from 0.01 lots or risk of 1%.
  • It works well with most brokers.
  • It works with 4- and 5-digit quotes.
  • Supports: NDD, ECN, STP, NFA.
  • Trade all pairs on the graph M30. Recommended pairs: USDCHF, GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD.


CinderFX Keystone – this trading system with improved system of money management, which operates around the clock and at the same time a semi-trades long and short positions by using different strategies. Transactions are opened in the form of immediate orders – Pending orders are not displayed. CinderFX Keystone uses intelligent analysis system market conditions. This unique feature allows CinderFX Keystone maximize profits and reduce drawdown. All open orders have their stop-loss, controlled by an improved trailing stop and close the alarm. CinderFX Keystone offers a smart and secure trade for a long time, during which creates a profitable strategy.

buying commission logic

When the “5-day EMA (fast)” intersects or is above the “75-day EMA (slow) and the 200-day EMA”, ADX value exceeds 25, and RSI, CCI, PSAR, Ichimoku, MACD show signal upward opens Transaction to purchase.

The logic of sale

When the “5-day EMA (fast)” crosses or is lower than “75-day EMA (slow) and the 200-day EMA”, ADX value exceeds 25, and RSI, CCI, PSAR, Ichimoku, MACD show signal down opens Transaction for sale.

The following input parameters are in the expert properties window and select the user application:

  • MagicStart: Auto magic number generates a unique identifier, which allows the counselor to work only with their transactions.
  • Lots: The number of lots to trade.
  • SlippageLevel: Maximum allowable slippage (in pips).
  • StopLossLevel: Stop loss is referred to as the distance in pips from the opening price.
  • TakeProfitLevel: Take profit, is indicated as the distance in pips from the opening price.
  • RiskPercent: Initial volume will be calculated as a percentage of risk in the balance sheet.
  • LotsMultiplier: The multiplier for the initial volume.
  • MaximumLots: The maximum volume in lots.
  • MoneyManagement: If set to True Advisor will use an advanced system of money management strategy anti-martingale, when False is used to manually specify the lot.
  • TrailingStart: Trailing stop will start working as soon as the profit exceeds the value specified here.
  • TrailingStop: Distance move stop-loss (current price – TrailingStop).
  • TrailingStep: Step move the stop-loss at the new distance.

CinderFX Keystone Pro

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AIM by il1634

AIM by il1634

Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator based on Murray’s levels. It realized a trading system with clear signals for the inputs. It has a foot which is 3-6 times lower than the expected profit. It has several channels for the proper formation of the exit point.

The indicator does not redraw their signals. Automatically deletes them in case of occurrence of a new alarm or stop activation of the signal.

The indicator only works to close the bar, which allows you to remove 30% of false alarms. However, the indicator is the “Holy Grail” and requires an additional filter for signals. In tests used to filter the signals Stochastic basic condition confirmation enter the transaction was the condition under which the stochastic was not in the zones and pereprodannosti perekuplennosti.

Optimal conditions of work channels indicator up to 400 pips on 4 digits. More suitable for trade in flat. In a strong trend it is recommended to pay attention to older channels and signals from them, and wait for the closing of 4 hour candle and a day at over movements.

To work correctly, the indicator requires quotes history for 1 year. The default settings displayed for a pair EURUSD. For the other parameters of the tool is calculated individually.


  1. p – sets the step value of the trading instrument. 
  2. kn1 – the color of the first lines of the channel and its signals
  3. kn2 – second color channel signals and lines
  4. kn3 – the color of the third channel and signal lines
  5. kn4 – the color of the fourth channel and signal lines
  6. kn5 – the color of the fifth channel and signal lines
  7. kn6 – color of the six lines of the channel and its signals

AIM by il1634


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A simple script to open Sell orders on any financial instrument market.

Input parameters

  • Volume – default: 0.10
  • Deviation – default: 10 points
  • Stoploss – default: 50 points
  • Takeprofit – default: 50 points
  • Comment – default: Order by Market
  • Confirm – default: false

Description of the input parameters

order type

Only available Sell order.


The maximum deviation from quoted price (in points).

Stoploss and Takeprofit

Stop-loss and take-profit points. Note: This value will be added to the minimum level stops broker.

For example, if you entered as the stop-loss value of 30 points for the futures on copper, the stop-loss is set at 145 points: Stop loss 30 points + Spread (15 points) + symbol stop layer (100 points).

Spread values ​​and stop levels depend on the broker.


Note, the default is “Order by Market“, but you can enter any information about the transaction.


When installing the true (double-click) will appear a window with information about the transaction, in which you can confirm or cancel the operation.


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Forecast for eurodollar as of today

The forecast for the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) as of today

EUR / USD The pair continues to consolidate around 1.1400 in. Earlier this week, not planned major publications from the US or the Eurozone, so the pair volatility will remain low.

While not see any reasons that can stop the rally of the European currency in the medium term. Markets expect the ECB may start reducing the monetary stimulus in the near future. According to the European Central Bank Governing Council member Vileroya at the next July meeting is unlikely there will be changes, the optimal period is in September, if the economic data will be positive.

The ECB has once again confirmed that the Target inflation is not currently a major target. Recognizing that inflationary pressures are still not high enough, the European regulator is ready to proceed with the reduction of incentives based solely on positive economic indicators.

What is interesting, the Fed follows a similar course, keeping the intention to raise rates once more this year, despite the fact that US inflation is reduced.

Our forecast for Tuesday is expected to fall of the euro / dollar support levels 1.1380 and 1.1360.

Presented forecasts, the result of an analytical assessment of the situation on the currency market. Graphics and comments to the forecasts, in any case, are not recommendations to clients to open transactions and are presented only as an analytical and comparative material in the development of its own traders forecasts.

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adviser NavigatorNews designed for trading on the news.

Principle of operation

In certain time (parameter is optional) advisor exposes the stop order (BuyStop, SellStop) breakdown range. While both of stop orders are pending (have failed) – occurs trawl (modification) of stop orders on each bar (trawl option is disconnected). If one of the stop order is triggered (have a position in the market), the opposite stop order is deleted immediately. So, we have in the market only one order. The advisor also provides for the removal of stop orders (if they have not worked for the trading session) and the closing positions (full unconditional closing).

Features advisor

  • Specific timeframe does not matter (But keep in mind that the trawl stops going to the bars);
  • Vending symbol values ​​has (support 4, 5, 6 symbols broker);
  • Calculation of the position of the balance of the lot (at the risk of the transaction);
  • Using the TP / SL;
  • Breakeven – bezubytka function;
  • Accompanying stop orders – trailing in bars;
  • Support of open positions – (a simple trailing / trailing on the SAR / trailing by ATR);
  • time monitoring function – (settings stops / removing stops / closing positions);
  • Auto Detect magic number;
  • Bilingual support (messages) Eng / Rus;
  • Color support on the chart (opening position / modification / closing).

Trade, the expert

  • LotFixed = 0.1: Fixed lot;
  • RiskMM = 10: Risk per trade (%) if RiskMM = 0, then the order will be displayed with LotFixed parameter;
  • RiskMM_Max = 30: The maximum risk per trade (%), it limits the parameter RiskMM, if RiskMM > RiskMM_Max, the maximum risk would be important RiskMM_Max;
  • StopLoss = 30: Stop loss (in points);
  • TakeProfit = 60: Take Profit (in points);
  • DistanceStop = 20: Distance is the distance from the market stop orders (in points);
  • AutoMagicNumber = true: True – Auto Magik number, false – is set to Magic;
  • Magic = 0: Meaning magic-number when AutoMagicNumber= False;
  • TrailingStopOrd = true: True – to trawl the stop order;
  • TimeSetOrders = “11:00”: Exhibiting Time stops;
  • TimeDelOrders = “15:00”: Removal stops time (if not triggered);
  • TimeClosePos = “15:00”: Time of closing all open positions;
  • BE_Yes = true: True – enabled bezubytka level;
  • BE_Start = 12: The level of profit (in points), if the price will be 12 points, stop-loss level is moved by 2 points from the open price;
  • BE_Profit = 2: Bezubytka levels (in points);
  • SimpleTrailing = false: True – use trawl, false – no;
  • ProfitTrailing = true: True – trawling only profit;
  • TrailingStop = 15: Trawl fixed size, while passing points 15, the stop-loss will be moved by 5 points (in trawl step);
  • TrailingStep = 5Step trawl;
  • TrailingSAR = true: True – incorporation trawl Parabolic (SAR);
  • ProfitOnlySAR = true: True – trawling only profit;
  • SAR_TF = 0: Timeframe Parabolic-SAR (0-current);
  • SAR_Distance = 1: The distance from Parabolic-SAR to the price (in points);
  • SAR_Step = 0.02Step Parabolic-SAR;
  • SAR_Maximum = 0.2: Max. Parabolic-SAR;
  • TrailingATR = false: True – the inclusion of the trawl by ATR;
  • ProfitOnlyATR = true: True – trawling only profit;
  • ATR_TF = 0: Timeframe ATR;
  • ATR_Period = 5: ATR Period;
  • ATR_Ratio = 2: ATR factor;
  • Language = 0: Language expert posts, 0 English, 1-Russian;
  • Comment_EA = true: True – Display the parameters on the screen;
  • Slippage = 3: Slippage (in points);
  • NumberOfTry = 3: Number of attempts to open / close / modify;
  • PauseAfterError = 14: Pause after the error (in seconds);
  • UseSound = true: True – the soundtrack open / close / modify;
  • clOpenBuy = LightBlue: The opening of purchase Color;
  • clOpenSell = LightCoral: Open Color sale;
  • clModifyBuy = Aqua: Color buying modification;
  • clModifySell = Tomato: Sale Color modification;
  • clCloseBuy = Blue: Color of closing of purchase;
  • clCloseSell = Red: The color of closing the sale.

Advisor recommended that you run in front of the news, then he accompanies the transaction. Take into account that if you do not deinitsializiruete adviser after working position, then the next day at a specified time in the EA, he again set pending orders. For this you need to be closely monitored.


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Ruble falls against backdrop of falling oil prices

Ruble falls against the backdrop of falling oil prices

At the start of trading on March 23, the Russian currency declined against its major rivals on the background of falling oil prices or a deterioration of sentiment in the capital markets.

Thus, the US dollar held its first deal within 67,68-67,93 rub. per dollar and the average exchange rate for fifteen minutes gained 32 kopecks to 67.82 rubles.

On a par with this, the single currency rose by 23 kopecks to 75.92 rubles. Dual currency basket value increased by 28 kopecks to 71.51 rubles.

Thus, the US dollar exchange rate was at four a penny higher than the current official rate of the Central Bank. Euro – below this level by 22 kopecks.

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Auto Trade Driver

Auto Trade Driver

Auto Trade Driver – powerful automated tool (working as an adviser), which will help you manage risk and monitor order to maximize profits with multizaschity rules and trailing stop.

This tool will be very useful for both scalpers and traders trading with the trend. It not only calculates the exact trading risk, but also protects and increases profits in real time.

Working with this tool, the only thing you need to do is open the deal according to your strategy, and an advisor will automatically keep your position on the chosen exit strategy.

You can download a demo version of the product for testing:

Auto Trade Driver is a combination of the other two tools:

Main characteristics:

1. placing orders Place Order Panel Panel

This panel is used to calculate the required volume, suitable for acceptable risk stop loss. You choose the entry points and stop loss with a specified percentage of the balance that you are willing to lose at a stop-loss (including fees), and the tool will automatically calculate the required volume.

Then you simply click on the button BUY, SELL or PLACE ORDER (pending order) and the order will be sent immediately.

If you want to calculate and place an order for other couples, just use this tool on the right pairs.

The following values ​​of parameters:

  • Commission Type: type of fees charged by your broker. Is equal to “Account currency”, if the commission is charged in the currency of the deposit, and “Base currency”, if the commission is calculated in the base currency trading pairs.
  • Commission Per Lot: the number of monetary units, levied as a fee for a standard lot. If the fee is not charged by your broker / a type of account, just leave this value is zero.
  • Stoploss Risk:Percentage of risk that you are willing to lose in the event of the closure of the stop-loss.
  • Est. Loss + Commission: the total loss at the point stop loss. This includes the total amount of the loss and loss of commission orders.
  • Order Type: order type.
  • Order Comment: Comment to the order.
  • Set SL / TP By: method of setting levels stop loss / take profit. “Price”, if you want to set SL / TP levels at a certain value of the price, “Distance” – at a certain distance from the entry point.
  • Adjustment Step: step increase / decrease the price by using the buttons to increase / decrease arrow
  • Stoploss / Takeprofit / Distance: value to determine levels of a stop-loss / take profit. Setting the stop-loss level is required to calculate the appropriate volume (You can then remove the stop-loss order, if necessary, but you must enter a value for the calculation of the amount and placement of orders). Take profit = 0 means that the order will not be exposed to the level of take-profit.
  • Order Dragging feature: when installing access points, stop-loss and take-profit in the toolbar you will see a corresponding horizontal line on the chart. You can choose the line and drag them to the necessary level to change the value. In connection with these levels of order type will be automatically selected.

2. Control Panel protection Protection Control Panel

  • Apply to: type of orders for protection. Available for selection: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order, Account value.
  • Golf For current pair: check the box if you want to apply the settings only for the selected type of orders (in the Apply to) at the current currency pair.
  • Type: type of protection.
    • Barrier: when X reaches order profit items, stop-loss level moves from points on the Y entry point.
    • Profit / Loss distance: a fixed distance at which the selected orders will be closed.
    • Profit / Loss percent: fixed percentage take profit / stop loss, wherein the selected orders are closed.
    • Profit / Loss amount: a fixed sum of money, in which the selected orders will be closed. Set a fixed amount of money at which selected orders will be closed.
    • Drawdown / Growth%: fixed percentage drawdown / growth of the total deposit in which all open orders are closed.
    • Drawdown / Growth $: a fixed amount of drawdown / growth of the total deposit in which all open orders are closed.
  • Protect status button: protection is enabled / disabled by pressing this button. Protection takes effect in real time with the current settings. If you want to see other options without security enabled, simply unplug Protection.

3. The trailing stop Control Panel Trailing-Stop Control Panel

  • Apply to: order type to use a trailing stop. Available for selection: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order.
  • Golf For current pair: tick if the trailing stop should only be used for the type of orders (in the Apply to) at the current currency pair.
  • Type: way to the trailing stop. There are 5 ways:
    • Fixed distance: similar to the traditional way of trailing in MT4. However, it is still, as best you can set the distance is less than the stop / limit level, which means that the broker set stop / limit level is skipped.
    • Moving Average: for trailing stop can be used moving average. Trailing moving average – a fairly quick way to profit. Good trailing obtained using moving averages extremes.
    • Parabolic SAR: use PSAR is a safe way of trailing. He works for a long time, if you catch the trend.
    • Zigzag channel: Zigzag channel is formed along the boundaries of the peaks of the zigzag. As PSAR, Zigzag channel implies a slow but long trailing.
    • ATR value: Average True Range (ATR) determines the average volatility of prices over time. Therefore, trailing on its base so loved by many traders.
  • Aggressive mode: aggressive mode; tick if you wish to order opening of the trailing in monetary terms (distance original stop-loss can be reduced gradually). If the tick is not checked, the trailing stop will begin to act only when the trailing dot will be in profit.
  • Show trailing mark: check the box to display the graph chosen route of trailing.
  • Trailing status button: button turns on / off the trailing. Trailing takes effect in real time with the current settings. If you want to see the other settings without including trailing, simply disable Trailing.

4. Control Panel partial closure Partial Close Control Panel

  • Apply to: type of orders for which partial closure is applied. Available for selection: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Custom ticket order, Custom magic number order.
  • Golf For current pair: check the box if you want to apply the settings only for the selected type of orders (in the Apply to) at the current currency pair.
  • 1st Close: X percentage volume of orders for the first closing, once the profit amount A warrant points of entry level.
  • 2nd Close: the percentage Y by second order volume for the closing as soon as profit orders amount B points from the input level.
  • 3rd Close: the remaining amount of the order will be closed as soon as the profit orders will be C points from the entry level.
  • Partial close status button: on / off button the partial closure. Partial closure takes effect in real time with the current settings.

5. Control Panel label orders Order Shortcut Control Panel

  • Golf For current pair: check the box if you want to apply the settings only for the selected type of orders (in the Apply to) at the current currency pair.
  • Close: used to command the closing of selected open orders. Available for selection: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Winning orders (Profit + Commission>0), Losing orders (Profit + Commission<0).
  • Delete: It is used to delete the selected teams of pending orders. Available for selection: All (pending) orders, All Buy Stop, All Sell Stop, All Buy Limit, All Sell Limit.
  • Remove Stoploss: used to command the removal of the stop-loss orders selected. Available for selection: All orders, Buy orders, Sell orders, Winning orders, Losing orders, Pending orders.

6. The panel of trade statistics

  • To open the statistics panel, open the Setting menu and select Show trade statistic. This panel will allow you to view statistics on the account, including orders to buy, sell, profitable and unprofitable orders, a possible total profit and loss.
  • To move a panel, click on the icon and move to the right, set the bar in the right place on the chart.

7. Other features

  • It allows you to adjust the levels of entry, stop-loss and take-profit dragging directly on the chart before you place an order.
  • Automatically recognizes the type of a pending order based on the input level and stop loss. Will no longer select the error stop or limit orders.
  • The expert does not need to reload when you change settings, they all changed right on the control panel.
  • Automatically restores previous settings, and state after the terminal is turned off or rebooted.
  • For the convenience of working with graphics panels can be flexibly configured and hide.
  • Use protective and trailing stops without a broker restrictions on stop and limit levels.
  • Can be used on multiple charts by performing multi-service rule by turns “First-come first-served”.

Auto Trade Driver


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