MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal is unable to set as the background color gradient chart. However, many modern platforms allow you to do this. This indicator paints the background of the terminal the price chart a smooth transition from one color to another. The choice of colors available from the display settings. In developing the main emphasis was placed on high performance indicator, which distinguishes it from other available analogs.


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Weis Wave

weis Wave

Indicator to determine the supply and demand in all markets. It is based on an idea from the book by David Weiss “A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method”.

It works on any volume. It displays the total amount in the waves.

Excellent show divergence, the beginning or the end of the trend, the presence or absence of the supply / demand in the trend.

The indicator works in two modes: the amount of “total / single” display “simple / Oscillator”.

Input parameters

  • Volume – selection of volume or real tick
  • Volume mode – volumes display mode, the total or single
  • Sensitivity – sensitivity for determining reversal (recommended 2)
  • Oscillator mode – selection of operating mode in an oscillator
  • Value line – volume readings Line
  • Color line “+” volume – color line +
  • Color line “-” volume – color lines –
  • Non fixed volume – unrecorded volume

weis Wave

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Oil is looking for catalysts

Oil is looking for catalysts

finished the week stock indices showed a recovery by
lows reached earlier. Positive attitude spread to all
regions. It is worth noting that, even pessimistic report of the January meeting
US Fed did not introduce substantial changes in the dynamics of the indices. The leaders of growth
was a German DAX30, which added up to a week 4, 5% in the
largely on expectations of additional stimulus from the ECB in March.
Growth showed Hong Kong and HSI, which grew by 4.41%.
American Dow Jones It rose by 2.74%, and
He finished the week higher by 3.66%.

increase (13.08%) demonstrated action Brazilian Vale (VALE).
Support for the asset received, amid reports that the company is close to launch
iron ore mines in the world’s largest within the Carajas complex in Brazil
the state of Amazonia. That the capacity of the mine is expected to amount to 90 million tons of ore per year,
which corresponds to a quarter of the current level of production Vale. quotes reached
1,5-month high at 3.21.

In the currency
trading market
were mostly without a pronounced dynamics. Couple USD / RUB
traditionally remained under the influence of oil prices. By the close of
Friday pair decreased by 1.28%. Couple AUD / USD able for the week
0.64% to harden, obtaining a sufficiently optimistic from
RBA minutes of the meeting, and virtually ignoring the labor market data,
which proved to be quite weak. The unemployment rate increased to 6% from 5.8%

metals, on the background of the stock market correction at the beginning of the week were under
pressure. However, to its completion gold (XAU / USD) was able to restore
most of the losses on expectations of a long delay before the next
increase in the US Fed. Week yellow metal completed decrease by 0.9%. COPPER
(HG) rose by 2.33% against the general relatively optimistic about the
commodity markets. crude oil Brent He showed mixed
dynamics, but still failed to demonstrate an increase of 0.95% to the closing level
the previous week.
Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Below are the latest signals from BNP Paribas, which measures the strength of the trend rate.

The bullish trend of the US dollar remains in place

Bear in pulse NOK strengthened.

Bear pulse in GBP is much increased.

EUR momentum remains intact.

A strong bullish signal USDNOK and bearish for GBPUSD.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn $ –

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Saxo Bank does not exclude possibility of rise

Saxo Bank does not exclude the possibility of a rise in price of the dollar after Fed meeting

Two of the most important aspects of the Russian ruble – is the degree of determination to the Federal Reserve and the potential formation of the tops in the oil market, experts say Saxo Bank.

“We believe that the FOMC meeting might be more drastic than expected, – says Dzhon Hardi, head of strategy at Saxo Bank currency market. – In the end, eliminated almost all of the obstacles to a new increase in the Fed rates after the December meeting: the dollar fell, the conditions in financial markets have improved significantly, prices of raw materials on a global scale has stabilized and even increased, employment and inflation data suggest the need for a raise rates. “

According to the analyst, it is unlikely the Fed will raise rates at this meeting, or just promise to do so in the next, “however, forecasts and comments Yellen at the press conference may indicate the likelihood of such a decision in April – the market is not laid in the price of anything like this.” In this case, the dollar will rise across the board, particularly against commodity currencies and emerging segments, which recently managed to recover slightly after the growth of the dollar in the past year.

Dzhon Hardi believes that the ruble reached the upper limit of its range of short-term and over the next few weeks or months can go back to the mid-range (75-77 in the pair USD / RUB), formed at the end of last year. Oil prices will also be consolidated, supporting this forecast, he said.

Today, the ruble traded in the red, reflecting the correction in the oil market and commodity currencies on world markets on the eve of the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, which begins today.

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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Forex Signals

Forex Signals


Shorts in USD / JPY, short in USD / CAD and shorts in EUR / PLN is a strong signal to this week.

BNPP: Quant model supports Long on GBP / USD 1.4530 to the goal, and on Long USD / JPY 116.34 to the goal.

Morgan Stanley:

MS supports short position on EUR / USD from 1.1360, with a revised stop at 1.1210 and target at 1.07. A GBPUSD is 1.30 for the year-end.


GBP / USD: Bearish: Take profit at 1.3930.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn –

February 23!

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Multiple MAs Cross

Multiple MAs Cross

This is a universal indicator for the purchase / sale of a voice message based on the user-selected set of moving average, which must occur within a specified number of periods / bars. Since the indicator based on the moving average, it works on all timeframes and symbols through the input parameters can be adapted to different numbers of intersections moving averages (the maximum number of intersections 10) for a predetermined number of periods / bars, which can also be configured in the input parameters. Used moving averages can also be set in the input parameters.

Signal to buy or sell triggers when the fast moving average (MA_1 parameter) intersects a series of slower moving averages (parameters MA_2 – MA_11), in an amount of crossings which need to occur within a certain number of periods / bars, the bars are configured in the parameters.

The best indicator of this is that you will always be on the correct side of the market as a buy or sell signal is triggered when the fast moving average crosses the slower from the bottom up to buy or downward for sale.

Recommendations for use

on the use of LED strategy is simple: open a buy order when triggered a buy signal and the chart up arrow appears, open a sell order when triggered a sell signal on chart down arrow appears. Use a fixed stop-loss or the previous minimum wage for the purchase or previous maximum peak for sale. Use take-profit. Use a high enough SL / TP ratio. Ensure that the orders opened by the signal indicator in the same direction, are closed in the event of a signal in the opposite direction.

Input parameters

  • TriggerFutureSignalsOnly – set the true value to display future signals only after the addition of the indicator in the chart. With a large amount of calculation of moving averages, when the number of intersections high on older computers calculate and display the previous signal may be slow. If the value is false the number of bars in the history, the parameter specified in the following, will be used to display the previous signal.
  • NoOfHistBarsToUseForSignal – the number of periods / history bars to display the last signal (by default, 10000). If set to 0, all available data will be used.
  • MA_1 – Fast moving average intersection with slow moving from the next argument will be tested.
  • MA_2 through MA_11 – slow moving averages.
  • ma_method – method of averaging / smoothing moving average. Available a simple, exponential, smoothed and linearly-weighted moving average.
  • applied_price – the price used to calculate the moving average. Possible options: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted.
  • EnableVoiceAlert – turn on / off the voice announcement of the alarm goes off. True – enabled, false – disabled.
  • NoOfBarsForCross – the number of cycles / bars, during which all transfers to occur from the preceding parameter. Number must be greater than two.
  • NoMACrossesForSignal – the number of intersections for actuation signal. Minimum 1 intersection, maximum – 10. If the value < 1, the parameter is automatically set to 1, and if > 10, the parameter is automatically set to 10.


George Cosoveanu –

Multiple MAs Cross

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