EURUSD dollar strengthened sharply Labor market

EUR / USD: The dollar strengthened sharply – Labor market reports provide the Fed rate increase

Today, a couple of the evening
EUR / USD has demonstrated
instantaneous rise and fall immediately after
exit on the US market reports
labor. In anticipation of the publication of the dollar
greatly subsided, when the EUR / USD
up to the mark
1.0930 and then strengthened after the publication of
– to level
1.0866. However, by 17:16 MSK pair has been trading
at around 1.0930 – here effect is likely to news about the decision of OPEC to increase oil production quotas.

according to the latest
reports, the US economy added 211 thousand.
jobs in November, and it can become
solid hint that the Federal
Reserve to raise interest
rates this month. In general, almost all
Reports from the US today have exceeded expectations.
For example, economists expect to see
192 thousand. New jobs. The previous figure was revised from 271 thousand. Up to 298 thousand.

Unemployment rate
He remained at the same level – 5%, it is
the lowest level since 2008. Strong
hiring levels in November, confirms that
the labor market is moving in the right
direction, experts say. In September
there were fears that growth is slowing,
but it seems that job growth in October
and reports today suggest otherwise. Wages and
showed good results – the average
hourly rate increased by 2.3% in November
on an annualized basis. The indicator is not so
good as was in October (dropped to
6-year high), but it is still better,
than the growth of wages at the beginning of this year.

Reports on the labor market
this month are important
for the Federal Reserve,
which always takes them into account when making
solutions. The Committee meets at the Fed
meeting on 15-16 December, and may increase
the key interest rate – the first time
for almost ten years. Many say
analysts report on jobs
November was the last possible
obstacle for the Fed. good performance
“Cleared” the way for a rate hike,
but the Fed will not show up for its decision
until 16 December.

US stock indexes show
growth – about 0,32-0,49%. In this way,
investors may be willing to lift
Fed rates.

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Analytical VSA Trader

Analytical VSA Trader

The indicator is based on the analysis of volumes and spreads (VSA, Volume Spread Analysis). It displays market reversal signals, and also includes a scanner market forces used as a filter.

Demo version

  • The first initialization with a given pair may take longer than usual, as MetaTrader will download data for the calculation.
  • The tester must disable multi-taymfreymovy analysis to disable signals to higher timeframes and to calculate the background for the current timeframe.

expert Features

  • Gives a very accurate signals of market reversal, as no other available indicators
  • Analysis of multiple timeframes
  • Background scanner market forces
  • It can be applied to any market and any time frame
  • It can be used as an independent trading system (details are available on the site), as well as in conjunction with other trading systems
  • Fully automatic analysis of volumes and prices
  • Alert in the terminal, via email and push-notification
  • LED never redrawn

On the analysis of VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)

VSA – a proven method of analysis of financial markets. This technique was first developed by one of the most successful traders on Wall Street early 20th century by Richard Wyckoff (Richard D. Wyckoff), and then supplemented by syndicated trader 1960s-1970s in London by Tom Williams (Tom Williams). Also, this technique also used by other successful traders on Wall Street, for example, William O’Neill (William O’Neill). It is based on supply and demand that govern any market, and nothing more: no technical indicators, price patterns, price action and volume.

In any business where you can earn, there are professionals: the art of the network professional traders, there are professional poker players in the rates there are professionals in the same way and in the financial markets there are professional traders. To become successful in the market, you need only go all-in the wake of the “sharks” of the market: market operators, pit traders, market makers, traders and syndicated best professional traders. The aim of the VSA – to show you on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of prices and volumes that the pros do and help you earn on this knowledge!


supply / demand signals

These signals represent the top / bottom or pause in the market trend. But a large number in the price zone of supply / demand signal indicates that the market goes through a process of accumulation, which is a tributary of “true money” on the market as a long position. After accumulation is complete, which may take from a couple of to hundreds of bars in some cases, depending on the volume and the previous state of the market, the bull market begins. Background, which will be discussed below, analyzes these factors, thus determining the market shift. 

Signals supply / demand from 2 higher timeframes will also be calculated and shown on the current chart as circles (first senior timeframe) and squares (second elder timeframe). 

low demand signals / suggestions

They are similar to conventional supply / demand signals. The difference lies in the scale – if stronger signals have very high volumes, the volumes of these signals are more modest, but nevertheless they are important. Like any other signal the VSA, they also talk about the turn of the market, even though the duration of their impact on the market is not comparable with previous signals. 

supply / demand signals a lack of

the signals described above represent the emergence and maintenance “true money” from the market, and signals the supply / demand lack of talk about their absence, it is also important information. But if the market goes up in the absence of professional support, as can be found in the volume and form of bars, it means that the rally will soon fade away as long as prices become more attractive for shopping. Also, if the prices ahead of a signal of lack of demand, it turns into a bullish signal, as this means that the market will come the demand (and vice versa for the lack of supply).


Background analyzes the market in the long run determines what busy professionals and institutional traders ( “true money”): accumulation, distribution, purchase / sale, collecting the profits, etc., collection volume, price action and consideration of the market trend for the determination of market power . This is the primary filter when entering the market: long positions can be opened only with a strong / very strong background and short positions – in low / very low background. 


This notification settings module. It allows you to receive alerts in the terminal MetaTrader, via email and push-notification. You will be notified when a VSA signals, the signals can be filtered by the background. For example, if there is a strong signal (dot under the bar), you can adjust the Analytical Trader so that he sent a notification only when a strong background. Thus, it will ensure that there is a trend and the bullish sentiment in the market.

trade system

Trading system for this indicator is presented on the website under Trading Guide section. After making a purchase, you can send me an email with the request of other indicators included in the data set, for example, indicators Alert System, Advanced Volumes, Stoploss, etc. The versatility of this indicator, it can be used with other commercial systems.

expert settings

User’s Guide can be downloaded here. The only required input parameter is a shift in GMT, which must be set up at the first start indicator. For example, if the time is GMT broker + 2, for the first parameter must be set to true, and 2 to indicate the offset value.


  1. Suitability of Analytical Trader indicator traders, who have never heard about a technique Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) analysis?
    Of course! Indicator marks all major bars, automatically calculates the background, so you do not need to think about how it is done.
  2. What differentiates this indicator from the many others on the market?
    Put yourself in the place of the trader on a physical trading floor, if you could see that the majority of traders shouting orders to sell or suddenly become silent, you would not do the same? This valuable information is contained in the volume, and that is exactly what is missing most of the indicators. The shopping experience is also important. It is he who turns the light in the work tool in real market conditions as part of a consistent trading system.
  3. How Analytical Trader indicator can help traders who use the VSA?
    Indicator simplifies the understanding and study of VSA: if there is a bar VSA, its indicator will draw. He notes all important bar, tells you about what kind of background – it’s almost like a teacher who teaches you and tells what you should pay attention. You can also compare your analysis with the analysis of the indicator Analytical Trader. By the way, I did so often do!
  4. He works with a tick volume?
    Yes, in terms of the VSA, tick volume works just like a real volume as the VSA measures the activity in the market. These volumes are closely linked to the future brokerage volumes and real volumes, so that they give an accurate picture of the market as a whole.


My name is Leonardo. I am one of the company’s Analytical Trader, I have a degree in physics, more than 6 years of successful trading on the live account of volumes and prices. I use my experience in the trade and in the field of mathematics knowledge to develop indicators that are carried out in-depth analysis of markets and show a really important information that in any other way can not be made available to ordinary traders.

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by e-mail or Skype (contacts available in my MQL5-profile and on the website).

Analytical VSA Trader


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Virtual Trailing SL TP

Virtual Trailing SL TP

Virtual (hidden from the broker) exhibiting a trailing stop, bezubytka, stop-loss and take-profit.?


  • magic – magic number. If less than 0, the orders are accompanied with any magic number;
  • only_this_symbol – Only a symbol chart. When accompanied by a false warrant any tools;
  • Max_total_open_transactions – the maximum possible number of simultaneously open orders;
  • Slippage – allowable slippage in points at the closing of transactions (at Market performance is not affected);
  • Max_Spread_Close_for_BUY – maximum spread at closing Buy positions in points;
  • Max_Spread_Close_for_SELL – maximum spread at closing Sell positions in points;
  • Close_for_Any_Spread – close the transaction if either spreads;
  • Take_Profit – Take Profit. When 0 is not established;
  • Stop_Loss – stop-loss. When 0 is not established;
  • Breakeven_Start – the required number of points from the opening price of the order to be placed bezubytka. When 0 is not established;
  • Breakeven_Plus – bezubytka increase in the number of points;
  • Trailing_Stop – the magnitude of the trailing stop. When 0 is not established;
  • Trailing_Step – move the trailing stop;
  • Trailing_Start – the required number of points from the opening price of the order to be placed Trailing Stop;
  • Duration_minutes_after_open – the required number of minutes after the opening of the order for issuing a trailing stop;
  • draw marks – paint mark levels on the chart;
  • open Buy for Tester – Buy to open a deal in the strategy tester;
  • open Sell for Tester – open Sell transaction in the strategy tester.


If you are using a short foot, then for the most accurate work it is recommended to use only_this_symbol = true, ie, for each of the symbols used is better to open a separate schedule with Virtual_Trailing_SL_TP, because the utility works on ticks symbol, which is attached to.?

The smaller Max_total_open_transactions value, the lower the utility uses the computer’s memory.

Virtual Trailing SL TP

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Serpent revival

Serpent revival

advisor’s strategy is based on the breakdown of support and resistance levels. This is one of the few robots that works exclusively on the terminal indicators.

General characteristics of the advisor

  • The adviser works on the breakdown of support and resistance levels;
  • Always use protective stops;
  • The robot can be used with the default settings without optimization, it is completely ready for operation;
  • Initially, the robot does not optimized, so we can say with confidence that this strategy really works.


  • AStoploss – variable in a drop-down list with a list of functions used for issuing protective stops:
    • SL_Pips – in points;
    • SL_Candles – of candles;
    • SL_Parabolic – using Parabolic SAR indicator;
    • SL_Moving – using the indicator Moving Average;
    • SL_Bollinger – using the indicator Bollinger Bands.
  • Period_Candles – period of the adviser;
  • MM – automatic management of capital;
  • Lot – lot if money automatic control is switched off;
  • RiskPercent – the risk for auto money management;
  • Distans – offset from the support and resistance levels for pending orders;
  • TakeProfit – distance to take profit (calculated in points);
  • ModifyTP – If enabled, the take profit will move away from the price at the time when the stop is tightened, it allows to increase profits safe, but not recommended for use with strong divergence;
  • StopLoss – distance to the protective stops (calculated in points);
  • Slippage – the maximum deviation from the asking price;
  • Spread – maximum spread;
  • Trailing – Thrall switch unit orders;
  • TrailingStop – Thrall switch;
  • TrailStart – distance from the order in which the switched Thrall stops;
  • StepTrall – Thrall step;
  • StopLevel – Transfer to breakeven;
  • NoLoss – distance from the order in which the protective stop is transferred into the black (if the parameter StopLevel = true);
  • MinProfitNoLoss – minimum income when translating orders into the black;
  • UseTime – time trade (using server time);
  • BeginTime – Start of Trading;
  • EndTime – completion of trade;
  • Magic – expert stamp (ID);
  • Remove – delete pending orders the reverse signal display unit (one or more additional indicators to be included).

Then there are additional settings indicators that you can turn to the work both individually and together. By default, these indicators are not used in the work.

  • UseBands – inclusion indicator Bollinger Bands;
  • BandsPeriod – period;
  • BandsDeviation – deviation;
  • BandsShift – shift;
  • BandsPrice – in relation to what price build indicator (closing, opening, the average price and so on.);
  • UseStochastic – inclusion indicator – Stochastic;
  • StochK – % K period;
  • StochD – period% D;
  • StochSlowing – slowing;
  • StochMethod – method;
  • StochPrice – in relation to what price build indicator (closing, opening, the average price and so forth.).

If you change certain settings, you also need to change the settings that depend on the changed parameters. This should be done following a simple logic. For example, if you uncheck TrailingStop, accordingly without changing its dependent parameters of the robot will transfer the order to breakeven without Thrall. Given the fact that the parameter ModifyTP on, take profit is all the time to move away from price, counting on the fact that a stop order at all times should be the price, whereas in fact no trawl orders is not performed except for the transfer to breakeven. Therefore, the parameter ModifyTP also must be switched off.

If you can not trace the logic advisor, use the robot with the default settings.


  • Instant order execution – ECN;
  • Trouble-free connection to the server – VPS;
  • Currency pair EURUSD (With any prefixes, such as EURUSD.f and so on);
  • Chart period – H4.

Note: strictly comply with the requirements for the currency pair and chart period.

Serpent revival

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Asian indices fell focus was oil and statistics

Asian indices fell, the focus was oil and statistics

Asia-Pacific region held
Tuesday’s session in the red zone after
how oil prices fell for
overnight over 5%.

shanghai Composite
It lost 1.89%. trading data
China in November remain
weak: exports fell for the fifth
consecutive month, and the figure was
worse than analysts had forecast.
Imports decreased not as fast as

background collapse in oil prices, energy
Today the company lost 1.87% – 3.04%.
Leading brokerage and banking company
lost 0.59% – 2.68%.

Monday came out the data
showed a drop in foreign currency reserves
China to their lowest
two years level. This update concerns
Chinese authorities on capital outflows
of the economy.

Hang Seng got down

Nikkei got down
1.04%. Investor confidence in Japanese
shares fell, despite the fact that
revised GDP for the third
quarter showed that Japan’s economy
It does not in the technical
recession. It turned out that the annual
Calculating GDP grew by 1%.

chips “finished the session in negative territory. toyota,
Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba lost
1.3% – 3%.

Kospi got down

S P / ASX I lost
0.91%. Oil companies have suffered
serious losses as a result of reduction
the price of “black gold”. Santos dropped
at 13.12%; Woodside Petroleum officially
withdrew its takeover bid
its competitor, Oil Search for
8.46 billion dollars. At this Woodside
today lost 3.96%
capitalization, Oil Search fell
at 16.36%.

other resource companies, too,
We traded in the red: Rio Tinto and
BHP Billiton, the two largest
“Miner” of Australia, lost 4.29% and
5.23% respectively.

iron ore also fell. Fortescue
Metal became cheaper by 2.78%.

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OsMA Fractal channel

OsMA Fractal channel

Indicator constructs fractals for extrema indicator OsMA, is plotted as a fractal or fractal channel.

It has a flexible configuration and, unlike standard fractals, lagging by only 1 bar.

Two sensitivity options: 1 – for short periods OsMA, 2 – for large.

OsMA Fractal channel


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MetaCOT 2 Movement Index MT5

MetaCOT 2 Movement Index MT5

Movement Index was first introduced by Steve Breeze and described in his book “The Commitments of Traders Bible: How To Profit from Insider Market Intelligence”. Very quickly it became popular among traders reports analyzing the CFTC and become a classic, and in many ways a unique tool to find drastic changes, leading to an imbalance between the positions of market participants.

The indicator shows the change in the relative positions of the participants in the form of bar graphs, expressed as a percentage. It ranges from -100% to + 100% and is calculated on the data display COT Index or Willco Index. a reversal signals occur when the absolute value of the indicator exceeds a threshold level equal to default 40%.

While other indicators MetaCOT series are indicators trends, Movement Index is an indicator pulse, those. it shows a sharp change in the positions of market participants. Thus, the indicator becomes indispensable for analysis in conjunction with other indicators MetaCOT series. In addition, Movement Index is not available in other programs that provide access to the CFTC reports. Thus, MetaTrader platform and a set of MetaCOT is no alternative solution for the comprehensive analysis of the CFTC reports.

For more information about how to use this indicator can be found in the book Larri Vilyamsa, “Secrets of Trade futures market With the Insiders.”, As well as in the eponymous article Project Meta COT – New Horizons CFTC Report Analysis in MetaTrader 4.

The following are the basic parameters of the indicator and their meaning:

  • Source of Report – View of the COT report. There are two types of reports: only futures (Futures Only) and futures and options (Futures And Options);
  • Group of Traders – Group members COT report. Includes groups listed above;
  • Calculation On Data – It allows to select as the data for calculating one of the two indicators: COT Index (classical variant) or Willco Index (advanced version);
  • Period of COT Index – Calculation period COT-Index, an indicator, which in turn is calculated himself Movement Index. Recommended values ​​are: 25, 52 and 156 weeks;
  • Movement Period – is the difference between the current value of the COT Index and the value of N periods ago.

For advanced users, there are additional options that make the indicator more flexible configuration:

  • Release Day – sets the day of the update indicator. When set to the default, ‘Release by Friday’, the indicator updates its value on Friday (the day of the publication of data). If the value ‘Release by Thuesday’ – Tuesday (date of receipt of the data).
  • DataType – selects data for constructing the indicator. When set to the default, ‘Contracts of Traders’, the indicator calculates the value based on the number of contracts, at a value of ‘Number of Traders’ – based on the number of the number of traders values.
  • Subgroup of Traders – A subgroup of participants. Divided at all (All), old (Old) and other (Other);
  • Auto Detect Report Name – If this parameter is true, the indicator automatically loads the report corresponding to the character of the market, on which it is running. If you can not identify any report corresponding to the current symbol, is loaded by default the report specified in the parameter Report Name;
  • Report Name – the report name that you want to download, if the parameter Auto Detect Report Name is set to false. As the name of the report you must specify the name of one of MetaCOT database files without the extension of the file;
  • Mirror Mode – Mirror mode indicator. In the case of the truth, the indicator peaks become minima, and the minima – on the contrary, maxima.

This indicator can be combined with other indicators MetaCOT series, including – to display several groups of participants in one general indicator pane.

For the indicator, CFTC reports should download and install to your computer, which use a specialized utility installation MetaCOT 2 Install CFTC Reports MT4 reports.

More detailed information on the values ​​of the indicator settings can be found in the blog “MetaCOT 2: Settings and Possibility”.

MetaCOT 2 Movement Index MT5

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