How guaranteed to earn on Forex

How guaranteed to earn on Forex.

That was the question “How to make money on the forex» primarily concerned about any novice trader, the answer is rather complicated. In order to become a successful trader you will need in the first place for a while and personal trading experience. Not least important is the basic knowledge of foreign exchange rate movements, namely the factors that affect the price of the currency.

Earn forex and everyone can, but for some reason most beginners on the contrary leave their money in the foreign exchange market, the main reason for this is wrong chosen trading strategy.

In this article I will try to highlight the main points of trading and share the simple strategy of trade, which in most cases brings a pretty good result.

1. Getting Started – the first thing to begin with is to choose a broker who will allow you to make money on the forex, thus it is necessary to pay attention not only on attractive commercial terms, but also on the stability of the trading terminal features and operation of pending and stop orders.

The most acceptable option is triggered if the order at the first touch, rather than at stabilization at this price level. These properties are InstaForex broker, in addition he has an option to earn on Forex even with small sums of money using cent accounts, and in general it is pretty reliable company.

When opening an account, do not forget about the bonuses that you will get when its replenishment and immediately choose their size as much as possible can be obtained in this case up to 40% of the replenishment.

2. Technical points – after registration download and install itself on a computer trading platform, the best option is Metatrader 4, it is easy to handle and it has a variety of indicators and advisors.

3. Trading System – then choose a trading strategy – is one of the most important steps, you should not immediately rush into scalping, this is the main mistake made by novice traders. Trading on scalping strategy is quite complex and requires certain skills.

The simplest and at the same time, the most effective is a simple trend trading, for its implementation need to be installed in the trading platform is one of the trend indicators, which will show not only the direction of price movement, but also the power of the dominant trend.

To select operation 30 minute time interval, analyzing the schedule of the selected currency pair. It is better to select a tool with the lowest spread and pronounced movement, in our case it will be the euro / dollar and the upward trend.

In the next step Let us search entry points in the market, the price does not move straight up and with regular setbacks, so purchases are made after the price dropped to a minimum and began to move up. At the same time follow the trend indicator, it should warn you about the price reverses.

To minimize losses set stop loss order at the level of 15 points.

The deal closed after the price goes to the next pullback, and your income starts to gradually decrease. It is not necessary in this case to be greedy because correction can gradually move to a trend reversal, and you will lose all earned.

Despite the simplicity, this strategy provides an excellent opportunity to make money on the forex market, not having much experience in real trading. Your earnings will depend on the dynamic trend and temporary trade gap.

4. Profit-taking – you often have to see how casino players instead of what would take profit increased his bet, and so you should not repeat their mistakes. For example, if a deposit of $ 1000 you managed to earn a transaction 100, immediately remove the profit, and do not increase the volume of trade. Your account must always be about the same amount.

At the end of the day to review their transactions, better writing, analyzing successful and losing trades, try to calculate the amount of funds on bail so that would be your deposit was resistant to corrections. And most importantly, do not allow the loss of more than 5% of funds from one transaction, the amount of your deposit.

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