Opinion terrorists can not destroy economy of

Opinion: The terrorists can not destroy the economy of the developed world

days ago in Paris I experienced the attack
terrorists. In addition to the terrible bloodshed,
attack and had deep physical
the impact on the city. But despite the
broken windows and damaged as a result of
building explosions, Paris lives as well as
and to the terrible Friday. On all leaves,
that the Islamic state (organization
banned in Russia) is not capable of deep
disrupt the physical infrastructure,
energy supplies, economic system
France (or any other country’s development
the world).

Al-Qaeda operating model can
compared with a global franchise:
her brand took semi-independent
groups that independently
organize and carry out their

for what is happening today, IG (forbidden
terrorist organization in Russia)
He prefers to outsource. Multiport
weapons, cross-border supply chain
planning terrorist acts
– all of this is consistent with
hypothetical slogan “Created
in Syria. Made in Belgium (here
You can substitute any other country). ”
However, the economic impact of
Islamists obsessed with physical
the maximum amount of destruction
“Infidels”, usually has only Tourism
and transport companies.

there is
Examples: Sept. 11, 2001
The United States had little long-term
effect after the initial damage
$ 90
billion. For comparison, the financial crisis
2008 and the earthquake in Japan in 2011
(Violating the global supply chain
goods) to influence the
the global economy was much stronger.
more than a hundred people were killed in Paris. But
from an economic point of view, random
accident at the German chemical plant
in 2012 that killed two workers struck
more damage since stopped
production of synthetic resin,
used by dozens of European and
US automakers.

terrorist group in Syria
and manages the Iraq oil industry
within a controlled area
but there is little that is capable of economically
point of view outside of its borders. Murder
people is appalling, but this one in the war
enough. Remember how the Nazis
bombed the docks in east London in 1940
Years: they deliberately destroyed
infrastructure to maximize
hamper delivery.

terrorists do not. they encourage
clash of civilizations, Kindle
the fear of the so-called “gray zone” –
among the millions of people who do not want
live under the hood of the Caliphate and prefer
to enjoy his freedom in another
place. Under the harsh rhetoric about Paris
as “the capital of prostitution and vice”
IG implies that wanted to destroy
French economy.

Sandler, a professor of the University of Texas,
studying the economic impact of
terrorism, says: “They may scare
all of us, but it seems, can not affect
on the economic system. ”

it depends on the scale. Most
terrorist attacks, even Paris,
– small and highly localized. If
you do not happen to be around at the moment
– You’re safe. Important and serious
diversification of the modern economy.
There are some bottlenecks in the energy sector
and communications infrastructure, but
all of their key points are well protected.

Sheff, a professor at the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, said:
“Individual companies may suffer.
But the industry as a whole is very strong and well
protected. ”

Contrary to what is happening now,
can result in the Spanish province
Basque. Over 20 years of separatist
(Aimed mainly at industrial
objects, rather than killing people) GDP
the region fell by 10%.

way that can hurt the economy
France and the whole of the eurozone as a whole – is
Government reactions in the form of recovery
passport and border control
suspension of the Schengen
agreements that allow free
the movement of people and goods. economists
warned this week that “growing
response against the key member
globalization. ”

actions of terrorists – has its own logic.
They cause panic and fear that
far exceeds the real danger.
To some extent, this may even be
marketing campaign for the new recruits.
But against the background of natural phenomena, such as
earthquake, or on the background of the global
economic laws, even large
attack – it is a minor event.

think about it, when faced with
atrocities. But is afraid to give
fighters win.

Parisians have fallen, but Paris is worth, and will
stand. Like Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome,
Madrid. Like all of Europe, but only in the
if it is to stick together.

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And stop and reverse

And stop and reverse

And stop and reverse – this trend bezindikatorny adviser.

Trading Strategy:

And stop and reverse
trade on any currency pair and any timeframe. The strategy is based on the support of opening the transaction trailing stop
and the reversal of the transaction when triggered trailing stop. Advisor deposit increases by limiting the loss and unlimited profit, because it does not take profit.

Input parameters:

  • LotConst – permanent lot size;
  • TrailingStop – the only parameter to be optimized – about 40 points at 4-valued quotes (400 points with a 5-digit quotes);
  • FirstPosition1Buy2Sell – direction of the first opening position: 1 – Buy, 2 – Sell;
  • MagicNunber – a magic number that differs adviser positions.

Adviser to the test results:

At an initial deposit of $ 10,000
And stop and reverse
 I earned $ 2,250 on the M1 EURUSD for the period from 1 January 2012 to 23 November 2012 at the relative loss of 5%. On other currency pairs are the results better.

And stop and reverse

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Trade Assistant

Trade Assistant

Trade Assistant for MetaTrader – multiple timeframe indicator is based on three standard indicators: Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index) and CCI (Commodity Channel Index). It displays the current trend direction for M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. C this indicator, you’ll always have a clear picture of the trends in all major time frames. It does not matter on the chart with any timeframe you set the indicator. Also not recommended to change the input parameters. The indicator can be downloaded for MetaTrader MetaTrader 4 and 5.

Input parameters:

  • PercentK (default = 8) – period in bars for calculation of the Stochastic% K line.
  • PercentD (default = 3) – during the bars to calculate% D line stochastic.
  • Slowing (default = 3) – value to slow stochastics.
  • RSIP1 (default = 14) – the period for the first RSI (fast).
  • RSIP2 (default = 70) – for the second period RSI (slow).
  • Other options – character codes arrows showing the direction of the trend. Better not change.

Although it is quite clear how such an indicator can be used, I advise you to buy and sell only when all indicators point to the same direction in the current timeframe and both neighboring timeframes. For example, to open a long position on taymfoeyme M30 only if all the indicators point to the possibility of buying the same timeframe, as well as M15 and H1.


A warning! Before you ask any basic questions regarding the installation of indicators, please read the relevant information on the use of indicators in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 to get a basic understanding of how to use them. Do you have any questions or comments on this indicator, you can always discuss the Trade Assistant with other traders and MQL-programmers on the indicators forums. 

Trade Assistant

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Oil prices fell below $ 42 barrel on inventory

Oil prices fell below $ 42 a barrel on inventory data

On Thursday evening prices
US crude oil continued to fall, and
WTI futures fell
at the moment to $ 41.49
a barrel. Investors reacted negatively to
Recent reports on stocks of raw materials in the United States,
which continue to grow –
This has already caused a fall in prices to 10%
the beginning of November. According to the Information
US Energy Agency, for the last
weekly US crude stocks rose
4.224 million barrels, while analysts
expected growth of only 1.016 million barrels.

There are also signs
that traders are preparing for more
a strong drop in prices: increased rates
the fact that crude oil futures will fall into
up to $ 40 or even $ 25 a barrel
coming months. By 10:48 MSK Friday
Brent futures traded
at $ 45.39
a barrel on the WTI –
at $ 41.7.

"The trend shows
that prices will go down. The market looks
very bearish"- says Oystein
Berentsen, Managing Director,
Commodities in Strong Petrochemical Singapore. glut appeared
because of the growing level of production
most major oil producers,
including OPEC, Russia and North

In addition to oil in the world
cost markets lose metals, and
investors fear that a serious
signal further slowing Chinese
economy. Bloomberg Commodity Index index
which is composed of 22 commodities
goods, fell to the lowest level since
times of financial crisis. according to
experts, the current decline in prices
triggered by concerns about

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Opinion Problems in Chinese economy began long ago

Opinion: Problems in the Chinese economy began long ago

Economists argue
that in China, the problems with the economy
It began much earlier than we think.
Perhaps partly because of this and began to
falling oil prices.

Some believe that
China’s economy still falls to
the recent financial crisis, although
Oil prices have fallen
much later. Inflation in the country
falls from the time, and the price index
producers, which is a good
the indicator activity is going down already
44 months in a row. In fact,
it is a very long time, and in fact
it turns out that the situation began to deteriorate
Since at least March 2012. but when
A closer examination we find
that producer prices slowed down
since July 2011.

During this time, China
accumulating more and more
debt, and the ratio of debt to GDP increased
by 50% in just four years. Parallel
from and after the fall of the Chinese economy
peak in 2011, all commodity markets fell
to levels that economists have not seen since 1999.
Steel, copper, zinc, aluminum – these resources
continue to become cheaper, updating record
mark fall almost daily. A plus
to this, the rate of fall
imports – is the forecast indicator, not lagging.
When China buys enough
raw material, it can not produce the desired
volumes of goods.

Back to China’s problems
you can add the reduction limit
performance and capacity surplus
capacity. China’s economy – both
a huge ship, which can not
turn around, so any change
inside it is very time consuming
– years would be required for it to go
on the economy of service and services and increase
domestic consumption. In addition to
still marked overcapacity
– in the country built more than 150 coal
power plants, although they are not necessary
China, which is fighting for improvement
Ecology in cities. And available
similar power has long been recognized
redundant. Here you can add more
another paradox: the demand for cars in the
the country is falling, but the company will still continue
building new car factories. And these inconsistencies
in part also affect other countries.
To deal with overcapacity
steel, China is beginning to sell it on
foreign market. In response, the US imposes a tax
236% import of steel
China and the United Kingdom recalls the
destruction of its steel industry.
And in the United States all the aluminum plants survive
up to a maximum of next year.

And all these problems
nowhere do not go away, China will have to
to cope with the results of ineffective
measures for a long time. Even according to official
According lending in China is still half
ahead of GDP growth – is
proof of the existence in the country
a huge shadow banking sector,
that only reinforces the problem again. Officially
the share of “bad loans” is estimated at
1.5%, although independent experts say
all 20%. It all added up together
and represents a huge risk of a full-fledged
the financial crisis, when the economy
built like a house of cards, and the extent
problems will be the most powerful ever
the history of mankind. Exactly because of this reason
IMF’s desire to add to your shopping cart Yuan
reserve currency does not seem the most reasonable
step, although it can save on time, China
the huge capital of care and give
to stabilize the economy,
fully improve it.

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Parabolic Regression Shapes

Parabolic Regression Shapes

The script parser It opens up new possibilities of graphical analysis of price charts and can be a useful addition to any trading strategy. Basically it designed for manual trading, but includes integration with trading experts. It produces independent trading operations.


Through the use of a quadratic regression script builds the current non-linear trend and highlights the following specific price patterns

  • linear trend channel Linear Channel – special case of a parabolic channel (channel quadratic regression)
  • turning up / turn-down Turn Up / Down – change of direction of price movement
  • weakening of rising / falling trend and the beginning of non-directional movement Up and Flat / Down and Flat
  • move up / down to the acceleration after prices Flat and Up / Flat and Down consolidation.

script classifies trends according to their strength and assigns each trend indicator of power – “strong” (Strong), “medium strength” (Medium Strength), “weak” (Slow) or “near the flat” (Almost Flat). The last three figures of the detected display data about the type of trend and its strength on the chart revealed the figures displayed in the form of channels. For each type of figure is used the color.

original features script:

– analysis of the combination of the latter two formed pieces, the results of which I comment on the nature of price behavior

– defined figure, which is under development and to be expected in the near future

– visual confirmation or refutation of LEDs.

Input parameters

  • Period (bars) – the number of bars used for the recognition of figures and calculation of trend characteristics.

use Features

The script works on any currency pair and any timeframe.

Hours script proportional to the period Period. It is not recommended to set too long (more than 100 bars) or too short (less than 12 bars) periods. For example, instead of the period of 1440 bars for better minute timeframe set period at 24 or 96 hourly chart timeframe of 15 minutes.

Integration with advisors

To interact with the trading advisors script creates global variables of the terminal with the names:

“Last _” + _Symbol + “_” + _ Period + “_” / “Prev _” + _Symbol + “_” + _ Period + “_” + Bars_Period – type number of the last / previous trend;

“LastForce _” + _Symbol + “_” + _ Period + “_” + Bars_Period / “PrevForce _” + _Symbol + “_” + _ Period + “_” + Bars_Period – the power of the latest / previous trend.

Style number: 1, 2 – rising / falling linear channel, 3, 4 – the flat and rising / falling, 5, 6 – rise / fall and the flat, 7, 8 – turn up / down.

The strength of the trend: 0 – almost the flat, 1 – weak, 2 – medium strength, 3 – strong.

Bars_Period – input parameter.

Parabolic Regression Shapes

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Synchronized Charts Limited

Synchronized Charts Limited

Synchronized Charts script helps when comparing the price bars of different characters and bars of different periods of one character.

Run the script on the chart and change the position and scale of the graph,
position in the history of all open graphs will be synchronized. Bars on different charts are aligned to the left border of the window according to the time of opening.

Note: This is a limited version of Synchronized Charts. It works only on Mondays.

Synchronized Charts Limited

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