How not to lose on forex

How not to lose on the forex.

From the reviews of the forex trading can make an interesting conclusion, most newcomers come to the stock exchange for easy money, but did manage to earn no more than 5% of the total weight of the new traders.

Therefore, the most important issue in this situation is "Not how to make money?" a "How not to lose in the Forex?".

That search for an answer to the last question should be central to any of beginners, since at first it is important to keep the existing money.

And so, the main measures, which would not lose their money in the Forex:

• Leverage evil – thanks to leverage emerging opportunities for excess profits, but at the same time increases the risk of trading in some countries even prohibited margin trading or present severe limitations on this type of dealing.

Indeed, the fact is simply unrealistic to merge the deposit if the trade only their own money, there is one chance in a million that the currency with which you are working to lose more than a few percent.

At the same time when using 1:10 leverage this pair percent turns into dozens, not to mention the more significant dimensions of the lever.

In this case, no one says a complete rejection of the use of leverage, you can use it, but after that you get enough experience.

• Work only with the best – for trading in Forex, use only the best dealing centers, first of all pay attention to the company itself, and after on trading conditions, bonuses and various promotions.

• Do not use advisers – typically the majority of programs for automated trading requires a thorough revision, so you should not rely on the fact that trading robot will make all the work for you, but on the contrary you will be without a deposit.

• Do not forget about the stop loss – its installation should be the main point at the opening of any warrant, especially the pending orders.

• Asset management is questionable – many beginners decide on the studies to invest in asset management, bearing in mind that this is just a risk manager trader can also merge the deposit, even if it is less likely than yourself. If you do decide to use a remote control, then it is better to take advantage of the embodiment described in the article "forex investments".

How not to lose in forex – is not such a complex issue, you should just listen to the four recommendations above.

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