PerfectBounds trend indicator – a new type of indicator, based on the idea of ​​capturing the trend by moving the boundaries of moving averages with periods of up to 250.

Boundaries are calculated for timeframes M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1 and W1:

  • The upper boundary is formed by the highest value of the moving average, built according to the maximum price each timeframe (HMV (highest MA value – the highest value of the moving average)and defined period PMH (period of MA high)).
  • The lower boundary is formed by the lowest value of the moving average, built according to the maximum price each timeframe (LMV (lowest MA value) and defined period PML (period of MA low)).
  • Thus, if the PML>PMH, the downward trend, and if PMH>PML, the trend is up. Remember that the optimal period moving average is determined on each bar.

Used only a few options:

  • period_XX – the maximum period selected for a particular timeframe. Indeed the value of 5 to 250. If set to 0, the line will not be displayed.
  • mode – specify a value of 0 to display only the support trend lines. Choose a value of 1 to display boundaries. Combine the two LEDs with different modes, to highlight the trend of the border. Trend lines are always displayed under the prices in an uptrend and above the prices in a downtrend.
  • lineWidth – set to any valid value. Combine, for example, with the settings mode = 0 and lineWidth = 3 for allocating trend direction and a second indicator with identical periods and mode = 1 and lineWidth = 1.
  • periodMultiplier – It provides quick shift values ​​without changing periods each. Suitable values ​​6 default periods.
  • maxBarsToShow – You can specify 0 for the calculation of the indicator values, but in order to improve performance, we recommend limiting the value.


  1. A simple definition of the boundaries of the trend. Price is often returned to the border of the trend.
  2. Determining the price of the triangle boundaries converging at reducing the gap between HMV and LMV. He often portends a breakdown or reversal of the trend.
  3. More effective phase identification, when the upper and lower limits are close to each other and can be observed by frequent changes of the trend.
  4. Since the border longer periods is always “update” bar in the past, you will easily recognize the breakthroughs.

In my opinion, the indicator offers a new look at the price movement.


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MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

Broker speed can be found in the old way – by measuring ping a server. However, servers are some brokers do not respond to the PING command.

The script – a powerful new way to find out how fast the MT4 server processes the request.

It calculates the time required for installation and removal of deposits (stop) orders, as well as for setting and closing orders to buy (available in settings).

It calculates the total time to perform this task, ie, this is the real processing speed.

The audit trader can assess how the broker handles the orders.


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Ruble in early trading fell slightly against

Ruble in early trading fell slightly against the euro with an eye on forex

The ruble is kept slightly down against the euro Wednesday morning, playing the current growth in the euro / dollar at Forex, and thus is stable against the dollar on the back of high oil levels, but at a time of low activity currency corporate sellers at the beginning of the calendar month.

The focus of the meeting of the Russian and US presidents, as well as the publication of US employment statistics for June – both of Friday’s events can have an impact on ruble quotes.

calculations "tomorrow" dollar / Ruble to 10.30 59.43 CMC was near and Ruble loses 2 penny exchange by closing Tuesday.

EUR / RUB pair of calculations "tomorrow" It was to 10.30 Moscow time at the level of 67.54 rubles – the ruble lost 15 kopecks here.

Forex EUR / USD pair is trading near $ 1.1364 and the euro rises in price by 0.2 percent, the dollar index lost a basket of six currencies of 0.1 percent and is estimated to be 96.15.

Brent crude oil since the beginning of the day gaining 0.2 percent, and the current market price ($ 49.69 per barrel) remain near the highest since June 7 ($ 49.90), made on Tuesday, amid decline in the number of drilling rigs in the United States for the first time since January.

Impact on the dynamics of quotations may be statistics on the dynamics of oil reserves in the United States, coming out with a delay of one day due to the US holiday yesterday. In particular, the official statistics Energy Information Administration will be released on Thursday at 18:00 GMT.

The focus of Friday’s publication on employment and unemployment in the US in June, actual for forex participants, among which there is no consensus about whether the Fed will raise this year once again the interest rates or refrain from tightening.

On Friday, the scheduled first personal meeting between US and Russian Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in the fields of Hamburg.

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Amazing Forex (MetaTrader indicator) on the basis of their work is a cyclical oscillator using stochastic mechanisms MASD line using cycles. The result is an improved version of the oscillator, which does not change direction during a trend and quickly react to changes. It was designed Dagga Schaff, who suggested that the acceleration and deceleration rates trends occur in cycles. This algorithm has become known in 2008. Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator combines two methods of determining changes in the direction of the trend – MACD and smoothed stochastic oscillator. The indicator value ranges from 0 to 100. As the key levels are used markers 25 and 75. The indicator is available for MT4, and for MT5.


The easiest and most obvious way to trade using this indicator – it is to sell when the line falls below 75 and buys when it rises above the level of 25. To filter out a lot of bad signals Dagg Schaff (author Schaff Trend Cycle) include at signal to buy bar after crossing the bar should close above the High cost of crossing the bar; while sell signal bar after crossing the bar should be closed under the price Low crossing bars. crossing the bar – it’s a bar, which was formed at the same time as the Schaff Trend Cycle rose above the level of 25 or fall below the level of 75.


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Price of oil varies slightly on background save

The price of oil varies slightly on the background save the US Fed

Oil prices vary slightly in different directions and on Friday after
on the eve of the Federal Reserve (Fed) decided not to change the value
in the United States against the backdrop of the international credit risk to which the Fed does and
the sharp decline in energy prices. However, the oil market is completing
week in positive territory on expectations that the overproduction of oil in the US will decline.

November futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures Exchange to 9:50
rose in price by $ 0.04 (0.08%) – up to $ 49.12 per barrel. By the market close,
Thursday futures price fell $ 0.67 (1.35%) – up to $ 49.08 per barrel.

Futures price for WTI crude oil for October, in electronic trading on the New York
Mercantile Exchange (the NYMEX) has fallen by this time to $ 0.16 (0.34%) – up to $ 46.74
a barrel. According to the results of the previous session, the contract fell $ 0.25 (0.53%), to
$ 46.90 per barrel.

“The price is fairly stable, taking into account the fact that the Fed has confirmed the idea of
weakening global growth, – said CMC Markets chief analyst Michael
Makkarti.- We are not too optimistic, but it seems that the potential for further
significant market decline is reduced. “

Since the beginning of June, US oil production has decreased by 493 thousand. Barrels
day, official data showed. Inventories of oil this week
suddenly decreased, but there are still almost 100 million barrels above
the average for this time of year in the past five years.

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Instant catch

Instant catch

The expert can work simultaneously on several currency pairs.

The expert does not confuse their orders to other.

Expert task to pull the pending orders at a distance from the current price and wait for the price (Ask and Bid) jump the order. Expert responds instantly to open order and immediately close it. If the order will be in a spread, it will protect StopLoss_Trailing 0.001 points.

It is important that your trading account has not been associated with the Commission and the restrictions on the foot.


  • Spread – Maximum spread of 100 to 50,000 points.
  • Trailing_StopLoss – Closing price, the price is set by the order, from 0,001 to 10,000 points.
  • Trailing_Order – Pending order is set by the current price of 50 to 50,000 points.
  • MagicNumber – magical the number of orders.
  • Volume_the_percentage_of_funds – The percentage of available funds to calculate the volume of 0.01 to 0.90 percent.
  • Volume_Max – The maximum amount of 0.01 to 1000.


  • Spread – If the spread will be more Spread, Expert removes the order and does not work anymore until the spread is less than.
  • Volume_Max – Blocks volume growth naprimer- put 0.10 and the volume does not increase further.

Instant catch

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New MetaTrader 4 for Android 24 analytical object

The new MetaTrader 4 for Android: 24 analytical object and OTP-authorization

Recently, we reported about the appearance and two-factor analytic objects
authorization in the MetaTrader 5 Android. Now the same functionality is available in the new
version of MetaTrader 4 Android build 846.

You get 24 graphical objects for technical analysis: the line channels, Elliott waves,
Gann and Fibonacci tools, as well as geometric shapes. they can be
impose both on charts of quotations, and the indicator window.

The new MetaTrader 4 for Android: 24 analytical object and OTP-authorization

The second major innovation is a mobile application – OTP system (One Time Password),
providing an extra layer of security when dealing with trade
accounts. Now, when the authorization to the desktop or terminal addition tablet
login and password, the user can enter a verification sequence of numbers, which
generates MetaTrader 4 Android application. To get started with such
one-time password to associate with your trading account to a password generator.

Update your MetaTrader 4 Android and
get 24 graphics object to analyze the market!

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