Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

The forecast EUR / USD on July 7

euro today shows the growth in the region of 1.14. On the dollar had a negative impact of the publication of the report on the labor market. According to the ADP number of new jobs in the US private companies increased by 158,000, while analysts expected an increase of 184,000.

The forecast for tomorrow suggests pullback euro to the lower boundary of the trading range. However, if the pair is able to overcome the level of 1.14, it will cancel the forecast for the reduction.

Forecast NZD / USD on July 7

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar has formed on the daily chart of the second “doji” row under the round price level 0.7300. Today bears testing the resistance level of 0.7250, reinforced line EMA (20). We are waiting for the completion of correction and resumption of the upward trend.

On H4 New Zealander continues to trade in a price range 0.7250-0.7300, we expect the breakdown of one of its borders.

Forecast GBP / USD on July 7

Today developed pound upward movement and trading around 1.2957 resistance level. In the morning a couple of designated near the maximum level of 1.2982. Candles are located above the SMA, which indicates the growth of the pair in the medium term.

Tomorrow is expected to publish a large economic bloc in the UK, in this regard, the market can be highly volatile.

From a pair of forward reduction to 1.28.

Bitcoin rate forecast 7 July

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD daily chart sfomiroval series “doji” on line 2500 auctions are held in small volumes. Low volatility due to the lack of important news from the world of cryptocurrency and seasonal factors. The medium-term target for growth remains the same – 3000, in the case of breaking the support level of 2400, expect a decline in the area of ​​1900-2000.

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