Color Levels MT5

Color Levels MT5

Color Levels MT5 – simple indicator that displays the graph panel to draw rectangles and trend lines will be useful to those who draw on the chart support area, resistance, trend direction, etc.


  • CornerOfTheChartToLink – angle to which the indicator is bound;
  • ShiftAxis_X – shift indicator from the X-axis edge;
  • ShiftAxis_Y – shift indicator from the edge of the axis Y;
  • BorderColor1 – border color of the first rectangle without filling;
  • BorderStyle1 – border style of the first rectangle without filling;
  • BorderWidth1 – border width of the first rectangle Unfilled;
  • BorderColor2 – border color of the second rectangle without filling;
  • BorderStyle2 – border style of the second rectangle without filling;
  • BorderWidth2 – border width of the second rectangle Unfilled;
  • RectangleColor1 – color of the first rectangle with a fill;
  • RectangleColor2 – color of the second rectangle with a fill;
  • RectangleColor3 – the color of the third rectangle with a fill;
  • TrendColor1 – the color of the first trend line;
  • TrendStyle1 – style of the first trend line;
  • TrendWidth1 – thickness of the first trend line;
  • TrendColor2 – the color of the second trend line;
  • TrendStyle2 – style second trend line;
  • TrendWidth2 – thickness of the second trend line;


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Notes in margins ObjectGetValueByShift on given

Notes in the margins. ObjectGetValueByShift on the given period

A short note on the memory. It was necessary to use a predetermined function ObjectGetValueByShift tf base_tf. At first I was thinking to use ibarshift function within ObjectGetValueByShift function that -What type:

ObjectGetValueByShift ("Base_resistance", IBarshift (NULL, base_tf, n));

But this I did not work, however, I found a simple solution here, I have not thought of:

t = iTime (NULL, base_tf, n);
iT = iBarShift (NULL, 0, t);
Price_resistance_base = ObjectGetValueByShift ("Base_resistance", IT);

The concept is simple).

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Dollar touched its two week high

The dollar touched its two-week high

The dollar is
on a two-week high against
a basket of major currencies. Now, to 16.07
MSK, the dollar index is at around
96.26 points: this corresponds to an increase in the
0.24%. EURUSD lost 0.30% and
trading decreased by 1,1157, USDJPY
by 0.58% to reach 119.84. GBPUSD
He sank to 0.9729, having said goodbye to

rising dollar
associated with comments Fed officials,
that revived hopes for growth
interest rate before the end of this year.
His closest American lows
He reached on Friday, and today he jumped
on 2%. The increase in the interest rate to
early next year, is now believed
approximately half of all respondents
news agency Reuters.

In contrast,
This build up expectations that the ECB and the
The Bank of Japan may extend its (and without
the already unprecedented) program
quantitative easing, which
exert pressure on the euro today and
yen while being increased
dollar. However, the dollar has lost today
slightly against the yen.

experts from
Commerzbank said that
markets are now definitely have a reason
dollar trading slightly higher, but it is
Little. Too strong dollar may
worsen inflation expectations and
lead to the cancellation of Fed rate rise.

Fed President
Atlanta Dennis Lockhart on Monday
said the decision to leave rates on hold
changes, adopted last week,
It was largely an exercise
risk management, to be sure,
that the volatility in global markets
It will not become an obstacle for the US
economy. According to him, it is still
awaits Fed rate increase later this

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Strategic Range Bands

Strategic Range Bands

System Strategic Range Bands&Pivots uses several leading custom indicators. It precisely defines the pivot point of the trend, calculates the price range, short-term support / resistance levels and trailing stops. It works on both intraday and daily / weekly charts.

  1. If the bar closes below the midline (Mid Bands), triggers a signal to sell. You can use the first upper line or the next line as the pivot of the stop-loss.
    If the bar closes above the middle line, the trend has ended.
  2. The same rule applies to the purchase of the signal, when the price closes above the middle line. The first bottom line or the nearest pivot act as stop-loss level.
  3. For intraday short trade using M30 or H1 charts.
  4. For the medium to long – H4 or D1.
  5. For scalping Use M5 or M15. It recommended not to exceed a reasonable trading volume.

Attached screenshots show some of the trading situation.

If you have any questions, please leave your comment in the “Discussion”. I will respond within one day.

In addition, I will share with you some trading ideas and analysis results. We can discuss them together.

Good luck!

Strategic Range Bands

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Quiet Moon

Quiet Moon

Multicurrency scalper, working at night, making short trades in the low volatility. For profitable trading need a broker with low spreads night.

Working timeframe: M15

Input parameters

  • MagicNumber – Magik number, an identification number for a couple.
  • Slippage – slippage
  • Lots – lot size
  • DepoPer001Lot – Automatic calculation of the lot (indicated by the number of lots per unit 0.01) (at 0 the value of the lot Lots parameter)
  • Stop_Loss – Maximum stop, usually closes before the signal
  • Take_Profit – Maximum Take, usually closes before the signal
  • AutoTake – Take Profit will be offered, where about to be output from the signal at the change of situation will change dynamically until the deal is closed. Closing Take Profit generally occurs with less slippage than advisor closure.
  • Trailing Start – How many points begins trawl stop
  • Trailing Distance – The distance from the current rate (points), which moves the stop after the start of the trawl
  • Trailing Step – trawl Step
  • Max_Spread – The maximum spread at which open new orders
  • CurrencyFilter – Filter the opening of transactions on the currency if it has already has a deal in this direction. For example, opened in EURUSD to BUY, then freeze the opening of transactions in other currencies that comprise EUR to BUY, and SELL on USD on
  • Filter negative swap – Drop-down menu with a choice of filtration
    • 3-Days swap – Filter transactions with a negative swap a day of triple swap
    • All – Filter all transactions negative swap
    • Off – Do not filter
  • Strategy – Drop-down menu with a choice of strategy
    • Type1 – Strategy №1
    • Type2 – Strategy №2
    • Type3 – Strategy №3
  • Pending_dist – DX which will be exposed after turn-down order signal Incoming
    • When set to “0” – will be exhibited market orders
    • If the value is greater than “0” – will be exhibited limit orders
    • If the value is less than “0” – will exhibit the stop orders
  • News Filter – List with the choice of values
    • High – Filter news with high importance
    • High & Medium – Filter news from the high and medium priority
    • High, Medium & Low – Filter news from any importance
    • OFF – Do not use a filter news
  • News hour range – How many hours before and after the news not to open new deals
  • Ignore News – News list, separated by semicolons, to be ignored by the news filter, example: “Bond Auction; Home Sales”

To use the news filter you need to add addresses:

the list of allowed URL tab ‘advisors’

  • Aggresive Mode –Aggressive mode, the averaging in place of the stop-loss
  • Grid Take Profit –Take profit on averaging
  • StepNextOrder – The minimum distance between indicator signals, to order opening
  • LotMultiply – The multiplier of the lot for the second and subsequent orders
  • MaxOrders – The maximum number of orders in averaging
  • Grid RSI Period – RSI indicator Period
  • Grid RSI Level –The channel width at the outlet of which will be tested for conditions averaging orders opening at 20 is 70/30 (50 + 20 / 50-20)

trading Hours

  • Hour start – the beginning of trading hours
  • Hour end – end of trading hours

days trading

  • MONDAY (Open market trade) – to sell at the market opening on Monday
  • MONDAY – Trading on Monday
  • TUESDAY – Trading on Tuesday
  • WEDNESDAYTrading on Wednesday
  • THURSDAY – Trading on Thursday
  • FRIDAYTrading on Friday
  • FRIDAY (Close market trade) trade on the close of the market on Friday

Parameters in the old village, on the five-digit quotes automatically multiplied by 10

Recommended currency pair:

  • Must be installed on each chart separately

Quiet Moon

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Asia Stock traded in different directions today

Asia Stock traded in different directions today

fears about the stability of the Chinese
economy. Against this background, many Asian
stock markets fell on Wednesday.
Experts say that the markets are still
Surprise win back the yuan, which
China gave the world last week.
People are still waiting to see how far will

However, Shanghai
a strong drop during the trading
session, was able to finish the day in the green
area. Following the results of the environment he grew up by 1.1%.
Chinese central bank for two consecutive days
inject more funds into the financial
system of the country in an attempt to appease
panic in the market after yesterday
Another Collapse of the main index.

analysts believe that the correction was
excessive. By the end of today’s trading
investors took advantage of the session
falling stock prices, and buy them –
and this is called the index rebound into the positive
side. However, market experts
suspect that the rise of the market for
the last hour of trading, and participated
state funds.

Hang Seng I lost
1.42%. Here, investors demonstrated
expectant mood.

S P / ASX he added
1.5%. Australian Index rebounded from
losses on Tuesday. He helped increase
banking sector and the short-term
night 1.8% solution of the rise in oil prices.

Westpac added
2,6%, Australia and New Zealand Banking rose

Reporting season: Woodside Petroleum,
largest independent
oil and gas producer in the country,
It increased by 2.5% after the results report II
quarter were higher
market expectations.

decreased 0.9%. South Korean
the index for the day fell by 2.1% in the
concerns about China – the largest
trade partners. sentiment
investors affected and the internal
Statistics: Producer prices in July
declined in South Korea the fastest
pace since the beginning of 1999. appropriate
index, PPI, fell in
annualized 4%.

large orders
received “blue
chips “, to compensate a part
index intraday losses. Samsung
Electronics grew by 2%, Hyundai
Motor added 1%.

weakened by 1.61%. The Japanese index
He finished the day at three-week low,
even more than expected,
export growth in July. Growth was 7.6%
in annual terms – it’s
as much as 5.5% higher than the forecast. but fell
import: it lost 3.2%.

lagging companies find themselves today,
export-oriented, and airlines:
Suzuki Motor fell to
1,9%, Canon fell back by 1%. Japan
Airlines and ANA Holdings won back
Intermittent night jump in prices for
oil and lost 2.7% and 2.1%, respectively.

It continues to grow: the scandalous
Corp. added 7.7% on news
that the new governing council
Company was elected on Tuesday.

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MetaTrader 5 is running on Istanbul Stock Exchange

MetaTrader 5 is running on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Borsa Istanbul (BIST)

Today in Istanbul held a ceremony dedicated to the integration of MetaTrader 5 with the largest exchange in the Middle East Borsa Istanbul (BIST). During the event, one of the key brokers of Turkey Noor Capital Markets posted
an application for the first futures contract through the trading platform
MetaTrader 5. This means that the traders of financial
tools BIST, the opportunity to work in a powerful platform with many built-in services.

ceremony present key industry faces – CEO, IT-Director and
top managers of 60 brokerage companies from Turkey and other countries in the Middle
East. This interest is due to the capabilities of the trading platform,
which significantly expands the portfolio of services offered by brokers.
MetaTrader 5 provides traders the widest range of instruments
trade, technical analysis and algotreydinga.

MetaTrader 5 is running on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Borsa Istanbul

"With the MetaTrader 5 our traders from the Persian Gulf countries will be able to 7 times
faster to make transactions in the derivatives market and the Forex, – said the head of Noor Capital Markets Jihad Shannak. – In cooperation
with the developers of MetaTrader platform – the company MetaQuotes Software – and its
Turkish representative MetaTurk Finansal Yazilim A.S we intend to become
in the field of innovative technologies to Turkey and the investment markets
the Persian Gulf".

"This is a really important event for
our company, and for the Middle East markets in general, – says
Mehmet Yildiz, head MetaTurk Finansal Yaz? L? M A.S.
– We are pleased that our solutions are of particular interest among the key
players in the region, and are interested in further strengthening the position here.
We thank our partners for Noor CM cooperation".

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