US Congress plans to cancel Iran deal

The US Congress plans to cancel Iran deal

Most Republicans
in the US House of Representatives
preparing to prevent trade with Iran.
"Rather than stop
proliferation of nuclear weapons
The Middle East, this agreement only
nourish a nuclear arms race on
around the world"- said the Speaker of the House
Representative Dzhon Beyner.

This week, White
House will send the text of the agreement profile
Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives,
which must consider it within
60 days. However, Republicans have already announced
that we are ready to vote against
agreement, but there is not enough of their voices,
to circumvent the US president’s veto. TO
Incidentally, Barack Obama is ready to use
this right if the US Congress will
to sabotage the "a breakthrough in the international

Even more intrigue
the story adds that a significant
of the Democrats also opposed
agreement with Iran. Dzhon Beyner recently
He said that there are great chances to prevent
Obama, because they do not actually
missing a total of 34 votes to get around
presidential veto (then formed
the majority – two-thirds majority

Recall that in November
2013 the parties reached an intermediate
agreement, which limited
the activities of some objects in exchange
on easing sanctions. Then he extended
in June and November of last year, and now
April 2 Iran "six" reached
arrangements in Switzerland.

As a result, yesterday, July 14,
the deal was finally completed and signed
parties. Iran will curb their
nuclear program in exchange for a reduced
sanctions. The agreement shall cease
12-year-old nuclear confrontation
Iran’s activities, which sometimes
It turned into a threat of military action
from the US and Israel. By the way, Israel
also insists on the cancellation of the transaction.

The Iranian side is ready
the introduction of a number of limitations in its
activities in the nuclear field, but they do not
should hinder the work in the field of peaceful
atom. As experts yesterday
uncoordinated technical issues
It does not remain, but the parties still need to
to study the text of the document drawn up by
and work out the wording in detail.

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Risk Reward Ratio Indicator

Risk Reward Ratio Indicator

Investing in financial markets associated with the risk. sometimes deals
It brings a loss, so it is important to keep risks under control.
There are many tools for risk control. One of them – a
Risk Reward Ratio indicator.

Many investors use it to compare the expected payback
investment amount of risk taken to achieve this level
payback. The indicator is calculated by dividing the amount that
the investor is willing to lose when the price moves in the wrong direction
(Ie risk), to the amount expected by the trader profits at the closing position
(Ie reward).

With this indicator, you can check how high the risk in relation to profits. If you’ve ever set order of risk to earnings ratio of more than 2, then your score will grow steadily, provided that your predictions about the price movement is correct in at least half of the cases.

Risk Reward Ratio Indicator


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Moving Average RAINBOW

Moving Average RAINBOW

Moving Average RAINBOW

Forex-traders use moving averages for different reasons. Someone uses them as a primary analytical tool, and someone they serve as a guide for investment decisions. Here we present a few other types of policies and their implementation into your trading style is up to you!

Technique used in technical analysis to determine the trend changes. It is created by placing a large number of moving average on the same graph. The trend is considered strong if all secondary slide in the same direction. The presence of reversals is confirmed when the moving averages cross and fold in the opposite direction.

Moving Average RAINBOW

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Greek banks will not open until Monday

Greek banks will not open until Monday

As announced recently,
Ministry of Finance of Greece, banks
the country will be closed until 19 July inclusive. Jobs financial
institutions will resume on Monday,
July 20, but while the Greeks are still able
to withdraw a maximum of 60 euros per day,
said Deputy Minister of Finance of Greece
Dimitris Mardas in ERT television.

Greek banks have closed
June 28, at the height of the debt crisis to
prevent the massive outflow of cash
discounted. ATMs money issued,
but limited to a maximum amount
withdrawal per day (no more than 60 euros per day), tourists have not touched limitations.

Leaders of the eurozone countries
at an emergency summit on Sunday
reached a new agreement on the financial
Greece. Yesterday an agreement
approved the Greek Parliament and other
eurozone countries. On Thursday as ministers
Finance decided to allocate the country in the region
bridge loan of 7 billion euros to Greece
It repaid the debt to 3.5 billion euros
The European Central Bank.

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Couple CHFJPY.

Most traders prefer to trade only the most popular currency pairs at a time when others, not less interesting, trading tools unheeded.

CHFJPY steam just part of this category, it consists of the base currency of the Swiss franc, as well as the quote currency serves Japanese Yen.

Quite an interesting combination allows for a profitable trade in the Asian session Forex, because at this moment the price is subject to change.

That is, the tool is more suitable for traders who prefer to work at night or in the morning, this situation is due to the fact that the major developments in the yen are taking place in the Asian session, while the Swiss franc is a stable currency.

Couple CHFJPY has sufficient volatility to trading, a day the difference between the minimum and maximum prices can be 100-500 points. This is more than enough to earn money, the biggest fluctuation of prices occur during the going public of the Bank of Japan, which is often the initiator of the national currency interventions.

Another advantage in favor of the choice of the currency pair, the spread is small size, some brokers its minimum value is only 0.1 points.

The most effective trade possible during the growth of the price, because at that time the case of smaller number of corrections.

In trading on CHFJPY can be used in almost any forex trading strategy, but it should be very careful when the price reaches the most significant lows, due to the high probability of the Bank’s interventions in Japan and a sharp price reversal.

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adviser EAlionKing runs on three currency pairs – EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. Lots Lots installed manually option. This parameter needs to be optimized. Advisor is based on the filtered values ​​of the MACD, provides signals to buy or sell. Positions are closed at Take Profit or Stop Loss and when a return signals. 

Lots maximum value of the parameter is 500, the minimum is 0.01. 

For further information see the screenshots.

Input parameters:

  • str_EURUSD – couple EURUSD;
  • str_GBPUSD – pair GBPUSD;
  • str_USDJPY – pair USDJPY;
  • Lots – lot size;
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit in pips;
  • TrailingStop Level – Trailing Stop level in pips;
  • MACD open level – MACD opening level in pips;
  • MACD close level – MACD closing level in pips;
  • MA trend period trending period MA. 

Advisor works only with the timeframe M1.

  1. test period: 2011.01.01 by 2011.12.31.
  2. test period: 2012.01.01 by 2012.12.31.
  3. test period: 2013.01.01 by 2014.03.26.


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EURJPY pair is trading in flat

EUR / JPY: the pair is trading in flat

Current trend

The previous week, with EUR / JPY started with the growth, but then
It fell against the background of not too successful macroeconomic data from the euro zone.

Demand for the yen, in addition to its status of safe-haven currency, increased positive
Statistics from Japan in terms of volume of retail sales, which rose by 0.9% in June.
Meanwhile, on Friday in Japan went weak in terms of volume data
household expenditure (-2.0%) and the unemployment rate for June (3.4%), provided
pressure on the pair.

Support and resistance levels

The indicator “Bollinger Bands” on the daily chart
It demonstrates the flat.

Similar dynamics shows MACD, settling down
near zero. Stochastic approaching the boundary of resales,
He turned in a horizontal plane. indicators not clear trading signals

Resistance levels: 136.43, 137.00 (upper limit of the range)
137.34 (maximum 31 July), 137.79 (maximum 13 July) (138.12 (maximum 29 June).

Support levels: 135.92, 135.53 (a minimum of 30 of July), 134.84,
134.32 (minimum 17 July), 133.81, 133.28 (minimum of 9 July).

trading recommendations

Open long positions may be the rebound from the level of 135.92
(Supported by the testimony of technical indicators) with the objectives of 137.00, 137.34 and
stop loss at around 135.53.

Short positions should be opened for fixing prices
below the level of 135.53 to 134.84 objectives, 134.50 and stop loss at around 136.20.

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