MultiLimitStop EA

MultiLimitStop EA

This EA is designed for automatic placement of pending orders (sell limit, buy limit, sell stop, buy stop), including levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit (editable) with just one push of a button.
Adviser may establish a layered series / grid of pending orders.

Thus, with this expert installation pending orders will be faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

Advisor can not test for stories, download the trial version via the link:

Basic goals

  • Trade automation grid of pending orders.
  • Automating the process of placing pending orders:
    • fast
    • exactly
    • effectively
  • Automation closing orders / pending orders.
  • Control orders: removal of sediments, the closure of all, closing only purchases, closing only sales.
  • Preventing undesired installation pending orders, stop-loss, take profit if the level stops broker different from usual.
  • Simplifying and speeding up the work.

Expert inputs

  1. Lots – lot size, default 0.01.
  2. Inc_Lots – increase the size of the lot when you install more than one order, default 0.01. When 0, the lot is not increased.
  3. MaxOrder – the maximum number of opened orders for one click, the default is 5.
  4. Distance – the distance from the current price for the installation of the first order, the default 15.
  5. Step – distance from the order to the next order / next level by default 20.
  6. TakeProfit – take-profit level in terms of the price chart, the default is 10.
  7. StopLoss – stop-loss level in terms of the price chart, default 0.
  8. MagicNumber – It is used to identify the advisor orders, default 0.
  9. SC_Comment – Councilor comment, enter any value.
  10. Color1 – the color of the displayed information.
  11. Color2 – the color of the displayed information.

MultiLimitStop EA


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HSBC will dismiss 25 thousand employees and reduce

HSBC will dismiss 25 thousand employees and reduce by $ 5 billion in costs

banking giant
branch, HSBC, announced on
Tuesday its investors about the long-awaited
restructuring. Over the next
two years, the bank plans to cut
costs of $ 5 billion and goodbye
25 000 employees (out of 260,000). also, the lender
He said it would cut its weighted
on risk assets to 290 billion dollars.

the largest of
Europe’s largest asset Bank, HSBC,
also announced plans to sell
his Turkish and Brazilian operating
offices – that are connected with it so
large-scale layoffs. However, the presence
Brazil will be maintained to
serve large customers.

“Brazil and
Turkey have limited value
franchise, and that is why we have taken
such a decision. In business, there can not
be “sacred cows”, “- he said
HSBC Chief Executive Officer
Steward Gulliver at a conference for

According to
Gulliver in the UK is likely to
They will be reduced by about 7 – 8000
posts that might already
occur as a result of, for example, care
employees on their own.

Bank director, Endi Maguayr added,
that the reduction of thousands of jobs
It occurs due to modernization
operation of digital systems for consumers,
and automation in the industry. the union also
bank employees had already responded
this: “This is another example of how
workers are punished for the mistakes of senior
investment bankers. This last
wave of layoffs – a knife in the back of the
the people who worked so hard to deter
HSBC on normal tracks
during the 2008 crisis. We are planing
Meet with Antonio Shimoesom,
Executive Director of the British
HSBC office and demand
that any layoffs were the result of
voluntary desire of employees. ”

Earlier this
year it was announced the desire of the bank
to move its headquarters to Hong Kong
because of too much tax
load. This, according to a statement today
Gulliver, will lead to a loss of only 250
jobs, so it is not
main cause separations. “We will
a decision by the end of this year. If we
still decide to leave Britain, the
it will take another two years “, – he said.

from this decision, Europe’s largest
the lender plans to increase sharply
its investments in Asia. declare
expanding asset management and
insurance sector in Asia “in order to
development of new opportunities in the region. ”

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  1. The strategy is based on precise mathematical calculations. You can use the principle of the martingale and trade on the grid.
  2. The EA implemented an algorithm smart opening deals. It allows you to trade with a minimum loss.
  3. The expert has a simple configuration. It uses global variables.
  4. Suitable for trading on most pairs. At any time interval.

The scheme of work of the expert

  1. Each time you receive a price expert performs a complex mathematical calculation. With a high probability of a successful transaction expert opens warrant. If the price goes in the same direction and increases the likelihood of success, the expert can open another order. Warrant cease immediately opened after reducing the probability of winning.
  2. Closing takes place along the line of Stop Loss and Take Profit. Perhaps using TrailingStop.

Preparing expert to work

  1. We will define trade in any direction. Accordingly, we are changing the input parameters of variables Buy and Sell. Default trade is conducted for purchase and for sale Buy = true and Sell ​​= true.
  2. Asking the value of the volume of market orders (option Lot).
  3. Asking the maximum number of open orders (the parameter Max_Orders).
  4. You may want to trade only one volume setting for this change Fix_Lot = true. The volume of all open orders will be equal to the value of the parameter Lot.
  5. If desired, one can use a filter of maximum spread. put option Spread = true. Now, the trade will be carried out only when the value of this spread does not exceed the value of the parameter Spread_Max.
  6. I recommend using Trailing level StopLoss. To do this, set the parameter value Trailing = true. Now the level of StopLoss orders will trail the market price at the distance of parameter values TrailingStop in paragraphs schedule.
  7. Expose values ​​of the parameters StopLoss and TakeProfit in paragraphs schedule.


  1. Before using a live account test expert on history data.
  2. If possible, use a VPS or server with minimal network latency to the broker server.
  3. For maximum results, use the leverage of 1: 100 to 1: 500.
  4. Since the use of global variables. It is not recommended to simultaneously trade and testing counselor.

Input parameters

  1. StopLoss – the level of StopLoss in points chart. Recommended value StopLoss = 0.01.
  2. TakeProfit – TakeProfit level plot point. Recommended value TakeProfit = 0.01.
  3. Fix_Lot – enable / disable trade fixed lot. Recommended value Fix_Lot = False.
  4. Lot – volume of market orders. Recommended value Lot = 0.01.
  5. Max_Orders – the maximum number of open market orders. Recommended value Max_Orders = 20.
  6. Spread – enable / disable the limit on the maximum spread. Recommended value Spread = False.
  7. Spread_Max – maximum spread of market orders. Recommended value Spread_Max = 0.005.
  8. Buy – enable / disable the trade to buy. Recommended value Buy = True.
  9. Sell – enable / disable the trade sale. Recommended value Sell = True.
  10. Trailing – enable / disable the TrailingStop. Recommended value Trailing = True.
  11. TrailingStop – Trail distance at which the level of StopLoss from the market price. Recommended value TrailingStop = 0.001.

The value of the input parameters does not depend on the accuracy of rounding quotations. Example: the value TakeProfit = 0.001, equivalent to 10 four-points on quotations or 100 points at a five-digit.

If you have any questions you can of course contact me. Below are a couple of screenshots for testing on historical data from the beginning of 2010 on the EURUSD pair.

Regards Your Dmitry.


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Will Shinzo Abe plans to lift Japanese economy

Will Shinzo Abe plans to lift the Japanese economy?

Japan seeks
encourage your technology sector.
The program of economic development,
announced by Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe, proposes a focus on
advanced information technology
such as artificial intelligence.
However, analysts doubt that
a new draft strategy for growth is
effective enough to revive

He wants to promote start-ups and encourage
investment in areas such as the Internet
things or creation of industrial robots.
More details in the new plan of the authorities
appears at the end of this month, when
final version to be developed
growth strategy.

but analysts
skeptical of bold reforms
government. For example, the opening of the market
jobs for skilled
foreign workers raises many

Sindzo Abe
He took office in late 2012 and
He promised to give boost to the economy
with the help of bold structural reforms,
however, the first two of his proposals
growth strategy greatly disappointed
markets. If the final version too
would be incomprehensible, it may
heightened concerns about the inadequate
the rapid growth of Japan and the failure of
it withstand the negative consequences
from depopulation and
decreasing production base.

The new program
and reforms have a few, but very bright
and positive spots. So, the government
ABE helped to increase safety
wages for workers in a number of companies.
The corporate tax rate is reduced,
and this has prompted some firms to transfer
production from abroad back home.

Now we are discussing
Free Trade Agreement between the United States
and 10 other countries, which stimulates
Japan agricultural sector to
development, reform and improve the

Economists around the world are worried that
if the government does not encourage radical
the shift from manufacturing to services market, not
increase fertility and will not break
rate of decline in the number of working-age
population, growth of the economy will
slow down for many years.

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Oil prices on Friday Saudi Arabia threatens to

Oil prices on Friday Saudi Arabia threatens to ramp up production

Friday, crude oil futures sharply cheaper :.
By 12.48 Brent
with the delivery
in July fell to 64.37 dollars
barrel; WTI
to $ 59.97.

loses quotes after the statement
the world’s largest oil exporter –
Saudi Arabia. Its officials
It said that the country is ready to increase
production to new record highs
and thereby potentially increase
the degree of global glut
delivery. The fact that the unofficial leader
OPEC is in talks with Indian
buyers on the supply of addtional
volumes of oil. This means that Saudi
Arabia can beat your own
record set in May: 10.3 million
barrels per day.

a pressure on the market factor
energy – a stronger dollar
against the euro because of the risk of
pluck that negotiations on Greece.

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Gold extends from 3 5 month lows

Gold extends from 3.5-month lows

On Friday, gold
little progress has departed from yesterday
minimum for the last 3.5 months. By 10.31
MSK August futures worth 1 167.70
dollars per troy ounce. Recall
precious metal fell yesterday to
$ 1 160,10. However, during the
this week, spot gold has lost
another 0.6% due to the increase due to the dollar
Greek debt crisis.

Now metal
growing, supported by weak data
US employment. Next event
which offers traders all over the world,
– Greek referendum on Sunday.
If Greeks choose disagreement with the terms and conditions
creditors, it is likely to be
mean a Greek exit from the eurozone. AT
then gold could get
additional support.

, the metal is under pressure:
investors are waiting for lift interest
Fed and indefinitely
This volatility makes lifting element
the auction.

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Intraday trading

intraday trading

Welcome by Victor 🙂

TC TraderViktorRu _ 17 FX Instr. + Bitcoin _ot M15 -zamkom- (hedge) odnolotnostyu (0.01) and EUR / USD GBP / USD lot 0.02

Always = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime!

Market against TC = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime! – drawdown

The market in my direction = (Profit + Rebeyt protorgovka + bonus) x in ezhedn.rezhime! + Reduction in drawdown

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