Gold is on rise thanks to weak dollar and African

Gold is on the rise, thanks to the weak dollar and the African miners

in a major: unexpectedly weak US
Statistics brought down the dollar to a four-month
lows against a basket of currencies, and now
precious metal on a horse, as
It is becoming an attractive and safe
aktivom- “safe haven.” By 11.06 MSK June
gold futures worth 1 215,00 dollars.
The sharp rise took place during
American session, immediately after the
revenues on retail sales data
in USA. Gold just for two
hours jumped to psychologically
important mark of $ 1,200 and
repeatedly passed over the border upward.

Lee, an analyst at Phillip Futures, said:
“We believe that the hands of the Federal Reserve today
connected. It supports prices

Indeed, weak statistics from
US enters – one after the other figures
show slowing economic
, and the Fed has previously stated that the increase
only bet when he sees one hundred percent
guarantees to strengthen the economy. Delay
growth of interest rates of the regulator
It goes into the hands of gold.

there is
and a few less important, but still
significant factors of rising gold prices
futures. For example, the formed
the prospect of supply disruptions yellow
metal from South Africa. Association
South African miners and builders
(AMCU) requires at least
doubling wages
payment for the gold workers
industry. A similar event for
platinodobyvayuschey sphere over
South Africa’s five-month strike of miners.

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On Friday morning crude oil fell back to $ 65

On Friday morning, crude oil fell back to $ 65.3 per barrel

On Friday morning, to 8:51
MSK June futures for Brent oil fell
in price by 0.18% – to $ 65.34 per barrel.
At the same time futures for WTI traded
at $ 58.63 (-0.53%) per barrel.

Many countries of OPEC
may begin unilaterally
a decrease in oil production, about
This was stated by Minister of Energy Oman
Mohammed bin Hamad al-Rumi. During
his speech at the conference
Berlin, focusing on energy
Security, he sharply criticized
the position of Saudi Arabia, noting that
as a result of a significant part of
OPEC may just stop
follow the common position of the cartel.

"The Saudis have not
no God-given right to decide for
other OPEC members. I think that in the near future
time we see that countries
OPEC, Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Venezuela,
Iran and possibly Iraq, will operate
unilaterally without waiting
Saudi Arabia"- Mohammed said
bin Hamad al-Rumi.

He also said that
OPEC’s current strategy is not effective
for oil-exporting countries.

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Deposit Mutator

Deposit Mutator

Deposit Mutator – high grid scalper working on an adaptive algorithm. Advisor uses for averaging the output of the system security settings martingale, and also uses a dynamic system of fixing of profit and risk control. The robot is trying to follow the market trying to take profit whether it is a trend or a flat. Setting built-in indicators can also be changed to suit your trading style.


  • Configured to couple EURUSD, 5-digit quotes. Timeframe does not matter.
  • Advisor offers many deals for the additional profit is possible to connect the return spread.
  • Use 0.01 lots for every 1,000-2,000 units of currency. If the account is less than $ 1,000, use a cent account.
  • Use the leverage of 1: 500 or higher.

Test Advisor minute using M1 quotes.


  • InfoPanelShow – displaying dashboard.
  • Color1, Color2 – color dashboard background.

calculation of the lot

  • ModeLots – type of calculation of the lot:
    • ManualLot – Lot set manually;
    • AutomaticLot – automatic calculation of the lot.
  • LotSize – fixed lot size specified manually.
  • LotsDeltaDepo – deposit increment coefficient for larger lots. This parameter is used when using the automatic calculation of the lot.

indicator profiles

  • MaxOrder – the maximum number of orders in one direction.
  • PeriodRSIFast – fast period RSI indicator.
  • PeriodRSISlow – slow period RSI indicator.
  • PeriodMA – indicator period MA.
  • PeriodADX – during the ADX.
  • VolatilityFactor – accounting volatility factor:
    • Disabled – do not use;
    • By level – the calculation is made taking into account the levels;
    • Always – always take into account the volatility.

Properties of closing orders

  • BetterPricePips – how many items to look for a better price.
  • LotMultiplicator – lots gains.
  • ClosePersentPlus – the percentage of closing a profitable trade (0-100).
  • ClosePersentMinus – the percentage of closing a losing trade (0-100).
  • DynamicTakeProfit – dynamic takeprofit (controlled by software).
  • DynamicStopLoss – dynamic brake losc (controlled by software).
  • DeviationTakeProfit – deviation take profit when changing conditions.
  • DeviationStopLoss – deviation brake losca conditions change.

Trailing Stop

  • TrailingStart – start trailing.
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep – trailing step.

Deposit Mutator

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VEB became partner blokcheyn platform Ethereum

VEB became a partner blokcheyn platform Ethereum

Vnesheconombank (VEB) and Ethereum foundation as part of the All-Russian conference “Blokcheyn: New Oil of Russia” signed the partnership agreement. “The agreement provides for long-term and effective partnership in projects using a distributed registry and Ethereum technology platform, the formation of the expert community on Ethereum platform, as well as the joint development and implementation of educational programs for the training of specialists in the area of ​​distributed registries and Ethereum based platform blokcheyn Vnesheconombank Competence Center “- said in the message VEB.

In July, VEB Chairman Sergei Gorkov announced an initiative to launch in September a pilot project to introduce blokcheyn technology in Veliky Novgorod.

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Veles CCI with MA

Veles CCI with MA

Indicator CCI standard, using custom based on a signal line MA.

It can be used as a more accurate (noise eliminating price movement) actuation signal.

Description parameter

  • PeriodCCI – period CCI
  • PriceCCI – used in the CCI price
  • LevelCCI – CCI level
  • Average – period of the signal line
  • Method – use method MA

Veles CCI with MA

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Ruble falls on Tuesday afternoon dollar but euro

Ruble falls on Tuesday afternoon the dollar, but the euro is growing

Tuesday afternoon on
currency trading the Russian Ruble
shows mixed results – a course
Ruble falls against the dollar, but
It is rising against the euro. So, for a couple of 14:03 MSK
USD / RUB traded
at 49.275 (0.31%) and EUR / RUB
– at the level of 55.266 (-0.57%).
Yesterday the dollar at the close of
Trading was 49.121 mark, the euro –
at around 55.582.

The first half of the day
ruble also strengthened against the euro and declined
against the dollar. Growing demand for rubles
because of the May tax period,
experts say. Euro weakness explain
general decline in the currency market – in
example, the euro against the dollar fell to
0.90% – to the level of 1.1213. euro continues
fall on news of a Greek
question – Today the European Commissioner for
Economy and Finance Per Moskovichi
said that the time for the conclusion of
agreement of aid to Greece program already

ruble supports
a statement today, Deputy Finance Minister
Alekseya Moiseeva that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
said a favorable situation on the market
to buy foreign currency
budgetary purposes, including for payments
on state debt. So, the demand for currency
by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation may
shopping and supplemented by the
Ministry of Finance, experts say. but while
Moses said that the replenishment plans
reserve fund from the ministry of foreign currency

Tuesday dollar
It fell below 49 rubles. – in the morning the pair USD / RUB
It dropped to a mark of 48.958, but
then the dollar rose to a maximum of
session at 49.554 rubles. The euro was down today
to 54.912 rubles., the lowest level since April 24.

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EA works in the direction of the trend (filter indicator MACD) after crossing the indicator RSI overbought / oversold.

Blue couple: EURGBP, GBPCHF. Timeframe – 15m.

The recommended initial deposit: $ 10,000 (or 10,000 cents)


  • Comment_to_order – Comment to the order;
  • Lots – the initial auction;
  • Take_Profit – level take profit;
  • LotExponent – multiplication factor for additional orders;
  • TF_for_MACD – timeframe for ISDA filter by default – current;
  • FastMACD – fast ISDA;
  • SlowMACD – slow ISDA;
  • SignalMACD – ISDA signal;
  • RSI_Period – RSI period indicator;
  • Slippage – the level of slippage;
  • MagicNumber – the magic number;
  • MaxOrders – the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders.

Advisor automatically adjusts to the 4 and 5-digit quotes flow.


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