Released videos for virtual hosting

Released videos for virtual hosting

Three new videos to work with shared hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5
published on our channel on YouTube. Now, to get answers to
questions how the service works, what benefits it provides and how they
you will need to manage only six minutes.

Virtual hosting in MetaTrader 4 and 5 will be useful to traders,
who want to trade with the help of robots and signals 24 hours a sutki.On
It lets you create a virtual copy of your platform and is
VPS is a better alternative (Virtual Private Server), since
It created exclusively for the tasks of modern traders.

The advantages of our service are the minimum delay to servers
brokers, management simplicity and reasonable price. more
information can be found in the article "Why virtual hosting platform MetaTrader 4/5 better than the usual VPS". A presented
video you will learn how to rent a virtual platform, how to manage it
shopping environment and control the allocation of resources.

See our videos – just a few minutes and you can do more in the financial markets.

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EU antitrust regulators sue Google

EU antitrust regulators sue Google

antitrust regulator plans
present a formal accusation against
Inc. corporation
charged with violation of antimonopoly
Legislation: coming to an end
long-term trial, which
It may be the largest ever since
EU punish Microsoft Corporation
10 years ago. According to sources in the EU regulatory structures, Margret
Vestager, head of the anti-monopoly
EU committee decided on Tuesday
and it has already agreed with the president
European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. how
It is expected to announce today it is about him
His colleagues, commissioners.

the complaint is that Google
its dominance in the search segment
Internet to promote their own
services in Europe. Google competitors
that the results of the Google-search
in areas such as travel, shopping
and cards issued primarily own
Google offers,
and only in
second place – links to similar
rival online services. Google
violation of antimonopoly legislation
and asserts that provides the most
relevant query results

what is happening is the fact that the corporation
It faces a 6-billion-dollar fine.
Futures on shares of Google
at the moment
12.04 MSK already lost 0.79%.

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AFX Stochastic Trendline

AFX Stochastic Trendline

AFX Stochastic Trendline automatically draws all the trend lines based on the indicator Stochastic.


Indicator AFX Stochastic Trendline The following draws on the indicator Stochastic:

  • trendlines
  • channels
  • linear regression Channels

Description of the input parameters

======Stochastic indicator settings======

  • Kperiod – between K Stochastic indicator
  • Dperiodperiod D Stochastic indicator
  • Slowing – the deceleration indicator Stochastic
  • price_Field – Stochastic indicator price
  • mA_Method – Stochastic indicator moving average method
  • Mode – Select the primary or the signal line (MAIN or SIGNAL)
  • Stochastic_Color – color line Stochastic
  • Stochastic_Width – Stochastic linewidth
  • Stochastic_Style – Stochastic line style

======Displaying bars======

  • showBars – the number of displayed bars


  • trend – display or hide trendlines
  • Trend_Up – display or hide the upward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)
  • Trend_Down – display or hide the downward trend line (running, if the value of the parameter trend = true)
  • THighline – the color of the downtrend line
  • TLowline – the color of the uptrend line

======line channels======

  • ChannelLine – display or hide the line channels
  • highline – Color upper channel line
  • Lowline – the color of the lower channel line

======linear regression======

  • Channel – display or hide the linear regression channel
  • ChannelH – Color upper channel
  • ChannelL – the color of the lower channel
  • Regression – true / false regression
  • RayH – a continuous upper channel
  • RayL – lower continuous channel
  • STDwidthH – the standard deviation of the upper channel (works if the value Regression = false)
  • STDwidthL – standard deviation lower channel (works if the value Regression = false)

======Check history======

  • Back – if the value of this parameter – 0, the indicator will check the current bar. If you want to check for any trendline 5 bars ago, specify a value of 5, and so on.

AFX Stochastic Trendline

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Auto SLTP Placer

Auto SLTP Placer

This version of the product Auto SLTP Placer for MetaTrader 4.

The expert will help scalpers to place orders manually faster.
You will be able to send orders without having to worry for possible errors in the calculation of
levels of Stop Loss / Take Profit.


  1. On the market there is a strong price movement, and the price breaks the upper fractal on M5 chart.
  2. You want to open a long position and a profit of a few pips (scalping).
  3. At this stage you have difficulty installing SL / TP,
    as the price continues to rise, and you do not want to miss the opportunity. But
    calculate the SL / TP values ​​still need. Typically, in this case the trader
    sends an order without SL / TP;
  4. After reaching a certain income you manually close the position,
    but then the price starts to fall back position and goes into the negative before
    you have set the SL / TP. Such a situation could have a negative impact on
    status of your account, if you have no trading discipline, and you do not
    limit your losses.
  5. You place the SL / TP manually after placing the order, but on
    volatile market price moves too fast, and you will not have time to
    for her. You will have to close the position manually. after several
    these operations you will feel tired.

Such problems are very common among scalpers around the world.
But this EA will make you happy. It automatically calculates and
will set SL / TP as soon as you place an order. Therefore
, you can do any number of scalping and not to worry
for the SL / TP installation at a very volatile market.


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In Asia Green Day Bank of Australia did not raise

In Asia – Green Day, Bank of Australia did not raise interest rate

Asia-Pacific area
Region today showed optimistic
attitude. At the time of 9.06 MSK trading on
major Asian markets already
ended, and we are seeing a general green
zone quotations lists. Nikkei
225 added
1.25%; KOSPI
I grew
S P / ASX firmed
to 0,38%, Shanghai
Composite rose
by as much as 1.86%. Markets in Hong Kong today
It did not work.

the focus in this region on the current
week – central banks. investors returned
a vacation, a new month, regulators
They start to talk about their plans
on monetary policy in the coming
few weeks. today reported
Bank of India, which held no rate
changes. Reserve Bank of Australia
too suddenly did not raise its
rate than immensely surprised markets and
further strengthened by 1.4% Australian
dollar. Tomorrow the decision should
announce the Bank of Japan.

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Euro for first time this year fell below 60 rubles

Euro for the first time this year fell below 60 rubles. on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Tuesday afternoon course
Euro on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen below
the mark of 60 rubles., data show
trading. The dollar fell today to the mark
55 rubles. According to the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange,
the pair EUR / RUB in
13:12 MSK was trading at 59.98,
Minimum transaction was at the level of 59.90.
But by 13:40 MSK euro recovered slightly
and trading at 60.044 rubles.

According to analysts,
rising oil partially played in favor of the
Russian ruble. Yesterday
for Brent crude futures price rose
6% – to $ 58.1 per barrel.

Besides oil growth
senior strategist at Sberbank CIB Vladimir Pantyushin
highlights other factors accelerating growth
ruble: "Firstly, it is the currency for sale
population. We have, oddly enough, in
still sell cash euro and dollars.
Secondly, in part we continue to see
the interest of foreigners in the ruble, but he
mixed: some hedge positions,
someone close short positions in
ruble. This is partly expressed interest in
cheap and growing Russian assets".
– said the expert.

The fall of exchange rates
It began in mid-March. dollar for
second half of March fell to the ruble
12%, the euro – by 8%, according to estimates of experts
"Interfax-CEA". Ruble, so
way ahead in its growth all
the other notable currency.

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Logic RushFx EA is based on tracking changes and trends follow the price trend. Advisor uses a unique algorithm for determining a trend in various time frames (timeframe) to track the change trend.

Note that the default configuration does not use RushFx SL and drawdown of 50% is considered to be working. RushFx is a risky strategy, it is recommended to take profits on a regular basis.

Operating modes RushFx:

  • SINGLE CURRENCY – Advisor will run on the currency pair on a chart where Advisor is running;
  • Mnogovalyuttny – trade is conducted in pairs embedded array, the array consists of the following pairs: EURUSD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDNZD, AUDUSD, CADCHF, CADJPY, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURNZD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF , GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDDKK, USDJPY, USDNOK, USDSEK, USDSGD, XAUUSD. In this case, the adviser must be run only on the same graph.

How to use RushFx:

  • Advisor is ready to work with the default settings. Suffice it to attach it to the chart. Timed operation (timeframe) generated does not play value since RushFx independently uses different timings pair / pairs for analysis.

Configuration RushFx (external variables):

  • Expert Magic Number – the magic number adviser;
  • Enable Trailing – turn on / off mode of the trawl;
  • Trades symbols from array – enable / disable multi-trade regime (see above.);
  • Trailing in pips – number of pips for trawl;
  • SL – stop loss;
  • TP – take profit;
  • Lot size – lot size in the case of fixed lot;
  • Enable DynaLot – enable / disable the dynamic calculation of the lot mode. If disabled, the option is used Lot size;
  • Currency amount for 0.01 lot – the amount of currency of balance required to open an order size of 0.01 Lot if enabled DynaLot mode (if the value is 400 and your balance is 1000, it will be used 0.02 Lot).

Testing RushFx:

  • Testing was conducted in advisor conditions close to the real market (i.e., spread was 20 pips). for some couples test results are attached.


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