Gold up for losses of previous days

Gold up for losses of the previous days

Monday gold price rise:
11.00 MSK gold futures for delivery
June 1 are 182.50 dollar. indirectly
This will affect the output of weak macroeconomic data
in China, but the metal is still not too
far from a six-week its minimum:
investors continue to speculate,
when the US Federal Reserve will raise interest

Yet today in Asian markets
disappointing data on PMI
in the Chinese manufacturing industry
led investors to buy “safe haven”
in the form of ingots and futures for them.

This week, investors continue
monitor US statistics. In particular, everyone is waiting for Friday
number of changes in the number of people employed in
non-agricultural sector. weak
data may encourage the Fed to postpone
rate hike and thus provoke
increase in gold.

INTL FCStone, Edward Meir,
He believes that gold is in May
traded in the range of $ 1
140 – $ 1,225, due
deterioration of technical factors – and this
despite the dollar weakening and
slowdown in the US economy.

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MWC Ratio

MWC Ratio

Indicator Commitments of Traders Ratio refers to the category of things that you do not think, until you see the miracles to which they are capable. The indicator shows the ratio of long / short positions in the report published by the Commission CFTC weekly.

If you look at the screenshot, you will see two (three) areas of our interest.

  • Zone 1: shift (red -> green, green -> red)
  • Zone 2: crossing the moving average
  • Zone 3: additional band appears at a joint use with the indicator COX. You can also experiment with the intersection of the moving average line and the Ratio.

If there happens to one of these situations, and your indicators established timeframe H4 / D1, to confirm this, maybe it was time to enter the market.

Obviously, MWC Ratio – a great trend indicator!

Do not forget to download the latest set of data from MyWeeklyCoT and copy it to […] / MQL4 / Files.

More information is available on link.

MWC Ratio

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