SharpRebound – Counselor, using the rollback strategy after the Great Leap Forward. Expert works on minute chart (M1).

Two trading options:

  1. market execution
  2. pending order

What you need to work SharpRebound:

  1. Broker with the execution of market orders without delay and re-quotes, with the order fulfillment rate of less than 300 ms.
  2. The connection with your broker server is less than 100 ms.
  3. ECN account type.
  4. RAM your computer is not less than 3 GB.

Basic settings (testing was conducted on these options):

  1. Lot = 0.01; if MoneyManagement = False, then the volume of orders to open is equal to that value
  2. Slippage = 2; allowable slippage
  3. Spred = 2; allowable maximum spread at which the order will be opened
  4. Depozit = 100; % Use of funds from the deposit, taking into account the leverage
  5. Risk = 1; %% Risk of the means used
  6. OrdTot = 1; the number of simultaneously open orders in one direction
  7. TeProfit = 50; TakeProfit
  8. StLoss = 2; StopLoss
  9. UstanSLTP = True; is included
  10. OtlogOrder = True; including the method of pending order (if false, the execution of orders open market)
  11. MoneyManagement = True; Included money management, automatic calculation lot, with considering Depozit, Risk, StLoss, Spred
  12. LONG = True; purchase included
  13. SHORT = True; sale included


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