The indicator is two unidirectional fractal consecutive so that between them there was no oppositely directed fractal, and marks them on the chart of the currency pair.

There is only one external parameter: DrawArrowSig – whether to output signal indicators. If true, the indicator in addition to the more fractals displays and icons signal indicators on the current bar on the price level of the last found the fractal.

Depending on the entry strategy, these levels can be used as input signal for the market, either as a level place a pending order (Limit or Stop). Keep in mind that a fractal is fully formed only on the second bar, so that the signal appears at the opening of the new, current bar with a delay of two bars after its formation, necessary for the formation of a fractal.


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Export History to CSV for Matlab

Export History to CSV for Matlab

This script lets you export price data from any schedule and timeframe to a CSV file. These files can be used for analysis of prices in other programs. For example, MATLAB, etc.

period can be set in the input for which you want to export data.

Data Format: Date Time Open High Low Close Spread.

Export History to CSV for Matlab

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