Ruble to output lost its record achievements

Ruble to the output lost its record achievements

On Friday afternoon, the Russian
Ruble continues to gradually fall in price
against the dollar and the euro. According to experts,
this is due to expectations of lower rates
central bank (may already be at the meeting
30 April), as well as the desire
market participants to lock in profits
before the weekend.

By 12:49 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
50.98 and EUR / RUB –
at the level of 55.09, according to the Moscow stock exchange.

Yesterday the head of the central bank
Elvira Nabiullina said that
strengthening of the ruble allow the regulator
to reduce the key rate, and that the ruble
more or less reached the equilibrium value.
However, this statement is not supported
Russian currency.

At this time, the price of
Oil fell slightly after the announcement
OPEC to increase production in March. Brent
It is trading now around the level of
$ 63.40 and WTI – at the level of $ 56.12. On Thursday, oil
Brent crude reached the four-month peak
– $ 64.95 per barrel.

“We believe in the present
while the ruble relatively overbought
of oil prices “, – says Yuri
Tulinov, Head of Research Department
Rosbank and analysts. In his opinion,
factor in the further course correction
ruble may perform actions CBR
(A limited amount of dollar
liquidity to banks, reducing the key
rates), news from Europe
(On Greece), or from the United States (beginning
rate hikes from the Fed) and
negative geopolitical news from

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