At rate of ruble forecasts for this week by Russian

at the rate of the ruble forecasts for this week by Russian analysts

Today, it is the middle
working week and before the opening of trading
the participants of the Russian market again
the question arises – how to behave
Today ruble? Do I need to have to buy
currency, or should wait a little longer? From
which is now primarily dependent
exchange rates? The portal publishes
Popular analysts’ forecasts, and we
We give them a brief squeeze.

For example, an analyst
Promsvyazbank Alexey Egorov confident
the dollar is unlikely to fall below the level of
50 rub., Despite the fact that exporters
We began to sell foreign exchange earnings for the
the payment of taxes. Besides beginning of the tax
period ruble helps to strengthen growth
the price of oil. According to the analyst, the course
the ruble against the dollar will be in the
51,5-53 boundaries just because stabilization
of oil prices and due to the increase
interest in Russian assets by
foreign investors. strong growth
or the fall of the ruble this week will not
will be.

Head of Department
research and analytics Rosbank Yuri
Tulinov, in turn, noted that
Ruble today “lives in isolation from
fundamental factors. ” For example,
it is not so strongly influenced by movements
oil prices or the dollar dynamics on
global markets. Lately
ruble for a long time holding on
by demand for ruble assets (non-residents
buying OFZ, waiting for lower rates
CB), but this factor is gradually reduced.
Until the end of the month the power of the national currency should be
survive, because the company will
payment of taxes in the budget, which is usually
It supports the ruble.

Center specialist
economic forecasting
Gazprombank Maxim Petronevich
argues that the ruble should
continue, with the last such
trend “indefinitely – by
weeks to a few months. ” Petronevich
adding that the ruble already pereukreplen
at current oil prices. extension
ruble growth is possible in the case
increase in oil prices or
case of intensive lowering key
rates of the Central Bank.

Alexander Kuptsikevich,
an analyst at FxPro, predicts
shortly Course 51-57 rubles. per dollar.
According to him, now more
prerequisites for the weakening of the ruble than
to strengthen. For example, an increase in its
rates of currency auctions REPO
ECB gave implicit sign that
It is going to weaken the ruble growth. regulator
will begin to reduce the rate of the ruble or
raise for the currency to increase
ruble liquidity and run
lending. It is noticeable that markets are
play very carefully, buying ruble.

Timur Nigmatullin,
THEIR analyst “Finam”, in solidarity with many
and experts say that until the end of this
week we will see a moderate
strengthening of the ruble. The goal by Friday – 50-51
rub. per dollar. Until (at least until
the next meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in
the end of April) to maintain high ruble
key rate, the local decline in volumes
external debt payments and de-escalation
the conflict in Ukraine. Today, however,
possible increased volatility,
when reports on oil stocks will be released in
United States, and on Thursday-Friday – during the live
line with the President of the Russian Federation.

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