Euro for first time this year fell below 60 rubles

Euro for the first time this year fell below 60 rubles. on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Tuesday afternoon course
Euro on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen below
the mark of 60 rubles., data show
trading. The dollar fell today to the mark
55 rubles. According to the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange,
the pair EUR / RUB in
13:12 MSK was trading at 59.98,
Minimum transaction was at the level of 59.90.
But by 13:40 MSK euro recovered slightly
and trading at 60.044 rubles.

According to analysts,
rising oil partially played in favor of the
Russian ruble. Yesterday
for Brent crude futures price rose
6% – to $ 58.1 per barrel.

Besides oil growth
senior strategist at Sberbank CIB Vladimir Pantyushin
highlights other factors accelerating growth
ruble: "Firstly, it is the currency for sale
population. We have, oddly enough, in
still sell cash euro and dollars.
Secondly, in part we continue to see
the interest of foreigners in the ruble, but he
mixed: some hedge positions,
someone close short positions in
ruble. This is partly expressed interest in
cheap and growing Russian assets".
– said the expert.

The fall of exchange rates
It began in mid-March. dollar for
second half of March fell to the ruble
12%, the euro – by 8%, according to estimates of experts
"Interfax-CEA". Ruble, so
way ahead in its growth all
the other notable currency.

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