In Asia Green Day Bank of Australia did not raise

In Asia – Green Day, Bank of Australia did not raise interest rate

Asia-Pacific area
Region today showed optimistic
attitude. At the time of 9.06 MSK trading on
major Asian markets already
ended, and we are seeing a general green
zone quotations lists. Nikkei
225 added
1.25%; KOSPI
I grew
S P / ASX firmed
to 0,38%, Shanghai
Composite rose
by as much as 1.86%. Markets in Hong Kong today
It did not work.

the focus in this region on the current
week – central banks. investors returned
a vacation, a new month, regulators
They start to talk about their plans
on monetary policy in the coming
few weeks. today reported
Bank of India, which held no rate
changes. Reserve Bank of Australia
too suddenly did not raise its
rate than immensely surprised markets and
further strengthened by 1.4% Australian
dollar. Tomorrow the decision should
announce the Bank of Japan.

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