Auto SLTP Placer

Auto SLTP Placer

This version of the product Auto SLTP Placer for MetaTrader 4.

The expert will help scalpers to place orders manually faster.
You will be able to send orders without having to worry for possible errors in the calculation of
levels of Stop Loss / Take Profit.


  1. On the market there is a strong price movement, and the price breaks the upper fractal on M5 chart.
  2. You want to open a long position and a profit of a few pips (scalping).
  3. At this stage you have difficulty installing SL / TP,
    as the price continues to rise, and you do not want to miss the opportunity. But
    calculate the SL / TP values ​​still need. Typically, in this case the trader
    sends an order without SL / TP;
  4. After reaching a certain income you manually close the position,
    but then the price starts to fall back position and goes into the negative before
    you have set the SL / TP. Such a situation could have a negative impact on
    status of your account, if you have no trading discipline, and you do not
    limit your losses.
  5. You place the SL / TP manually after placing the order, but on
    volatile market price moves too fast, and you will not have time to
    for her. You will have to close the position manually. after several
    these operations you will feel tired.

Such problems are very common among scalpers around the world.
But this EA will make you happy. It automatically calculates and
will set SL / TP as soon as you place an order. Therefore
, you can do any number of scalping and not to worry
for the SL / TP installation at a very volatile market.


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