EU antitrust regulators sue Google

EU antitrust regulators sue Google

antitrust regulator plans
present a formal accusation against
Inc. corporation
charged with violation of antimonopoly
Legislation: coming to an end
long-term trial, which
It may be the largest ever since
EU punish Microsoft Corporation
10 years ago. According to sources in the EU regulatory structures, Margret
Vestager, head of the anti-monopoly
EU committee decided on Tuesday
and it has already agreed with the president
European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. how
It is expected to announce today it is about him
His colleagues, commissioners.

the complaint is that Google
its dominance in the search segment
Internet to promote their own
services in Europe. Google competitors
that the results of the Google-search
in areas such as travel, shopping
and cards issued primarily own
Google offers,
and only in
second place – links to similar
rival online services. Google
violation of antimonopoly legislation
and asserts that provides the most
relevant query results

what is happening is the fact that the corporation
It faces a 6-billion-dollar fine.
Futures on shares of Google
at the moment
12.04 MSK already lost 0.79%.

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