Auzzilla expert based on a complex grid system, optimized for price movement AUDNZD. It uses a regular movement of this currency pair. Recommended timeframe M15; but it will work on any time frame, as he analyzes it is price action and movement in time.

  • Slippage: built-in protection against slipping; Do not change this setting.
  • Magic Number: unique identifier for the transaction advisor. Always use a unique 6-digit numbers.


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Ruble rose sharply against euro after opening

The ruble rose sharply against the euro after the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange

On Thursday morning, the Russian
Ruble suddenly went up and reached
mark of 64.4 against the euro – the first time since the end of
of December. Likely to support
national currency growth of oil and sale
export earnings and low demand

By 11:11 MSK pair EUR / RUB
trading at
64.79, and the pair USD / RUB –
at the level of 60.93.

"Dollar exchange rate
kept in the range of 60-63 rubles, which we
We believe fundamentally justified
at the current level of oil prices"-
analysts say. Brent crude is now
trading around $ 58.06 per barrel.

today’s quotations
EUR / USD pair about
$ 1,063, the euro went up in the morning and picking up
effect – an increase more than 0.74%.

The focus of Russian
the foreign exchange market is the future
Meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which
scheduled for March 13. Perhaps,
It will address the issue of lowering the
interest rate.

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Breakdown of flat

Breakdown of the flat.

Hello, dear traders, I invite you to video a little facetious, but nevertheless I was there I show how you can earn on the news.

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Candle Pips

Candle Pips

IndicatorCandle Pips” – a tool that allows you to quickly see the size of the candle in the platform. This is a good tool for traders who want to carefully study the market, as well as a useful indicator for strategies based on the size of the candle.

The indicator shows the rounded amount in pips each candle on the current chart.

Its input parameters are simple:

  • Candle Type – part of the candle, which should be measured. “High__Low” – the distance between the high and low of each candle. “Open__Close” – the size of the candle body with no shadows.
  • Color_Values – text color measurement results.
  • Distance_of_Price: distance to display the size of the candle on its peak.
  • DECIMAL: Rounding the measurement results to integers or display the exact decimal value.
  • pos: this option allows you to set the second indicatorCandle Pips” on the same schedule that allows you to see version 2 prices “High__Low” and “Open__Close”. The default value is 0, when you install an additional copy of the indicator must be set to 1.

The indicator also includes a field that is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart, click on that updates data.

Candle Pips

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Work on forex without risk

Work on the forex without the risk

If you want to become a successful trader, having learned to question other people’s conclusions. Join the mindless herd of losers – this is your most important risk in the forex market. There is a standard way for the majority, try without money, free and very quickly learn how to trade without risk in the forex market.

Somewhere to find a miracle strategy publicly available online. Download a free Trading Robot, which can be put on your computer and nothing else to do. Money in their understanding will come to them, because they need them, not because they deserve them.

All the above does not apply to experienced traders of the forex market, those who have already had enough bitter pills. For your colleagues, there is one saying that even Einstein said. He said that only a fool would expect to get different results doing the same thing. I advise you to reconsider your views on the market as a whole. Do not just change some separate element, and completely redefine your vision of how to make money without the risk of forex.
In the world of good investment yield 15-20% is considered to be relatively safe return per year. You somehow turn away from anything that gives less than 10% profit per month. Think about it, why all the top traders in the forex is more than 5% per month, without compound interest, not earn. Start thinking on a different plane. The only way you will find the correct costly to profit without risk in the forex market.

Let’s consider the basic judgments about the risks in the forex market

Work on the forex market – it is a risky activity

In fact, it risky do you do when you set your inquiries on the level of earnings on which directly depends on the size of the leverage used by you. Discard the leverage and this type of activity will be for you without risk. This Statement exchanger with reduced spreads on foreign exchange transactions.

The broker can always throw us disappeared with our money

Maybe, and this no one is safe. But if you have $ 10,000 and you’re worried about it, then go through the western broker, which guarantees safety of your money the state will perform. This will reduce this risk to a minimum. All Western brokers have better trading conditions than our kitchen company.
Do not forget about the reputation of the broker

  • In the market the broker must be at least 10 years.
  • Should be on everyone’s lips, that is, be popular.
  • Be white and fluffy, not have dark spots on the reputation.
  • I must have a lot of customers.
  • Should not lure their customers bonuses, which can participate in the loss.
  • Should not attract questionable investment vehicles of its own production.
  • Be alive to but yourself and you see others as traders and investors alike.

Such a broker you can trust worth up to $ 10 000.

Force majeure situation with powerful and prolonged market movements

Make the margin at least 5000 points and you will not threaten any currently known market movement. Any market collapse or rapid growth – it is always a good opportunity to make a medium-term protivohod market. Do not be afraid to refill money on your deposit and averaging its position in the market, within the framework of the strategy used. Working with a margin of safety in the 5000 points of your work is not in danger. Therefore, the forex you will forget about such a risk as a powerful and prolonged market movements.

Psychological factor, or simply began to play

  • Stop the clock hypnotize terminal.
  • Make analysis in the terminal, and the order to open the paper. After list the necessary actions to carry the data sheet of paper in the terminal.
  • Find someone performer who will knopkodavom and your risk manager.
  • Place the terminal on a dedicated server, a script that will close the order when the amount or the number is exceeded. Access to a dedicated server should be the other person.

Not already a terrible beast, the psychological factor, as he is painted. Therefore, the judgment that the trader’s success depends on its ability to calm and to do monotonous work, is not true 100%. You can solve the problem in another way, if there is data quality. It is said that half the battle, it is a recognition of the problem. Look at all that you are doing in the market. Determine what is the main source of risk for you in the forex.

It’s not all risks, these same evil dirty that hinder us to live peacefully and consistently earn on Forex. There is another risk, which I believe it is important to consider. The original work is a negative expectation and self-deception in relation to the fact that you will be able to beat the system within days. Why was I singled out in day trading. It has the highest share of commissions in orders due to the small value of profit and loss, in these orders in the amount of points. That does not change very much in your favor expectation. Go to work in the medium term, there is less risk and much easier to work.

If you have thoroughly researched his work in the market with my recommendations, I have prescribed for you in this article, you will be pleasantly surprised after a couple of months. Trading for you will be calm and stable in relation to the profit, which will open a clear understanding of the future prospects for you.

I hope my article will help many of you to stop losing money in the forex market and start a stable? and earn without risk. Good luck in trading!

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Shares in Hong Kong soared investors are drowning

Shares in Hong Kong soared – investors are drowning in money market

Over the past two days
shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange strongly
rose as investors continue
flood the market bundles of cash.
Hang Seng Index rose to a record
marks the last seven years – after
long holiday, investors are more strongly. Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
continue to grow and on Thursday, pushing
the market is up 6.6% this week, the index gained 14% this year.

Analysts say
investors returned to Hong Kong after
sharp 22% growth this year Shanghai
Composite, which made the market too

"We believe,
which is currently growing gap
Estimates of Chinese companies shares
Hong Kong site, which is why in
mainland investors appear
irresistible urge to make deals".
– he writes in a Nomura Equity analyst Vendi Lyu.

Many of the largest
Chinese companies are listed in Hong Kong
and Shanghai, and experienced investors for a long time
profit by playing on the price difference
shares in these two markets. Marketplace
Activity greatly expanded just
because of this “Union Market” – pilot
program, which is linked to trade
Hong Kong and Shanghai markets from the end of last
of the year. The long-awaited program originally
It did not attract interest from
investors, but now even the Commission
by the China Securities Regulatory
introduced a resolution to mutual funds
invest through "Union markets ”
increasing trading volumes. Of course have
restrictions on the daily operation
both directions – from mainland
China to Hong Kong and vice versa. Trade
Traffic from Shanghai to Hong Kong exceeded its
daily limit for the first time on Wednesday,
Today, history repeated itself.

China’s Shanghai Composite and
Shenzhen Composite fell nearly 1% on Thursday morning.
But despite these losses, both to market
still show a resounding success
since the beginning of the year, and Shenzhen index
increased by more than 48%, making it
the most effective index in the world.

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Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

Classic indicator MACD yellow (DEA) and white (DIF) lines and colored bars. Bars above the zero level are colored red, below – in blue. Color bars and lines are adjusted.


  • Fast: fast moving average line, the default 12
  • Slow: slow moving average line, the default 26
  • Signal: the moving average line DIF, the default 9

Three MACD indicator calculated using the following formulas:

  • DIF = EMA (CLOSE, Fast) – EMA (CLOSE, Slow) – Whiteline
  • DEA = EMA (DIF, Signal) – the yellow line
  • MACD = (DIF-DEA) * 2 – bars

Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

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