Asia today is calm and positive on background

Asia today is calm and positive on the background of the general output

stock world is very calm: the majority
sites closed on the occasion of Easter
Friday. Asian-Pacific area,
despite their cultural view
membership, also would not mind to relax.
So today is covered Singapore,
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, rest
and Australia and New Zealand.

major developments in Asian markets
today unfolding in Japan,
mainland China and South Korea. By
the day Nikkei and Topix gained 0.6% each; Shanghai Composite –
0.99%; KOSPI –
0.81%. Analysts attribute this
complacent behavior of investors
general calm in the market and with the expectation
Friday’s data from the US labor market.
Volatility in Asian markets
today was low.

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Dynamic Zigzag Levels

Dynamic Zigzag Levels

The indicator draws the graph in real time the next two levels. One above the current price BID – resistance. A second below the current price BID – level support.

The levels are calculated according to standard indicators ZigZag.


You can use the indicator as an assistant in manual trading to inform the next levels of support / resistance.

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

At a contact or intersection rendered support / indicator of resistance levels can beep (specified in the settings).


  • The period of history to calculate = 500 – at what interval stories looking levels (in bars)
  • Depth – the setting indicator zigzag = 12 – parameter indicator ZigZag
  • Deviation – the setting indicator zigzag = 5 – parameter indicator ZigZag
  • Backstep – the setting indicator zigzag = 3 – parameter indicator ZigZag
  • The color of the line Up = SteelBlue – the color of the top line Up
  • The color of the line Dn = SteelBlue – color Dn bottom line
  • An audible signal to the level crossing = false – feeding the audio signal level of the intersection
  • Sound File = “alert.wav” – sound file selection

Dynamic Zigzag Levels

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