Europe stock fell Tuesday

Europe stock fell Tuesday

yesterday, the European
stock indexes showed serious
decrease. DAX lost
1.89%, CAC 40 eased to 1.81%, the FTSE
100 decreased by 1.03%. Consolidated
index of the largest industrial
Dow companies in Europe
Jones Euro Stoxx 50 has lost

The reason for this decline
– weak corporate reporting,
published in Europe, and news from individual
markets. Among the hardest hit
at the end of the trading day the companies –
Atlas Copco and

influenced the
European shares and other events:
Output of weak consumer index
confidence in the US yesterday and interception
Iranian cargo vessel flying the
Marshall Islands flag. Incident
It has been exhausted, but the stock markets had

Commerzbank lost
5.7% after announced doprodazhu
shares for capital support (planned to attract 1.4
billion euros).

Atlas Copco, a manufacturer
mining equipment, fell on
9% after reporting strong reduction
demand for products in the first quarter.
The company he among the main losers
the day was UPM Kymmene, which
on weak reporting lost yesterday
as much as 10%.

Stocker, strategist of UniCredit, said:
“We have seen different reports today,
but disappointing results from such
giants such as UPM-Kymmene, stronger
impact on investor sentiment. ”

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PZ Five O

PZ Five O

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Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Five O

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