Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

The analysis of commodity currencies on June 27

Quotes of oil continued to rise, moving away from the values ​​of recent 10-month lows. Brent was able to gain a foothold above $ 46 per barrel on Tuesday, trading near the mark of $ 46.50. Strengthening of the asset contributed to hopes for a reduction in US stocks and production due to the storm Cindy. In bad weather conditions, many oil platform stopped work. Today released a report from the API, experts expect a significant reduction in hydrocarbon reserves in the United States.

Commodity currencies benefited from oil growth, the Canadian dollar is stable in early trading near the 1.3230 area. The US dollar failed to break 1.3260 resistance area and continued downward movement to 1.3200. Market participants are awaiting appearances Stephen Poloz on Wednesday.

The ruble went on to apparently strengthen. Unable to overcome the level of 60 rubles., The pair quotes declined to 58.65. to reduce the trend continues, during the day expect growth of the ruble to 58.30. Support the ruble have the rising cost of oil and the peak of tax payments on VAT, excise duties and the mineral extraction tax.

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 27.06.

Yesterday the pair showed growth in the region of 1.1217, denoting a new high since June 15. Since the beginning of today’s session, the pair is located below the level of Pivot 1,27269, but above SMA200. Today, the pair is likely to begin correction downward movement in the area of ​​the first support, after which growth is possible in the area of ​​1.1279, where there is an important resistance level. Support levels: 1.11611, 1.11414, 1.11133. Resistance Levels: 1.12089, 1.12370, 1.12567

Yesterday, in the first half of the day the pair marked a high at 1.27543, and then began to pound actual consolidation. Now the Briton is under the level of Pivot 1,27269, but above SMA200. Today, most likely we will have the flat. It is also possible breakthrough in the area R3 1,2775. Support levels: 1.26996, 1.26783, 1.26510. Resistance Levels: 1.27482, 1.27755, 1.27968

The pair have a long time is within the outset. Yesterday, the pair managed to break through the upper limit of the range and to identify high at 111.935. But today, the pair once again began to decline in the region Pivot 111,657 level. Quotes are located above and below the SMA200 Iti today should not be. Waiting pair of correction to reduce to S111,380, then jerk is possible to R1 111,123. Support levels: 111.3803, 110.9147, 110.6373. Resistance Levels: 112.1233, 112.4007, 112.8663

Canadian trading session began, sitting above the Pivot 1,32436. Now the pair have gone under the SMA200 and continues to decline. Today we expect the pair to decline S1 1,3217. Support levels: 1.32177, 1.31856, 1.31597. Resistance Levels: 1.32757, 1.33016, 1.33337.

27.06. fundamental analysis

The US dollar strengthened yesterday against most major currencies in anticipation speech Fed Chairman Janet Yellen. This week, watch closely the performance of the Fed officials: dollar bulls have intensified, hoping for a tough stance of the Fed.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds decreased 7 days in a row.

ECB President Mario Draghi said that the interest rate should be maintained at the same level, despite the increase in economic indicators, and has no plans in the near future to reduce the volume of purchases of assets. Overall, the performance of the US economy falling, and the data from the euro zone improved, indicating that the bullish sentiment in the pair EUR / USD.

British Prime Minister Tereza Mey has been able to reach an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party on the establishment of a minority government. The British pound strengthened, but only slightly, because the Party Terezy Mey has not received a majority in parliament and in the future will face difficulties during the vote on the bill.

The focus today:

  • Speech by the head of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.

  • The consumer confidence index in the United States.

  • Speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen.

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