VR Close Orders

VR Close Orders

The script for the closure and removal orders in MetaTrader 4.

Designed to facilitate routine work of the trader, as well as to maximize the speed of closing all orders in the terminal.

Thanks to script a trader can close orders by type, income, Magic number.

script Properties

  • Symbols – filter instrument:
    • All – all trading instruments;
    • Current – the tool on which the script is thrown.
  • Close Type – filter on the order type:
    • BUY – Only orders to buy;
    • SELL – only sell orders;
    • BUY_LIMIT – pending limit orders to buy;
    • SELL_LIMIT – deferred limit sell orders;
    • BUY_STOP – Entry Stop orders to buy;
    • SELL_STOP – Entry Stop orders to sell;
    • All – all warrants market and pending;
    • ALL_MARKET – Only market orders;
    • ALL_STOP – only stop orders;
    • ALL_LIMIT – Only limit orders.
  • Close Profit or loss – filter by profit orders:
    • Off – excluding profit;
    • Profit > Valueprofit greater than the predetermined setting value in the Value;
    • Profit < Valueprofit less than the predetermined setting value in the Value;
    • Profit = Value – profit equal to a predetermined setting value in Value.
  • Value – value to adjust the above;
  • Magic Number – filter by a unique number order:
    • -1 – all warrants (Warrants advisors + orders opened manually);
    • 0 – Only orders opened manually;
    • >0 – number of orders open another adviser.
  • Slippage – Slippage.

After the end of the script issues a report on the graph and report in the Journal of the terminal.

VR Close Orders


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