Insurers offer to create risk management center

Insurers offer to create a risk management center of national importance

Aspiring to greater fame of its activities in the country, fine-tuning the value of their services, insurance companies, represented by the All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) offer to create a center for the management of economic and social development of the country risk.

We are not talking about additional injections from the state treasury, for additional funding of BCC does not pretend, but the price to pay for the creation of such a center BCC sees receive from the State detailed statistics of the insider type.

The decision on the establishment of the center was made and unanimously upheld June 23 at the annual meeting of the BCC. It is planned that the center will be to gather all the information from all market businesses and all public bodies with information on the development of the country.

How to immediately respond to the caustic remarks Igor Yurgens – President of the BCC – we are in any case are not talking about how to obtain the personal information of all the 150 million citizens of the Russian Federation, we are talking only about the risk situation in the development of the country as a whole.

BCC sees the main flaw in the existing state of things, the risks that information accumulates in the individual ministries and departments of the country, but it is not systematized and coordinated with one another, not made a global analysis supradepartmental character. As a result – inefficient use of public resources.

First of all the risks insurers are interested to participate in the recent natural anomalies. Only in the last 5 years of payments to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters amounted to no less than 100 billion rubles, if we take into account related expenses and expenses for recovery, they are 100 times more.

Practice deeper involvement of insurance structures to minimize losses from unexpected force majeure natural and manmade gradually produced worldwide. In England, insurers give advice to builders for the use of materials in specific regions of the country. In Japan, the insurance industry to help optimize traffic flows. In the United States, insurers – active figures of the operations to reduce crime.

BCC assumes to allocate one billion rubles for the creation of the alleged center. As a starting groundwork, according to the initiators of the idea, could serve as a space probe the planet’s surface in order to identify bottlenecks in the development of agro-industrial complex, as well as data about cancer. In the light of the country’s development orientation in the direction of the digital economy, in the light of the strengthened create almost all departments of the country of their information bases WBU proposal, according to experts, should be perceived positively.

“Creating a system of risk analytics allows to perceive the risks to all stakeholders more significantly, rather than at the level of theory and reasoning, – says SC Insurance Development Director” MAX “Sergei Pechnikov. – It is also clear that the formation of such a system will not only be quite long and difficult, but capital-intensive, that is, the amount of required funds is unlikely to be limited to one billion rubles. Of course, the process of transfer and promotion of information about the risks to the final consumer, whether state authorities or simple citizens, is no less important and require detailed study. Otherwise, the monitoring results can only remain theory.

However, all works must fully pay off, since the creation of the office of risk should lead to a number of positive effects: increase awareness of the need for deeper penetration of insurance in the economy, which will contribute to the growth of the segment in general insurance; saving the country’s budget and personal funds of citizens, which is spent on self-reparation, as the result of a conscious approach to insurance, in which a key role is given adequate perception of risk; complex than the security measures to reduce and manage risks – including the creation and modernization of the corresponding infrastructure, the implementation of preventive measures aimed at reducing risks, etc.
Thus, we can conclude that the task of creating a risk-office goes far beyond the insurance community, being a strategic priority for all States. “

In July, the bank will take Russia congress on which insurers are going to present their idea in the center of a more developed and elaborate form.

“In my opinion, this initiative will create a risk map, taking into account the specifics of a particular region or area, – says Bogdan Zvarich analyst CC” Finam “. – It will allow insurers easier to calculate the risks and premiums for different kinds of insurance products with the support to a specific region and its specifics. Accordingly, it will give a clearer picture of the companies about what risks they carry, and thus more intelligently approach to the reinsurance system. “

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GBPUSD analysis and forecast

GBP / USD: analysis and forecast


During yesterday’s trading the quotations pair GBP / USD
declined, reaching the minimum daily values ​​at the level of 1.4842. Pound began to weaken after
February output data on UK inflation. CPI
prices was 0.0%, experts predicted growth by 0.1%. Base
the consumer price index, which excludes volatile component prices
energy and food, it was also worse than expected and amounted to

Economic statistics from the United States, by contrast, had a
support for the US currency. The consumer price index on a monthly basis
It reached the level 0.2%. Core consumer price index reached the level of 0.2%
instead of the expected 0.1%, and the annualized was 1.7% instead of 1.6%.

Support and Resistance

resistance lines are the levels: 1.4900
(Psychologically important level), 1.4984 (the middle line of the indicator strip
Bollinger), 1.5100 (psychologically important level), 1.5162 (a maximum of 18

Support levels are 1.4830 (at least
Asian session), 1.4720 (March 20 low), 1.4632 (March 18 low).


Worth buying after the breakdown level of 1.4900 with
the first target at the level of 1.4980, and the second – at the level of 1.5100. You can sell after
reaching the mark at the cost of 1.4830 with the targets 1.4730 and 1.4640.


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