Marksman Trader

Marksman Trader

The adviser for efficient operation only EURUSD and only five minute (M5) graph. Advisor can be attached to a chart with a different timeframe, but it will only use the information display and graphics with the M5 timeframe. This is the first version of the advisor, so it only works on EURUSD M5. I started programming the next version. It would be better, and the latest version should be run on no less than 4 different currency pairs, as well as the timeframes M5, M15, M30 and H1. The only problem is that you use a lot of variables, so you will need at least a year to complete it. Needless to say that this version will be much more expensive.

Advisor uses a combination of three bars indicators and data (graphics data) to generate signals and determining SL and TP levels. The number of lots for each trade is equal to the balance sheet divided by 2500 so that the account currency should be weaker NZD. I advise everyone to test an expert before buying it.

This expert is only a five-digit brokers.

Good luck to everyone and profitable trades!

Marksman Trader

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