Shares in Hong Kong soared investors are drowning

Shares in Hong Kong soared – investors are drowning in money market

Over the past two days
shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange strongly
rose as investors continue
flood the market bundles of cash.
Hang Seng Index rose to a record
marks the last seven years – after
long holiday, investors are more strongly. Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
continue to grow and on Thursday, pushing
the market is up 6.6% this week, the index gained 14% this year.

Analysts say
investors returned to Hong Kong after
sharp 22% growth this year Shanghai
Composite, which made the market too

"We believe,
which is currently growing gap
Estimates of Chinese companies shares
Hong Kong site, which is why in
mainland investors appear
irresistible urge to make deals".
– he writes in a Nomura Equity analyst Vendi Lyu.

Many of the largest
Chinese companies are listed in Hong Kong
and Shanghai, and experienced investors for a long time
profit by playing on the price difference
shares in these two markets. Marketplace
Activity greatly expanded just
because of this “Union Market” – pilot
program, which is linked to trade
Hong Kong and Shanghai markets from the end of last
of the year. The long-awaited program originally
It did not attract interest from
investors, but now even the Commission
by the China Securities Regulatory
introduced a resolution to mutual funds
invest through "Union markets ”
increasing trading volumes. Of course have
restrictions on the daily operation
both directions – from mainland
China to Hong Kong and vice versa. Trade
Traffic from Shanghai to Hong Kong exceeded its
daily limit for the first time on Wednesday,
Today, history repeated itself.

China’s Shanghai Composite and
Shenzhen Composite fell nearly 1% on Thursday morning.
But despite these losses, both to market
still show a resounding success
since the beginning of the year, and Shenzhen index
increased by more than 48%, making it
the most effective index in the world.

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