Breakdown of flat

Breakdown of the flat.

Hello, dear traders, I invite you to video a little facetious, but nevertheless I was there I show how you can earn on the news.

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Candle Pips

Candle Pips

IndicatorCandle Pips” – a tool that allows you to quickly see the size of the candle in the platform. This is a good tool for traders who want to carefully study the market, as well as a useful indicator for strategies based on the size of the candle.

The indicator shows the rounded amount in pips each candle on the current chart.

Its input parameters are simple:

  • Candle Type – part of the candle, which should be measured. “High__Low” – the distance between the high and low of each candle. “Open__Close” – the size of the candle body with no shadows.
  • Color_Values – text color measurement results.
  • Distance_of_Price: distance to display the size of the candle on its peak.
  • DECIMAL: Rounding the measurement results to integers or display the exact decimal value.
  • pos: this option allows you to set the second indicatorCandle Pips” on the same schedule that allows you to see version 2 prices “High__Low” and “Open__Close”. The default value is 0, when you install an additional copy of the indicator must be set to 1.

The indicator also includes a field that is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart, click on that updates data.

Candle Pips

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