One Click Precision Pro

One Click Precision Pro

Utility One Click Precision Pro by Wolf Trading allows you to perform most of the trading in MetaTrader 4 with a single click. Install all trading options without leaving the timeline. Work out a deal with a single click and control the stop-loss and take-profit, without distracting from the schedule. Use the trade panel for management of individual transactions or group control of all transactions.

The market moves quickly. Be even faster.


  • On Screen Parameters Menu – set the lot size, stop loss and take profit in the upper left corner.
  • One Click Trade Placement – click on the arrow to the right in the trade menu to open a transaction to buy or sell. Up arrow to open long positions, the down arrow – short.
  • One Click Order Placement – hold down B to go long or short S to open and click the mouse on the place where you want to place an order. Binding feature allows you to easily set the order exactly highs and lows of the previous candle.
  • On Screen Trade Management – Right after the installation order is displayed in red and green area. For accurate setting take profit and stop-loss drag them in these areas.
  • On Screen Trade Panel – It allows you to view multiple transactions, to manage them individually or by a group of transactions. Open the long position, hold M and clicking in the place where you want to place a trade panel. For short positions is the same with the key F.
  • Know Your Position – after entering the market on the right will be displayed numbers. The potential profit is displayed at the top of long positions, current profit or loss – in the middle, and the current loss is displayed in red at the bottom. And vice versa for short.
  • Automated Breakeven – at the top left of the screen can also be set avtobezubytok (Auto BE). Set the desired level, and your transaction will be automatically moved to breakeven.
  • Automated Trailing Stop Loss – there, on the left side of the screen, you can set an automatic trailing stop (Auto SL). Specify the number of pips, which is activated upon reaching the trailing stop, trailing stop will be tightened at every tick.
  • Snap To Function – luvom in the top right corner of the screen displays the binding function. automatically sets the mouse cursor over the maximum or minimum any spark when the cursor reaches a certain distance in pips from this maximum or minimum. You can change the sensitivity of the function, changing the value (in pips) from the menu.
  • net Breakeven – in the shopping menu on the right side of the screen you can place individual transaction to breakeven with a single click on a button with a single arrow in the purchase or sale of the menu. If your position is profitable, when you press the button the stop loss will automatically move into the black. Dvoynye arrow transfer position in the overall breakeven.
  • Scale Out Button – % character button. When you press your current position is reduced by half.
  • Delete Pending Order – button with image boxes in the shopping menu. When you click the utility removes all pending orders for current symbol.
  • Close Position – X button in the shopping menu. It closes the current position and all pending orders.

One Click Precision Pro


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