Euro Rises Greece offers new promise

Euro Rises – Greece offers new promise

On Friday morning,
EUR / USD pair has started to grow,
already by 8:54 MSK it was trading at the level of
1.0687 (0.27% increase). Most likely, investors
respond positively to the news of the new
Greece promises.

the country has promised leaders of Germany,
France and the European Union to accelerate the implementation
planned reforms, writes the reported
"Deutsche Welle". Full list
reforms will be ready in the coming days,
announced today German Chancellor night
Angela Merkel. However, it also
clarified that Greece no promises
early provision has not yet been
loans listed. "everything must
It is done quickly", – said Merkel.

basis for
further work – an agreement that
We entered into a euro zone finance ministers
February 20, when the extended program
Greece. "In a spirit of mutual
confidence we are ready to accelerate work
and to complete it as quickly as possible"-
Ministers said in a statement. There
also it specifies that the Eurogroup is ready
to meet as soon as possible.

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