Price Quick Viewer Demo

Price Quick Viewer Demo

Price Quick Viewer It makes it easy to view
of the market price information. This panel is for your MetaTrader terminal.
It is very clean and easy to understand interface.

This product has a demo version, which does not have the ability to change character settings via the input parameters. If you need the ability to configure symbols, purchase the full Veris. The demo version is available, since the panel can not be started in the strategy tester.

The panel is activated in the same way as the advisor start happening.
Just double-click on the advisor “PriceQV” and the panel will be launched on
chart. After adding a panel to the chart, you can choose any
the time interval in the past and look to the table, as the prices have changed.

By default, the 5 major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD,
AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. You can change them through the input parameters.
You can also specify the period for which you want to display change
price: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 and W1.

The following table shows information on prices (High, Low, Open, Close)
selected symbols before and after said time interval, and
changes in prices in pips (calculated on the closing prices).

This tool will be very useful if you need to
analyze price change before and after a specific event or
time. It is also conveniently arranged to switch between characters. 


  1. If you select a time period in the future, it will show information on the latest available prices.
  2. If the graph size is very small or a large part of the space occupied by the windows of other indicators, the panel can be minimized.
  3. The times shown – is the server time, it may be different from your local.

Price Quick Viewer Demo

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Automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit

Automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit

Advisor will automatically set a stop-loss and take-profit level for all new orders (including pending). The stop-loss and take-profit set up in the EA parameters. Advisor works with all orders in the platform, so do not need to run it on all the necessary charts.

A useful feature for pending orders is the ability to move SL and TP directly on the chart, as well as for market orders.

Automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit

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Price Level EA

Price Level EA

This expert advisor created in MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Every day, it exhibits a certain amount of pending orders and the buy-limit sell-limit at different levels. Levels vary in price discovery, lot and take-profit (in pips). At certain times of the day, all (of the same type) pending orders are removed, if these oredra at different levels have not worked during the day. For Friday there is an option warrants removal at different times. If the start and termination of trading left blank for each new bar all previous pending orders will be deleted, and a new series of pending orders will be exhibited.

The expert asks the following input parameters

  1. Start Time [HH: MM]: Daily start time of trade, one time frame, after which the exposed pending orders.
  2. Stop Time [HH: MM]: daily during the Trade Deadline, after which all (the same type) pending orders are removed, if these oredra at different levels have not worked during the day.
  3. Levels: The number of simultaneously exhibited the same type of pending orders.
  4. Starting Lot for Level 1: Fixed lot for the pending order level 1.
  5. Lot Multiplier for Level n: Coefficient, which is multiplied by the value of Starting Lot for Level 1 parameter for obtaining bid for any level n. Here n It is from 2 to 6. The integer.
  6. Stop-Loss (Pips) for All Levels: Fixed stop-loss (in pips) based on the opening price of the pending order level 1. Get a price stop loss applies to all (similar) pending orders at various levels.
  7. Take-Profit (Pips) for Level n: Take profit (in pips) based on the opening price of a particular pending order level n. Here n It takes values ​​from 1 to 6.
  8. Distance (Pips) for Level 1: This value is subtracted from (added to) the current Ask prices (Bid) for opening price pending order buy-limit (sell-limit) level 1.
  9. Pips from Level 1 to Level n: This value is subtracted from (added to) the opening price of a pending order level 1 for opening price pending order buy-limit (sell-limit) level n. Here n It takes values ​​from 2 to 6.
  10. Close unfilled orders on every Friday?: To true every Friday all (same type) pending orders are removed, if these oredra at different levels have not worked.
  11. Close unfilled orders on Friday at Time [HH: MM]: Removal time for Friday, if the parameter is above the value true.


  • All input parameters, specified in pips, should be given integers.
  • If the lot size is outside the defined limits, it is assigned an appropriate value, as an appropriate entry in the Expert magazine.
  • If a stop-loss or take-profit is located at a suitable distance from the opening price, they are assigned the appropriate values, as an appropriate entry in the Expert magazine. Similarly, for the opening price.

Price Level EA

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Opinions $ 70 as lower boundary of oil Unlikely

Opinions: $ 70 as the lower boundary of the oil? Unlikely but possible

oil traders are now betting that
Venezuela’s plan to resurrect the old
formation mechanism price range
OPEC is doomed from the start. establish
$ 70 level “floor” for the oil to
badly battered market, according to
many seem utopian idea.

cartel leader, Saudi Arabia, not
demonstrated interest in return
price support policies. big
producers outside OPEC – in
Specifically, Russia – refuse
reduce production. Most analysts
or say that the attempt to install
the price range is useless in itself
currently, or that the corridor is possible, but 70
dollars as a floor – it is prohibitive

However, several experts and
Observers say that the proposal
it can be a catalyst for
OPEC to shift from the approach of absolute
non-interference in the price of oil. An approach
This, recall, led to suffocation
investment in the industry around the world, to
reduction of corporate budgets and
States and has led some countries
– for example, Venezuela – to the edge of the abyss.

if the idea is not to pass on intact
form, it may provide a first
a significant step in the direction to
the first time for many months to find common
language and look for a way to stabilize
the oil market.

which will be considered on October 21
a meeting of technical experts in Vienna,
It seems simple: the progressive reduction
production rates for control, with the bottom
threshold of $ 70 per barrel
the later arrival of the price to $ 100
a barrel. This was told
in an interview with Reuters news agency, former
Venezuelan oil minister, Rafael Ramirez.
His statement followed a
a few months of the presidential
visits and vague statements Nicholas
Maduro, most of whom were
obscure and treated
as the desperate attempts of the non-standard
Leader of all the short time of existence
oil diplomacy.

opposed to him, Ramirez more than a decade
He served as the face of Venezuelan oil policy,
working closely, for example, with Ali
Al-Naimi, Minister of Petroleum of Saudi
Arabia. He found time, during
that the price of oil jumped from $ 20
per barrel to almost $ 150
– and again she went down.

Meeting of October 21 invited eight
Countries outside of OPEC, Azerbaijan,
Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Norway,
Mexico, Oman and Russia. This is evidenced by
acting Minister of Oil of Venezuela,
Eulodzhio del Pino.

a means of overcoming the crisis earlier
cartel used narrowing formula
price range. For example, after
how in the late 1990s, the price of oil
It fell to $ 10 a barrel,
Group found the corridor $ 22 – 28 per
barrel. In 2005, the growing demand has caused
markup, and then OPEC
I never officially established the
price framework.

last year Venezuela is trying to return
OPEC to “corridors” system, but attempts
not crowned with success. This year
the price fell to multi-year lows,
but major manufacturers (including
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) do not experience
no desire to sacrifice their
share of the market to recover high
commodity prices.

Still, there are some signs
that after years of low prices, and the face
deep uncertainty about the future
patience manufacturers ready

Russian Energy Alexander Novak
I met with Ali al-Naimi in Istanbul
last week and said that Russia
ready to meet with OPEC and other
oil-producing countries. In his
speech in Kuwait Senior Advisor
Energy in Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim al-Muhanna, complained
the absence of “anchor” in the oil market
and the fact that it is fueling volatility
and presses on investment.

unnatural and difficult to observe
to see how it develops, “- he said,
Al-Muhanna, but offered no
specific ideas about what you can do
to remedy the situation.

A source,
close to the Venezuelan delegation to OPEC,
He said that would be virtually impossible
make Saudi Arabia
Russian sitting at a table and peacefully
We discussed the decline in production. but
discussion about the introduction of “sex” oil
at the technical level, the price may put
the beginning of the rest of the debate and help
achieve universal goals.

write that it is not impossible
that countries have signed a
the decision of the Technical Council of the
establishing price caps. but
many of them add that the real
obligations on production
level, it will be very difficult to call,
and to a large extent this gesture

there are those who completely believes in the effectiveness of
such a step. “It works great
the past, because that gave markets
the possibility for movement, but at the same time
It keeps them from large price fluctuations ”
– said one of the veterans of the market.

the mechanism itself, in an open discussion
manufacturers will discuss also the target
price, voiced by Ramirez. Many
countries agree that the $ 70 –
this is the right goal. But here, for example,
several OPEC members, including Iraq and
Angola, offered in June, $ 75 –
80 per dollar – is the real
intelligent “plug” prices. However, this
background of the main members of the Middle East
OPEC may worry about losing too
a large share of the market at such prices.

forget about America: at 75 – 80
dollars per barrel of shale
oil in the US is likely to come back again
in its active state, and therefore,
market destabilization is not going anywhere.
However, analysts say: “Install
$ 10 below the floor – and it works. ”

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EMS – a fully automatic Advisor, designed specifically for trading only EURUSD 5 minute timeframe. It does not use indicators, and uses only the price action to search for profitable entry level to open a position. For each of the open positions with take-profit and stop-loss to protect capital against price studs. If the level of take-profit is not achieved, the position will be closed at the end of the day. EA opens the position every Monday under the appropriate conditions for open positions.


Do not use:

  • net
  • Martingale
  • hedging
  • Arbitration


  • VPS 24/7
  • Brokers with 4- and 5-digit quotes
  • Minimum balance – $ 100
  • low spread

Input parameters

  • MAGICMA – unique magic number adviser = 20131133;
  • init_Lots – position size = 0.05;
  • MaximumRisk – the maximum risk = 0.02;
  • DecreaseFactor – reduction factor = 3;
  • init_TP – Take Profit = 5;
  • init_SL – Stop Loss = 76;


  • Before using a live account test the EA on history.
  • It shows good results in EURUSD.
  • use Only timeframe M5
  • Use the default settings.

I will be happy to answer any questions.


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Scalper mt4 Commandor

Scalper mt4 Commandor

Night Scalping EA.

Advisor is part of the purchase under the lower part of the channel.

Advisor is part of the sale of over the top of the channel.

Advisor is not sensitive to slippage and requotes since trading at a minimum volatile market hours.

parameters advisor

  • Lot – fixed lot
  • GMToffset – time zone for the start
  • MagicNumber – magic number
  • Martin_Lot – increase the second lot
  • K_Martin – the second lot to increase by 50%
  • TP_k – take profit ratio
  • SL_L – stop loss coefficient
  • Slippage – slip

Choose a broker with the lowest spread at night.

It is best to use a floating spread.


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Heiken Ashi Multicurrency

Heiken Ashi Multicurrency


Heiken Ashi Multicurrency – a well-known multi-color / multiinstrumentalny indicator. It is intended to display the financial instrument in the form of a smoothed candle chart in a separate window below the graph main financial instrument.

The indicator can be used with any broker, no matter what the name of a financial instrument, as its name must be entered manually as an input parameter. If you enter a non-existent or incorrect name of a financial instrument you will receive an error message that this financial instrument is unknown (does not exist). 

It is possible to set the number of displayed suppositories, as well as select color bullish and bearish coloring.


The indicator can be used as a visual tool intermarket analysis (convergence and / or divergence), as well as an independent tool candlestick with a smooth characteristic for trading in volatile currency pairs.

Input parameters

  1. Currency_Name – the name of the financial instrument.
  2. Bars_Number – the number of bars to display in a separate window.
  3. Bars_Flag – flag on the display resolution set in parameter Bars_Number number of bars:
    1. true – in accordance with the amount Bars_Number.
    2. false – the maximum available number of bars in history. 
  4. Bulls_Color – color of the Bull Candle.
  5. Bears_Color – color of the Bear Candle.


The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading advisor in the composition. indications of indicator types of buffers can be used for automated trading double:

  1. prices Heiken Ashi: Low or High – buffer 2.
  2. prices Heiken Ashi: High or Low – Buffer 3.
  3. prices Heiken Ashi: Open – buffer 4.
  4. prices Heiken Ashi: Close – buffer 5.

If the value of buffer 2 > 3 buffer, then the buffer contains 2 High price, otherwise the buffer 2 is Low price. 


Schedule for each financial instrument may be displayed more than once. Otherwise, you will receive an error message related to its re-use and demand a replacement instrument.

The indicator operates subject to the availability of historical data on the financial instrument in an amount of at least ten bars. Otherwise, an error message prompting you to update the historical database. 


It is recommended to use the indicator with the parameter Bars_Number, not exceeding the number of bars that are placed in one full screen (approximately 250 bars).


In case of loss of communication with the trading server, when restoring data communications and paging schedule it will be redrawn again from the beginning in an amount bars defined parameter Bars_Number and Bars_Flag.

Heiken Ashi Multicurrency

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