Terrible start of US trading Dow fell 203 points

Terrible start of US trading: Dow fell 203 points, Nasdaq – 1.21%

American Stock Exchange
reduced after opening on fears
slowdown of China’s economy and on strong
dollar. US stock indexes sharply
falling as investors continue
to deal with the prospect of the nearest
Fed raising rates. In addition to this on
indexes presses is not strong enough
Dollar and the resumption of oil fall

Shortly after the opening,
to 17:00 MSK, on ​​Wall Street, the Dow
Jones, S P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell each
about 0,9% – Dow lost 203 points.

Weakness in the European
stock markets, which was a sharp
decline of the euro against the dollar,
as noted, also provides pressure
on the US markets. French CAC
40 decreased by 1.3%, German DAX – by 1.5%, in the
while Britain’s FTSE 100 – by 1.6%.

The euro reached a 12-year-old
low against the dollar, falling
to the level of 1,073 euros to the dollar. A fall
value of the euro continues after
run government bond purchase program
European Central Bank

Why? American
multinationals who
the majority of businesses in Europe are
less competitive because
the price of US goods become
expensive. If big American
the company will sell fewer goods
abroad, this will be another negative
factor for the US stock market.

"Concerns about
rising dollar and falling oil
pressed the action"- says financial
Manager Louis Naveler its customers.

Strong reports
employment in the United States, published in
Friday, still affect mood
investors, says Wall Street. And Federal
Fed may change its
schedule to raise interest
rates sooner. Wall Street now expects
that the Fed will raise rates as early as
June, more than three months before the
going. Lower rates, of course,
It cited as one of the principal
driving forces of the bull market, which
It began six years ago, in March 2009.

Asian stock
markets are now also started to sink – Nikkei
in Japan it fell by 0.7% and Hong Kong
Hang Seng fell 0.9%.

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In Asia Green Day Bank of Australia did not raise

In Asia – Green Day, Bank of Australia did not raise interest rate

Asia-Pacific area
Region today showed optimistic
attitude. At the time of 9.06 MSK trading on
major Asian markets already
ended, and we are seeing a general green
zone quotations lists. Nikkei
225 added
1.25%; KOSPI
I grew
S P / ASX firmed
to 0,38%, Shanghai
Composite rose
by as much as 1.86%. Markets in Hong Kong today
It did not work.

the focus in this region on the current
week – central banks. investors returned
a vacation, a new month, regulators
They start to talk about their plans
on monetary policy in the coming
few weeks. today reported
Bank of India, which held no rate
changes. Reserve Bank of Australia
too suddenly did not raise its
rate than immensely surprised markets and
further strengthened by 1.4% Australian
dollar. Tomorrow the decision should
announce the Bank of Japan.

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Ruble to output lost its record achievements

Ruble to the output lost its record achievements

On Friday afternoon, the Russian
Ruble continues to gradually fall in price
against the dollar and the euro. According to experts,
this is due to expectations of lower rates
central bank (may already be at the meeting
30 April), as well as the desire
market participants to lock in profits
before the weekend.

By 12:49 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
50.98 and EUR / RUB –
at the level of 55.09, according to the Moscow stock exchange.

Yesterday the head of the central bank
Elvira Nabiullina said that
strengthening of the ruble allow the regulator
to reduce the key rate, and that the ruble
more or less reached the equilibrium value.
However, this statement is not supported
Russian currency.

At this time, the price of
Oil fell slightly after the announcement
OPEC to increase production in March. Brent
It is trading now around the level of
$ 63.40 and WTI – at the level of $ 56.12. On Thursday, oil
Brent crude reached the four-month peak
– $ 64.95 per barrel.

“We believe in the present
while the ruble relatively overbought
of oil prices “, – says Yuri
Tulinov, Head of Research Department
Rosbank and analysts. In his opinion,
factor in the further course correction
ruble may perform actions CBR
(A limited amount of dollar
liquidity to banks, reducing the key
rates), news from Europe
(On Greece), or from the United States (beginning
rate hikes from the Fed) and
negative geopolitical news from

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Fear bubbles how to prepare for hurricane in

Fear bubbles: how to prepare for a hurricane in the stock market?

For the past six years
Wall Street is “sunny” weather,
stocks are growing and everything seems to be
it goes well. But some investors
are concerned that the next “rainy”
the day may come soon.
Shares already very expensive, not correction
It has been for several years, and the central
Federal Reserve – Bank of America
system – can shake up all markets
in September this year.

The only place
where you can ride out the storm – a fund
money market. It is considered
one of the most reliable investments –
it is much better than to hide their money
in a bank account. Here’s how it works:
you put money into the fund, and the manager
Fund invests in some of them
relatively safe assets:
short-term government bonds, corporate
or municipal debt. The goal – to get
work money more than if they
just put in a savings account,
and at the same time minimize the risks –
they are much lower than when investing
in shares or investing in the most
bond funds. "This often
It serves as a substitute for bank account".
– says Tim ?? Haik, chief investment
director of financial markets in Fideltiy.

Most people
invest in funds for several
months to try to compare
income with what they would have received on
bank account. People are attracted to rate
and the opportunity to win more by
changes in Fed interest rates, which,
considered by many to happen in September.

"Such steel foundations
a good alternative to other investments
lately – says Esther Chance
senior portfolio manager Invesco,
which manages funds of $ 68 billion. –
After raising our Fed,
certainly stand to benefit". increase
Rates will do two things. Firstly, any
the regulator’s decision violates the dynamics
the stock market, often scares investors
and makes investing more
safe assets. Second, the rise
investor interest in earnings on their
savings and bonds.

When the Fed established
interest rates near zero in 2008,
cash and bank accounts
basically did not give any income –
almost nothing. but historically
it is known that if the rates are
above – is expected to happen, and in this
year – the money in the funds receive
more profit than your usual
savings accounts in banks.

When selecting experts Fund
are advised to follow a few key
tips. First, decide on the type of
Fund, which want to invest
– governmental, corporate, or
municipal. As a rule, government
It is the safest. Secondly,
learn Fund rating – for example,
Moody’s or Fitch, you can see the credit
fund rating. If the fund is assigned
AAA rating, which means that it is considered
extremely reliable for investments.
Third, the study of the role and conditions
withdrawing money from the account – is not always possible
immediately withdraw their money without losing

But keep in mind that
these investments do not guarantee
Safety – Unlike a bank
account that is insured by the federal
government, investors may lose
money in the money market fund. One of
the most terrible examples of what can
go wrong – a story about money
Fund «Reserve Fund» group in the United States. During
Great Recession, as they say
investors "dollar broke" and this
meant that investors will receive only
90 cents for every $ 1 they put
to the fund. They lost money. Why? Fund
I invested in Lehman Brothers, which has not sustained
crisis and turned belly-up.

But since then there have been
a lot of new rules and requirements to funds,
especially after the financial crisis
2010 – The Securities Commission and the
Exchange Commission has made cash flow
much more transparent. try
shelter from the storm in such a crisis

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Dollar correction continues

Dollar correction continues

We begin the new month with a bank holiday in many countries today and Monday, so we will probably see some calm sessions, in particular, because today do not go out on non-farm employment data in the US that have been moved to next Friday. At night, there was no special activity in the Asian markets, and today out researches of the industrial sectors of the UK and the US, as well as consumer sentiment index of the Institute of Michigan, which can cause some momentum for the pound and the dollar.

If you look back at the events of this week, you will remember it for a dollar correction. Since mid-March, when the dollar reached an eleven-year high, the dollar index has lost 5.6% after the evaluation of economic data releases investors in April, which is not expected anything good, and now the majority of moves first rate hike since June on the back burner. At the end of next week’s key release will be the publication of the Fed’s non-farm employment data, which is expected to reduce the unemployment rate from 5.5% to 5.4%, and the main data is expected to jump from 126k to 208k.

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Ruble falls on Tuesday afternoon dollar but euro

Ruble falls on Tuesday afternoon the dollar, but the euro is growing

Tuesday afternoon on
currency trading the Russian Ruble
shows mixed results – a course
Ruble falls against the dollar, but
It is rising against the euro. So, for a couple of 14:03 MSK
USD / RUB traded
at 49.275 (0.31%) and EUR / RUB
– at the level of 55.266 (-0.57%).
Yesterday the dollar at the close of
Trading was 49.121 mark, the euro –
at around 55.582.

The first half of the day
ruble also strengthened against the euro and declined
against the dollar. Growing demand for rubles
because of the May tax period,
experts say. Euro weakness explain
general decline in the currency market – in
example, the euro against the dollar fell to
0.90% – to the level of 1.1213. euro continues
fall on news of a Greek
question – Today the European Commissioner for
Economy and Finance Per Moskovichi
said that the time for the conclusion of
agreement of aid to Greece program already

ruble supports
a statement today, Deputy Finance Minister
Alekseya Moiseeva that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
said a favorable situation on the market
to buy foreign currency
budgetary purposes, including for payments
on state debt. So, the demand for currency
by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation may
shopping and supplemented by the
Ministry of Finance, experts say. but while
Moses said that the replenishment plans
reserve fund from the ministry of foreign currency

Tuesday dollar
It fell below 49 rubles. – in the morning the pair USD / RUB
It dropped to a mark of 48.958, but
then the dollar rose to a maximum of
session at 49.554 rubles. The euro was down today
to 54.912 rubles., the lowest level since April 24.

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Ruble falls after oil dollar is growing again

Ruble falls after oil, the dollar is growing again

sent to their lows for the
the last three weeks: to 16.09 MSK pair
USDRUB rose to the level
50.534. It comes amid further
falling oil prices: Brent with
July delivery costs to date
time of 64.40 dollars per barrel. Besides
of the Bank of Russia has recently publicly stated
that will harness the power of the ruble to
to replenish its foreign exchange reserves.

time, the dollar index rose to
the maximum in the last month, adding
0.68%: American becomes attractive
investors around the world. The thing is
that on Friday, Janet Yellen, the head
US Federal Reserve announced the “advisability”
raising interest rates before the end of
this year.

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