USD EUR JPY GBP CAD forecast for next week Morgan

USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD: The forecast for next week – Morgan Stanley

USD: Correction ?? still in the game. Downtrend ..

… The main reasons for the corrective rally remain in place, namely the stabilization in China and softer Fed policy …. Stronger data may mean the end of korrektsii.Drugoy risk to the USD is oil, where falling prices may weaken the currency.

EUR: Bearish.

… Draghi signaled that further rate cut is possible. Read more (click Source)

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Below are the latest signals from BNP Paribas, which measures the strength of the trend rate.

The bullish trend of the US dollar remains in place

Bear in pulse NOK strengthened.

Bear pulse in GBP is much increased.

EUR momentum remains intact.

A strong bullish signal USDNOK and bearish for GBPUSD.

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GBPUSD may rise to 1 4570 UOB Group

GBP / USD may rise to 1.4570 – UOB Group

“We did not expect that the GBP could in such a short period of time to arrange a spectacular rally – from a minimum to a maximum of 1.4053 on Wednesday New York trading 1.4504.
The forecast changed from bearish to bullish, but it seems that the pair has already exhausted the bulk of the growth potential.

While the level of 1.4350 is not passed, the next rally and test the maximum mid-February 1.4570 is quite possible. “

PS: signals are copied, distributed, and to earn $

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Tick ​​Hour Tick

Tick ​​Hour Tick

The indicator for H1 timeframe and shows:

  • The amount of bovine points (green histogram).
  • The amount of bearish items (red histogram). 

Tick ​​Hour Tick

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