SharpRebound – Counselor, using the rollback strategy after the Great Leap Forward. Expert works on minute chart (M1).

Two trading options:

  1. market execution
  2. pending order

What you need to work SharpRebound:

  1. Broker with the execution of market orders without delay and re-quotes, with the order fulfillment rate of less than 300 ms.
  2. The connection with your broker server is less than 100 ms.
  3. ECN account type.
  4. RAM your computer is not less than 3 GB.

Basic settings (testing was conducted on these options):

  1. Lot = 0.01; if MoneyManagement = False, then the volume of orders to open is equal to that value
  2. Slippage = 2; allowable slippage
  3. Spred = 2; allowable maximum spread at which the order will be opened
  4. Depozit = 100; % Use of funds from the deposit, taking into account the leverage
  5. Risk = 1; %% Risk of the means used
  6. OrdTot = 1; the number of simultaneously open orders in one direction
  7. TeProfit = 50; TakeProfit
  8. StLoss = 2; StopLoss
  9. UstanSLTP = True; is included
  10. OtlogOrder = True; including the method of pending order (if false, the execution of orders open market)
  11. MoneyManagement = True; Included money management, automatic calculation lot, with considering Depozit, Risk, StLoss, Spred
  12. LONG = True; purchase included
  13. SHORT = True; sale included


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MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

Broker speed can be found in the old way – by measuring ping a server. However, servers are some brokers do not respond to the PING command.

The script – a powerful new way to find out how fast the MT4 server processes the request.

It calculates the time required for installation and removal of deposits (stop) orders, as well as for setting and closing orders to buy (available in settings).

It calculates the total time to perform this task, ie, this is the real processing speed.

The audit trader can assess how the broker handles the orders.


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Scalper mt4 Commandor

Scalper mt4 Commandor

Night Scalping EA.

Advisor is part of the purchase under the lower part of the channel.

Advisor is part of the sale of over the top of the channel.

Advisor is not sensitive to slippage and requotes since trading at a minimum volatile market hours.

parameters advisor

  • Lot – fixed lot
  • GMToffset – time zone for the start
  • MagicNumber – magic number
  • Martin_Lot – increase the second lot
  • K_Martin – the second lot to increase by 50%
  • TP_k – take profit ratio
  • SL_L – stop loss coefficient
  • Slippage – slip

Choose a broker with the lowest spread at night.

It is best to use a floating spread.


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Spread Analyzer

Spread Analyzer

Do you really know the size of the spread your broker? You want to analyze it? You want to know what time of day offers the best protection?

Spread Analyzer – is a tool that collects data on the actual size of the spread your broker.

How does it work?

Very simply, the adviser collects values ​​spread tick for tick, stores them and get statistics.

This EA has information with said period of time the number of clock ticks obtained at each level of the spread and percentage of each. Visually presented graphic bars, which makes it easy to interpret the information.

On the other hand, the reports will be sent by e-mail with the results.

In addition, you can choose to receive e-mails with a partial report, with the desired frequency.

For example:

Report 8:00 18:30 (total) with a piece of information every 15 minutes will be:

  • real-time study with statistics for each value of the spread, which begins at 8:00 and ends at 18:30.
  • General Report on the spread values ​​from 8:00 to 18:30 by email.
  • Partial report with partial statistics every 15 minutes (from 8:00 to 8:15, from 8:15 to 8:30, etc.) by e-mail.


  • Start Time: time to start a general report (hours: minutes)
  • Finish Time: time for an overview report completion (hours: minutes)
  • Enable Part Report: allowed to send partial reports within the overall time interval.
  • Minutes Part Report: frequency analysis of the partial data in minutes.

Spread Analyzer

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adviser Sonata based on optimized Martingale. Is involved in the trade means minimized.

Sonata It can be used to obtain rebeytov.

Sonata works on any pair (especially to the flat) timeframe and with any broker.

Input parameters

  • Magic: Use when you have multiple advisors on one account, each advisor – their magic number.
  • Max level: the maximum level of the martingale (the maximum number of warrants offered by an advisor).
  • Start Lots: Lot on the first level.
  • Lots ratio: the lot multiplier to the next level, depending on your needs.
  • Risk Margin Level: if the margin level is below the specified value, new orders can not be opened.
  • Range 1: distance between the orders 1 and 2, in pips;
  • Range 2 – 10 Range: Same as 1. If the number of orders exceeds 10, Range 10 used
  • TP level 1 – TP level 10: to close all trades at levels 1 – 10.


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Time Line

Time Line

TIME LINE – a simple indicator, drawing vertical lines at a time value on the graph.

You can also customize the display of captions to a vertical line.

Line allows to distinguish between certain time periods (for example, the opening of the London session, the US, etc.). For more zones must be uploaded to schedule a greater number of indicators.

The indicator is very simple to use, simply place it on the chart and set the values ​​and desired style.

Zhta program from PForexMql absolutely free.

Input parameters:

LINE SETTINGS – lines settings

  • BrokerTime – time every day for the installation of vertical lines
  • VLine_Color – color lines
  • VLine_Style – line style
  • VLine_Width – line thickness

LABEL SETTINGS – Signature settings

  • Label_Text – text to display next to a vertical line (NULL, so as not to display the text)
  • Label_Color – color labels
  • Label_Font – font lettering
  • Label_Font_Size – font size

Time Line


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Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo

The demo version differs from the full version Only the fact that the switch time periods: Day, Week, Month, Instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF.

The full version is here:

The indicator allows to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time period to another.

This will help you to use the maximum number of instruments from the list of your broker, to analyze in less time increasing the number of tools / periods.

You can also see information about the current instrument: spread (in real time), swap, swaprollover3day, stoplevel, freezelevel.

Description of the buttons on the screen

  • Move to create buttons – buttons can be attached anywhere on the graph, moving the inscription. The default template can also be saved to have the add button, and then they will automatically be on the new chart openable;
  • New List – creates a new list, the tool follows the order (on the list of market survey) and switches to a new sheet;
  • Info Symb – opens a panel with information about this tool:
    • FreezeLevel – the level of freezing orders in points;
    • StopLevel – the distance from the price in points, which can not be set closer to the warrant;
    • Spread – (Spread is updated in real time);
    • Swap – long / Short;
    • SwapRollOver3Days – day triple charging Swap.
  • Symbol- – switches the instrument on (specified in the list, market survey) following the order from the bottom – up (if the instrument first, then switches to the last, so there is a switch in a circle);
  • Symbol + – switches the instrument on (indicated in the list of the market survey) following the order from the top – down (if the instrument is the latter, then switches to the first one, so there is a switch in a circle);
  • Period- – It switches the time period from the largest to smallest (month – minute);
  • Period + – switch time period from smaller to larger (minute – month).


  • START_PERIOD – time period, which offers new tools (by clicking Symbol + Symbol- New_List);
  • Already_Open_Symbol – if the value is NO (when pressed Symbol + Symbol- New_List) and if the next tool to be opened, but it is open at what the other sheet, it will not be opened and will be opened next following;
  • New_List_BUTTON – hides and reflects New_List button;
  • Symbol_Info_BUTTON – hides and reflects Symbol_Info button;
  • Move_to_create_buttons – the color of the text that you want to move to a place where the user wants to place a button;
  • text_BUTTON – the color of the text in the buttons;
  • background_BUTTON – the background color of the buttons;
  • border_BUTTON – frame color buttons;
  • color_Label – color signatures on the graph of the current character / time period.

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo


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