Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

The dollar suffered
heavy losses on Thursday, having made
its biggest one-day fall to
euro in the past six years. at the rate of
“Green” hit the Fed, which
It showed much more
“Dovish” tone than many expected
market participants, but also put emphasis
on the fact that the strengthening of the currency presses on
US exports. As expected,
the word “patient” was excluded from the
statement of interest rate rises,
but the outlook for the economy have been lowered,
and the expected trajectory of the recovery rate
rates become much longer and
flat. This – the signal to the gradual
policy normalizing rates. everything goes
slower than expected by many investors.

8.55 MSK moment is trading at 1.0769,
when that pair was Monday
in a 12-year low, reaching $ 1.0457.

“Our technical analysts
now we say that we are seeing
short-term bullish trend reversal,
that will reveal new targets in line
1.1016 and 1.1098 “, – says Elza Linos,
senior currency strategist at RBC
Capital Markets. – “But in the long
run all fundamental signs
indicate a short position on EURUSD:
the pair will fluctuate between
1.1050 and 1.11, and in its further movement
It will focus on achievement
parity. ”

yen dollar also slid down for
night. Compared with yesterday’s values
121.38, USDJPY fell to 119.76,
the first time in three weeks having gone below
at 120. However, it is now trading at

remain cautious buying
dollar / yen, “- said Kaneo Ogino,
Head of the research company
Global-info Co (Tokyo). – “I
convinced that even after today
Event dollar has a solid base against
Yen because people buy to
downs “.

dollar sell-off caused serious
a blow to the confidence of many of the “bulls” in
dollar. Some market participants
It said that the United States needed a strong data
to improve investor sentiment,
which will continue to rally the dollar. other
note that the dollar correction may

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Auzzilla expert based on a complex grid system, optimized for price movement AUDNZD. It uses a regular movement of this currency pair. Recommended timeframe M15; but it will work on any time frame, as he analyzes it is price action and movement in time.

  • Slippage: built-in protection against slipping; Do not change this setting.
  • Magic Number: unique identifier for the transaction advisor. Always use a unique 6-digit numbers.


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Ruble rose sharply against euro after opening

The ruble rose sharply against the euro after the opening of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange

On Thursday morning, the Russian
Ruble suddenly went up and reached
mark of 64.4 against the euro – the first time since the end of
of December. Likely to support
national currency growth of oil and sale
export earnings and low demand

By 11:11 MSK pair EUR / RUB
trading at
64.79, and the pair USD / RUB –
at the level of 60.93.

"Dollar exchange rate
kept in the range of 60-63 rubles, which we
We believe fundamentally justified
at the current level of oil prices"-
analysts say. Brent crude is now
trading around $ 58.06 per barrel.

today’s quotations
EUR / USD pair about
$ 1,063, the euro went up in the morning and picking up
effect – an increase more than 0.74%.

The focus of Russian
the foreign exchange market is the future
Meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which
scheduled for March 13. Perhaps,
It will address the issue of lowering the
interest rate.

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Marksman Trader

Marksman Trader

The adviser for efficient operation only EURUSD and only five minute (M5) graph. Advisor can be attached to a chart with a different timeframe, but it will only use the information display and graphics with the M5 timeframe. This is the first version of the advisor, so it only works on EURUSD M5. I started programming the next version. It would be better, and the latest version should be run on no less than 4 different currency pairs, as well as the timeframes M5, M15, M30 and H1. The only problem is that you use a lot of variables, so you will need at least a year to complete it. Needless to say that this version will be much more expensive.

Advisor uses a combination of three bars indicators and data (graphics data) to generate signals and determining SL and TP levels. The number of lots for each trade is equal to the balance sheet divided by 2500 so that the account currency should be weaker NZD. I advise everyone to test an expert before buying it.

This expert is only a five-digit brokers.

Good luck to everyone and profitable trades!

Marksman Trader

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Three Pair Basket Trader

Three Pair Basket Trader

EA trades basket of three currency pairs one account in part hedged formation. Pair traded simultaneously at a time when their prices are not correlated with each other. Advisor does not rely on network latency between multiple accounts. Advisor is fully automatic and requires no user intervention after the launch on schedule. Basket transactions closes on reaching a predetermined total profit in pips or in satisfying closing conditions.

Note that for testing the program has a free version that will only trade 0.01 lots and execute only part of transactions. This paid version is much more flexible, more sales and has more customizable options.

Advisor is well suited for low-risk trading in the market. Opening the three transactions at the same time partially hedged formation Advisor Protect your account from market fluctuations. transaction time is from several seconds to several days, rather than just a few seconds, as in the arbitration, as our EA less relies on network latency and speed of execution. However, we still recommend a broker with low spreads and fast execution, as these factors still affect the number of transactions and the profit potential.

adviser It can not be tested on history using a tester, so you can test only one pair at a time. I tested the adviser on stories using your own program and real tick data for all three pairs of default: AUDUSD, EURUSD and EURAUD. With the default risk (10) the expected maximum drawdown was 10% at the expected average yield of 5%. Advisor will limit risk to prevent large drawdowns. Results may vary depending on the brokerage commissions and other market conditions. Initially Advisor comes with settings to work with ECN-Broker. Please check whether your broker is ECN-Broker, to use a more appropriate setting.


  • Magic – magic number to identify the advisor orders
  • Lots – fixed lot size if auto auction is not used, the EA will limit this value to avoid high risks.
  • useAutoLot – If true, the lot size is based on the account balance and risk settings
  • autoLotRisk – minimum percentage margin account when basket trading currencies
  • ProfitMult – the sum total of the number of pips * 10 to take profit when trading 3 pairs.
  • LossProfitMult – the total number of pips * 10 for the stop-loss
  • SpreadAllowed – the maximum spread
  • TakeProfit – fixed take profit for each pair of the loss of communication with the server
  • StopLoss – a fixed stop loss for each pair
  • fileRecord – True if all recorded tick data

Additional built-in security features

  1. Each transaction is accompanied by a fixed stop-loss and take-profit to the case of strong price movements or loss of communication with the brokerage server.
  2. All transactions are automatically closed if opened less than three transactions or an adviser can not open a transaction within the basket. This is important, since you can manually close a deal, and the program will immediately close the other, to keep the profits and protect the account.
  3. Commercial terminated upon reaching a predetermined number of consecutive loss trades.

Recommended use

  1. Run adviser on the chart with the highest number of ticks. As a rule, it EURAUD.
  2. Timeframe is not important. Advisor uses tics trade.
  3. Start with a small risk, to assess the work of the adviser with a specific broker.
  4. Use a low risk value to protect your accounts from drawdown.
  5. Do not close the transaction manually after the weekend, otherwise you risk losing your profits.
  6. For greater efficiency it is recommended low spreads, low commission and high-quality execution.
  7. The minimum deposit for trading 500 USD, the recommended 2,000 USD.
  8. Run adviser in a separate account, as it uses a very important margin depending on the risk values.

to my customers

Please contact me if you have any questions, I will be glad to help.


Benjamin Patry – an expert on programming in the development, design and optimization of automated trading programs with over seven years experience in the Forex and more than ten years of trading experience.

Three Pair Basket Trader

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Price Quick Viewer Demo

Price Quick Viewer Demo

Price Quick Viewer It makes it easy to view
of the market price information. This panel is for your MetaTrader terminal.
It is very clean and easy to understand interface.

This product has a demo version, which does not have the ability to change character settings via the input parameters. If you need the ability to configure symbols, purchase the full Veris. The demo version is available, since the panel can not be started in the strategy tester.

The panel is activated in the same way as the advisor start happening.
Just double-click on the advisor “PriceQV” and the panel will be launched on
chart. After adding a panel to the chart, you can choose any
the time interval in the past and look to the table, as the prices have changed.

By default, the 5 major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD,
AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY. You can change them through the input parameters.
You can also specify the period for which you want to display change
price: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 and W1.

The following table shows information on prices (High, Low, Open, Close)
selected symbols before and after said time interval, and
changes in prices in pips (calculated on the closing prices).

This tool will be very useful if you need to
analyze price change before and after a specific event or
time. It is also conveniently arranged to switch between characters. 


  1. If you select a time period in the future, it will show information on the latest available prices.
  2. If the graph size is very small or a large part of the space occupied by the windows of other indicators, the panel can be minimized.
  3. The times shown – is the server time, it may be different from your local.

Price Quick Viewer Demo

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Euro for first time this year fell below 60 rubles

Euro for the first time this year fell below 60 rubles. on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Tuesday afternoon course
Euro on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen below
the mark of 60 rubles., data show
trading. The dollar fell today to the mark
55 rubles. According to the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange,
the pair EUR / RUB in
13:12 MSK was trading at 59.98,
Minimum transaction was at the level of 59.90.
But by 13:40 MSK euro recovered slightly
and trading at 60.044 rubles.

According to analysts,
rising oil partially played in favor of the
Russian ruble. Yesterday
for Brent crude futures price rose
6% – to $ 58.1 per barrel.

Besides oil growth
senior strategist at Sberbank CIB Vladimir Pantyushin
highlights other factors accelerating growth
ruble: "Firstly, it is the currency for sale
population. We have, oddly enough, in
still sell cash euro and dollars.
Secondly, in part we continue to see
the interest of foreigners in the ruble, but he
mixed: some hedge positions,
someone close short positions in
ruble. This is partly expressed interest in
cheap and growing Russian assets".
– said the expert.

The fall of exchange rates
It began in mid-March. dollar for
second half of March fell to the ruble
12%, the euro – by 8%, according to estimates of experts
"Interfax-CEA". Ruble, so
way ahead in its growth all
the other notable currency.

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