Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong

Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong US reports

By 11:14 MSK on the EUR / USD pair
I went up sharply – to
1.0885 mark. At the same time, the index
dollar shows a negative
momentum after recent gains on Friday
against the background of positive statistics from the US.
The dollar index fell to 97.48 (0.27%). Course
The dollar rose against the yen to 120.84 yen.

Last Friday,
The US Labor Department announced
reducing the level of unemployment in the country
in February to 5.5%, and an increase in
the number of jobs in non-agricultural
industries in the economy 295 thousand. experts
We are waiting to decrease unemployment and 5.6% growth of
the number of jobs by only 235,000.

"We can see
a further increase in the dollar, especially if
US data will continue to be good".
– says investment strategist Edward
D. Jones Uern Kate (Kate Warne).

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Euro for first time this year fell below 60 rubles

Euro for the first time this year fell below 60 rubles. on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Tuesday afternoon course
Euro on the Moscow stock exchange has fallen below
the mark of 60 rubles., data show
trading. The dollar fell today to the mark
55 rubles. According to the website of the Moscow Stock Exchange,
the pair EUR / RUB in
13:12 MSK was trading at 59.98,
Minimum transaction was at the level of 59.90.
But by 13:40 MSK euro recovered slightly
and trading at 60.044 rubles.

According to analysts,
rising oil partially played in favor of the
Russian ruble. Yesterday
for Brent crude futures price rose
6% – to $ 58.1 per barrel.

Besides oil growth
senior strategist at Sberbank CIB Vladimir Pantyushin
highlights other factors accelerating growth
ruble: "Firstly, it is the currency for sale
population. We have, oddly enough, in
still sell cash euro and dollars.
Secondly, in part we continue to see
the interest of foreigners in the ruble, but he
mixed: some hedge positions,
someone close short positions in
ruble. This is partly expressed interest in
cheap and growing Russian assets".
– said the expert.

The fall of exchange rates
It began in mid-March. dollar for
second half of March fell to the ruble
12%, the euro – by 8%, according to estimates of experts
"Interfax-CEA". Ruble, so
way ahead in its growth all
the other notable currency.

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Professional robot, which implemented the classic trading strategy Bands indicator.

The signal generated by the rebound rates Bollinger channel boundaries. When price breaks or touches the upper Bollinger and then returns, it is a signal for sale if the price breaks or touches the lower
Bollinger, it serves as a signal to buy.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably in the market. Working capital of $ 100! It is important to choose a line of work, either in the two sides, or just to buy or sell. Also, the signal can be inverted.

Expert utilizes basic concepts breakeven, trawl stop loss and take profit, and the closure at the opposite signal.

The expert also has a built-in optimization of the sorting function, that is, it is desirable to optimize the using mode Custom max.


  • Magic – magic number, an arbitrary integer.
  • Work Period – period in which the expert works.
  • Risk – risks that enter the market. Set as a percentage
    loss of total deposit. Lot defined relative to the stop-loss and acceptable
    losses when the stop-loss.
  • LotRounding – round lot (before decimal point).
  • Deviation – requotes.
  • Sleeps – waiting for opening, closing or modifying the position. 
  • Withdraw – the virtual withdrawal in the tester, the percentage
    with respect to initial deposit.
  • StopLoss – stop-loss.
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit.
  • Trailing Period – period running trawl.
  • Trailing Breakeven – bezubytka level (0 – off).
  • Trailing Start – the level of the beginning of the trawl (0 – off).
  • Trailing Stop – level trawl (0 – off trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl).
  • TrailingStep Period – trawl over the period.
  • Prohibit new series – if you want to finish the current position and will not open a new one, you need to include this
  • WorkOpenLong – permission to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort – permission to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong – permission to close a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort – permission to close a short position.
  • Inversion – input inversion.
  • SignalBar – bar, from which you begin to look at the (1 – the first fully formed bars).
  • Signal Period – period in which indicators work.


  • AppliedPrice – Application to the price.

Bands parameters:

  • BandsPeriod – period.
  • BandsShift – bias.
  • BandsDeviation – standard deviation.
  • BandsAppliedPrice – Application to the price.

optimization in standard mode instruction

It is desirable to optimize the using mode Custom max.

Set time interval equal to the operating
period (Work Period). This period must be less than any other
in settings.

Install only the opening price for speed

Set the desired time period and, if necessary,
and the striker, if desired.

It is important to choose the optimizations Signal
, as
it depends on the result. If the period is too small and the noise level exceeds
signal strength prediction, the result will be lost if the period is too
large, there will be few positions. You must run the optimization of a number of times and to estimate this parameter.

Also in the default optimization included permission to
in said work direction for closing the signal. For selected trawl trawl
not the points, and the last bar of said time interval (TrailingStep
, Trailing Stop = 0).

Set the default settings, set for
optimization of the following fields:

  • StopLoss – 50/10/200
  • TakeProfit – 100/10/300
  • Trailing Breakeven – 10/20/50
  • Trailing Start 100/10/300
  • BandsPeriod – 50/1/200
  • BandsShift – 0/1/3 
  • BandsDeviation – 0.5 / 0.1 / 4


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SharpRebound – Counselor, using the rollback strategy after the Great Leap Forward. Expert works on minute chart (M1).

Two trading options:

  1. market execution
  2. pending order

What you need to work SharpRebound:

  1. Broker with the execution of market orders without delay and re-quotes, with the order fulfillment rate of less than 300 ms.
  2. The connection with your broker server is less than 100 ms.
  3. ECN account type.
  4. RAM your computer is not less than 3 GB.

Basic settings (testing was conducted on these options):

  1. Lot = 0.01; if MoneyManagement = False, then the volume of orders to open is equal to that value
  2. Slippage = 2; allowable slippage
  3. Spred = 2; allowable maximum spread at which the order will be opened
  4. Depozit = 100; % Use of funds from the deposit, taking into account the leverage
  5. Risk = 1; %% Risk of the means used
  6. OrdTot = 1; the number of simultaneously open orders in one direction
  7. TeProfit = 50; TakeProfit
  8. StLoss = 2; StopLoss
  9. UstanSLTP = True; is included
  10. OtlogOrder = True; including the method of pending order (if false, the execution of orders open market)
  11. MoneyManagement = True; Included money management, automatic calculation lot, with considering Depozit, Risk, StLoss, Spred
  12. LONG = True; purchase included
  13. SHORT = True; sale included


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VEB became partner blokcheyn platform Ethereum

VEB became a partner blokcheyn platform Ethereum

Vnesheconombank (VEB) and Ethereum foundation as part of the All-Russian conference “Blokcheyn: New Oil of Russia” signed the partnership agreement. “The agreement provides for long-term and effective partnership in projects using a distributed registry and Ethereum technology platform, the formation of the expert community on Ethereum platform, as well as the joint development and implementation of educational programs for the training of specialists in the area of ​​distributed registries and Ethereum based platform blokcheyn Vnesheconombank Competence Center “- said in the message VEB.

In July, VEB Chairman Sergei Gorkov announced an initiative to launch in September a pilot project to introduce blokcheyn technology in Veliky Novgorod.

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Modified Awesome Oscillator

Modified Awesome Oscillator

The main function of the indicator is the definition and labeling of the histogram indicator Awesome Oscillator Trading Signals Strategies “Trading Chaos second edition” and “New Trading Dimensions”.

Indicator detects and marks following trade signals:

  1. “Twin Peaks” – Divergence.
  2. Signal “Second sage” – a third subsequent bar histogram Awesome Oscillator, after the color change.
  3. Going through the histogram zero line.
  4. “Saucer” signal.

The indicator unit has a signal which informs the trader in any convenient form on the fact of the formation of trading signal.

The indicator is part of a holistic shopping mall Strategy “Trading Chaos”. It is part of the template and is recommended for use in conjunction with the following products:

  • Trading Chaos Expert
  • Trading Chaos Chart
  • New Trading Dimensions Chart
  • Modified Accelerator Oscillator
  • Recognizer 1 2 3 Patterns
  • WavesMaker
  • Spread and swap monitor
  • Virtual pending sell stop order (a simplified version of the expert)
  • Virtual pending buy stop order (a simplified version of the expert)

Modified Awesome Oscillator

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US Congress plans to cancel Iran deal

The US Congress plans to cancel Iran deal

Most Republicans
in the US House of Representatives
preparing to prevent trade with Iran.
"Rather than stop
proliferation of nuclear weapons
The Middle East, this agreement only
nourish a nuclear arms race on
around the world"- said the Speaker of the House
Representative Dzhon Beyner.

This week, White
House will send the text of the agreement profile
Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives,
which must consider it within
60 days. However, Republicans have already announced
that we are ready to vote against
agreement, but there is not enough of their voices,
to circumvent the US president’s veto. TO
Incidentally, Barack Obama is ready to use
this right if the US Congress will
to sabotage the "a breakthrough in the international

Even more intrigue
the story adds that a significant
of the Democrats also opposed
agreement with Iran. Dzhon Beyner recently
He said that there are great chances to prevent
Obama, because they do not actually
missing a total of 34 votes to get around
presidential veto (then formed
the majority – two-thirds majority

Recall that in November
2013 the parties reached an intermediate
agreement, which limited
the activities of some objects in exchange
on easing sanctions. Then he extended
in June and November of last year, and now
April 2 Iran "six" reached
arrangements in Switzerland.

As a result, yesterday, July 14,
the deal was finally completed and signed
parties. Iran will curb their
nuclear program in exchange for a reduced
sanctions. The agreement shall cease
12-year-old nuclear confrontation
Iran’s activities, which sometimes
It turned into a threat of military action
from the US and Israel. By the way, Israel
also insists on the cancellation of the transaction.

The Iranian side is ready
the introduction of a number of limitations in its
activities in the nuclear field, but they do not
should hinder the work in the field of peaceful
atom. As experts yesterday
uncoordinated technical issues
It does not remain, but the parties still need to
to study the text of the document drawn up by
and work out the wording in detail.

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