Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview XAUUSD

Forex: Ichimoku Clouds. Overview XAU / USD


Consider the four-hour chart. Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, the red line
It is set up and may soon horizontal cross blue, forming
a buy signal. Confirming Chinkou Span line traverses
price chart below, the current cloud – downward. The pair broke below the line up
Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen, the last of which
getting the level of support (1160.88). The next obstacle in the path of prices
up will be the base of a cloud (1167.78).


On the daily chart Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen and both are horizontal. Confirmatory
Chinkou Span line is below the price chart, current cloud is still a
downward. After prolonged drop vapor is adjusted to a level
resistance of Tenkan-sen
(1167.58). The estimated level of support – one of the previous lows
line Chinkou Span (1149.00).

Key levels

Support levels: 1160.88, 1149.00.

Resistance Levels: 1167.58, 1167.78.


On the four-hour chart
steam begins to turn up, but a strong buy signal we are
not received, and the downward trend continued in the chart of the senior timeframe.
Short-term buy position can be opened at the current price for the purpose of
1167.58 and stop loss 1160.88. Scenario lose relevance, as soon as a couple
falls below the Tenkan-sen line.

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Ruble in early trading fell slightly against

Ruble in early trading fell slightly against the euro with an eye on forex

The ruble is kept slightly down against the euro Wednesday morning, playing the current growth in the euro / dollar at Forex, and thus is stable against the dollar on the back of high oil levels, but at a time of low activity currency corporate sellers at the beginning of the calendar month.

The focus of the meeting of the Russian and US presidents, as well as the publication of US employment statistics for June – both of Friday’s events can have an impact on ruble quotes.

calculations "tomorrow" dollar / Ruble to 10.30 59.43 CMC was near and Ruble loses 2 penny exchange by closing Tuesday.

EUR / RUB pair of calculations "tomorrow" It was to 10.30 Moscow time at the level of 67.54 rubles – the ruble lost 15 kopecks here.

Forex EUR / USD pair is trading near $ 1.1364 and the euro rises in price by 0.2 percent, the dollar index lost a basket of six currencies of 0.1 percent and is estimated to be 96.15.

Brent crude oil since the beginning of the day gaining 0.2 percent, and the current market price ($ 49.69 per barrel) remain near the highest since June 7 ($ 49.90), made on Tuesday, amid decline in the number of drilling rigs in the United States for the first time since January.

Impact on the dynamics of quotations may be statistics on the dynamics of oil reserves in the United States, coming out with a delay of one day due to the US holiday yesterday. In particular, the official statistics Energy Information Administration will be released on Thursday at 18:00 GMT.

The focus of Friday’s publication on employment and unemployment in the US in June, actual for forex participants, among which there is no consensus about whether the Fed will raise this year once again the interest rates or refrain from tightening.

On Friday, the scheduled first personal meeting between US and Russian Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in the fields of Hamburg.

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USDJPY is set to decrease

USD / JPY is set to decrease

analyst of Forex Analitik

Technically, USD / JPY has formed a classic double top, clearly prominent
4-hour time frame.

On the daily chart support seen breakdown and 118.88
subsequent retreat from 121.56 resistance and again the breakdown of support at 120.35

Stochastic on D1 is bought, on a monthly schedule is bought
very strong, plus the divergence.

With regard to fundamental data – on Wednesday, we expect
positive Japanese data:

Japan’s monetary base – 36.2% against 35.1%.

Confidence Japanese households – 41.1 against 40.6 in
last month.

Also, it is expected concomitant reduction in output data pairs for
USD and EUR:

On Monday, 2
November – projected output PMI (PMI) from the United States Institute
Supply Management (ISM), which reflects the production activity for the
previous month – a very important and reliable economic indicator. When
yield values ​​of 50.0, in accordance with expectation, or below, this will indicate
the state of the US economy bordering on recession.

On Wednesday, November 4 – the publication of a national report on
changes in the number of US ADP, the non-farm payrolls
the report goes beyond the 2 days before the release of government data on employment
(Nonfarm Payrols) and is a good prediction of the change in the number of employed in
non-agricultural sector. The expected rate – 180K vs. 200K in
Last month, that gives the expected downward trend for the USD.

Also, it is expected to yield a number of positive data on the EUR:

index of business activity in the manufacturing sector (PMI)
Italy on Monday – expected figure of 53.0 against 52.7.

index of business activity in the services sector (PMI) in Spain
Wednesday – 55.3 against 55.1.

Business Activity Index (PMI) in the services sector in Italy
Wednesday – 53.6 against 53.3.

Considering all of the above it can be assumed reduction
instrument USD / JPY to the level of 118.00, and further, to 116.2.

Alternative – in case of breakdown of resistance
121.56 on the daily chart, open the way to 125.27.

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Forex Signals

Forex Signals


Shorts in USD / JPY, short in USD / CAD and shorts in EUR / PLN is a strong signal to this week.

BNPP: Quant model supports Long on GBP / USD 1.4530 to the goal, and on Long USD / JPY 116.34 to the goal.

Morgan Stanley:

MS supports short position on EUR / USD from 1.1360, with a revised stop at 1.1210 and target at 1.07. A GBPUSD is 1.30 for the year-end.


GBP / USD: Bearish: Take profit at 1.3930.

PS: signals are copied, distributed and earn –

February 23!

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  • Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview XAUUSD

    Forex : Ichimoku Clouds. Overview XAU / USD XAU / USD, H4 Consider the four-hour chart. Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, the red line It is set up…

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Copy our transactions are now available in MQL5

Copy our transactions are now available in MQL5

Dear subscribers and investors! We are pleased to announce that you now have the ability to copy our trading signals in MQL5 for only $ 20 per month. Partner ForexInvest with us!

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Congratulations to winners Weekend in Panama

Congratulations to the winners Weekend in Panama

We congratulate the winners
shares "Weekend in Panama"Who won $ 1,800 in the trading account!

The winners were Alexander of Saratov
Valentin from Novokuznetsk. They receive a cash prize equivalent of
$ 1,800 to your trading account. On the prize money the winners will be able to buy
tickets to Panama or to use it in trade.

Read more about this on the website GK FOREX CLUB

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When to switch from demo to real account

When to switch from demo to real account?

Start of trading in financial markets begins with a demo account is an integral part of the training of trade in the early stages of the trader climbing. And after a long practice in the demo, it’s time to start trading on a real account. And very often a novice trader zadaetsya question: when to move on to the real market?

The main difference between the real and demo accounts only in psychology. You have a fear for the loss of funds and greed for money. And if you earn a good profit on the demo, but lose them in the real world, you can be sure, there is no bases, the thing is you.

Forex traders have type 2, some went much too early, others much later. Becomes an issue when you need to move to a real account.

The main reasons that the time for you to move to a real account:

1. The number of trades more than losing.

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