Pound Aussie EA

Pound Aussie EA

Pound Aussie EA


This is a complex adviser with flexible configuration, is designed specifically for GBPAUD tool.

Opening a position made by the copyright indicator signals, taking into account the volatility of a certain time period, and support / resistance levels, as accurately as possible to enter the market.

Adaptive algorithm support orders.


  • Working pair / timeframe: GBPAUD M5.
  • It uses market orders.
  • Spread – Commission – slip, do not matter.
  • Suitable for any broker and any type of account.


  • Tool: GBPAUD
  • Time Frame: M5
  • Deposit: from $ 2,500 to 0,01 lot

The parameters change:

LOTs, money management set based on the amount of your deposit and preferences.

Most do not change anything!


  • MAS – Settings Moving Average
  • RSI – RSI settings
  • Trade Levels – Enabling or disabling the operation of the levels.
  • Filter MA – Enabling and disabling work MA (only works when the Trade Levels – true)
  • each Level – Every N-th level (in points), if 500, the counselor counts each price level of 500.
  • Execute on Price Touch – the level of treatment at the touch of price level or by closing the candle on it.
  • EndLvl_Trading_Buy Sell stop mining at.
  • Freeze After TP – true / false time span in which the adviser is not trading after Tp.
  • Freeze Minutes – Break after the TP is indicated in minutes.


  • Profit Count – the amount of the profits from the beginning of the start of the advisor.
  • Take Profit 1 – TP 1st order (in the old points)
  • Take Profit 2 – TP of the 2nd order (the total for the two orders)
  • Take Profit 3 – TP of third order (the total for the three orders)
  • Stop Loss – SL for an order or orders of the basket.
  • Break Even Level – Plus N points (in the old points) bezubytka to the 4th degree inclusive.
  • MoveBE Lvl – forced transfer to breakeven on a given tribe, if (0), the function is disabled.
  • MoveBE Percent – forced transfer to breakeven for the interest loss on the account if (0), the function is disabled.
  • TP_BE – breakeven, plus a specified number of points, if (0) simply BU. (This only works in conjunction with MoveBE Lvl)
  • Stop_Trading – forced to stop trading session, after reaching the profit as a percentage of the total deposit in the account. If the value is (0.0) function is disabled.
  • Stop_Trading _After_TP – if true, the adviser stops trading session only after the open positions will be closed at the TP.
  • Both Directions – true / false, trade and construction of the baskets on both sides.
  • PIP Steps – the distance between the orders (in old paragraphs)


  • First Lot – fixed size basic lot at Auto Lot – false
  • auto Lot – true / false
  • Lot_Size – basic lot size.
  • Lot_MM – The size of the depot to the basic lot.
  • Spread Filter – Spread filter.
  • Day Filter – Filter by day of week.
  • Time Filter – time filter.
  • Use Time Zone – true / false
  • Add Any Time – true / false to continue or not to build a basket of orders at the end of trading time.
  • Move to BE – forced transfer to breakeven at the end of trading time.
  • Time Zone Start – the start of trade.
  • Time Zone End – while the Trade Deadline.
  • Use Daily Close – true / false the forced closure of the set time.
  • Daily Close Time – the forced closing of all open positions.
  • Close Trades on Friday – true / false Stopping the trade and the closing of all positions on Friday.
  • Friday Close Time – the stop trading and closing of positions on Friday.


Be sure to use the VPS.

For maximum results, use the leverage of 1: 500;

It does not match the FIFO rules.

Pound Aussie EA

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VJ Pivot Levels

VJ Pivot Levels


Whichever method of trading you use, it is important to know the levels of reversals (Pivot levels) in order to draw attention to your entry and exits. This indicator was developed using standard classical formula of automatic construction of a reversal levels. It is also based on a trading range of the previous day, likely expected trading range for the day is allocated a different color, for your information.

Output indicator:

  1. This indicator draws reversal levels
  2. Different levels of resistance
  3. Different levels of support
  4. Average levels above ranges
  5. Daily Expected trading range (refresh schedule after the opening of the market)

code formula:

  • Used the classic formula of reversal levels
  • The calculation is performed between the two previous periods delimited 00chasov ~ 00chasov
  • Pivot = (High + Close + Low) / 3
  • R1 = 2 * Pivot – Low – Normal trading range
  • S1 = 2 * Pivot – High – For the next period
  • R2 = Pivot + (Resistance1 – Support1) – Extreme trading range
  • S2 = Pivot – (Resistance1 – Support1)
  • R3 = High + 2 * (Pivot – Low)
  • S3 = Low – 2 * (High – Pivot)
  • M5 = (R2 + R3) / 2
  • M4 = (R1 + R2) / 2
  • M3 = (P + R1) / 2
  • M2 = (P + S1) / 2
  • M1 = (S1 + S2) / 2
  • M0 = (S2 + S3) / 2

Instructions for use:

  1. Check the reversal level to determine the direction of the breakdown
  2. Use support and resistance levels as points of input / output / Stop Loss / Take Profit
  3. Combine other methods of price action entry
  4. M0 / M1 / ​​M2 / M3 / M4 / M5 – that’s an average range and safe entry and exit areas of your transactions
  5. Gray highlighted the likely expected trading range for the day. Check it out after the market opened.
  6. Update the schedule after the opening of the market each day to download the latest level / timeframe or switch back and forth.


You can use any timeframe, but are best suited M30 / H1 / H4.

VJ Pivot Levels

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ZigZag rsi MT5

ZigZag rsi MT5

ZigZag rsi MT5from its name you can understand that this indicator ZigZag, built on the RSI oscillator basis. The logic is simple indicator. If you change the trend of this fact says RSI TrendMT5 indicator, we are looking for maximum / minimum price at the site of the previous trend. Once this price level is found, it will be immediately marked by the indicator ZigZag rsi MT5.


  • period – period RSI TrendMT5.

ZigZag rsi MT5

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Candle Pips

Candle Pips

IndicatorCandle Pips” – a tool that allows you to quickly see the size of the candle in the platform. This is a good tool for traders who want to carefully study the market, as well as a useful indicator for strategies based on the size of the candle.

The indicator shows the rounded amount in pips each candle on the current chart.

Its input parameters are simple:

  • Candle Type – part of the candle, which should be measured. “High__Low” – the distance between the high and low of each candle. “Open__Close” – the size of the candle body with no shadows.
  • Color_Values – text color measurement results.
  • Distance_of_Price: distance to display the size of the candle on its peak.
  • DECIMAL: Rounding the measurement results to integers or display the exact decimal value.
  • pos: this option allows you to set the second indicatorCandle Pips” on the same schedule that allows you to see version 2 prices “High__Low” and “Open__Close”. The default value is 0, when you install an additional copy of the indicator must be set to 1.

The indicator also includes a field that is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart, click on that updates data.

Candle Pips

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Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

Classic indicator MACD yellow (DEA) and white (DIF) lines and colored bars. Bars above the zero level are colored red, below – in blue. Color bars and lines are adjusted.


  • Fast: fast moving average line, the default 12
  • Slow: slow moving average line, the default 26
  • Signal: the moving average line DIF, the default 9

Three MACD indicator calculated using the following formulas:

  • DIF = EMA (CLOSE, Fast) – EMA (CLOSE, Slow) – Whiteline
  • DEA = EMA (DIF, Signal) – the yellow line
  • MACD = (DIF-DEA) * 2 – bars

Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

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Marksman Trader

Marksman Trader

The adviser for efficient operation only EURUSD and only five minute (M5) graph. Advisor can be attached to a chart with a different timeframe, but it will only use the information display and graphics with the M5 timeframe. This is the first version of the advisor, so it only works on EURUSD M5. I started programming the next version. It would be better, and the latest version should be run on no less than 4 different currency pairs, as well as the timeframes M5, M15, M30 and H1. The only problem is that you use a lot of variables, so you will need at least a year to complete it. Needless to say that this version will be much more expensive.

Advisor uses a combination of three bars indicators and data (graphics data) to generate signals and determining SL and TP levels. The number of lots for each trade is equal to the balance sheet divided by 2500 so that the account currency should be weaker NZD. I advise everyone to test an expert before buying it.

This expert is only a five-digit brokers.

Good luck to everyone and profitable trades!

Marksman Trader

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GBPUSD analysis and forecast

GBP / USD: analysis and forecast


During yesterday’s trading the quotations pair GBP / USD
declined, reaching the minimum daily values ​​at the level of 1.4842. Pound began to weaken after
February output data on UK inflation. CPI
prices was 0.0%, experts predicted growth by 0.1%. Base
the consumer price index, which excludes volatile component prices
energy and food, it was also worse than expected and amounted to

Economic statistics from the United States, by contrast, had a
support for the US currency. The consumer price index on a monthly basis
It reached the level 0.2%. Core consumer price index reached the level of 0.2%
instead of the expected 0.1%, and the annualized was 1.7% instead of 1.6%.

Support and Resistance

resistance lines are the levels: 1.4900
(Psychologically important level), 1.4984 (the middle line of the indicator strip
Bollinger), 1.5100 (psychologically important level), 1.5162 (a maximum of 18

Support levels are 1.4830 (at least
Asian session), 1.4720 (March 20 low), 1.4632 (March 18 low).


Worth buying after the breakdown level of 1.4900 with
the first target at the level of 1.4980, and the second – at the level of 1.5100. You can sell after
reaching the mark at the cost of 1.4830 with the targets 1.4730 and 1.4640.


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