Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong

Dollar depreciates after strengthening on strong US reports

By 11:14 MSK on the EUR / USD pair
I went up sharply – to
1.0885 mark. At the same time, the index
dollar shows a negative
momentum after recent gains on Friday
against the background of positive statistics from the US.
The dollar index fell to 97.48 (0.27%). Course
The dollar rose against the yen to 120.84 yen.

Last Friday,
The US Labor Department announced
reducing the level of unemployment in the country
in February to 5.5%, and an increase in
the number of jobs in non-agricultural
industries in the economy 295 thousand. experts
We are waiting to decrease unemployment and 5.6% growth of
the number of jobs by only 235,000.

"We can see
a further increase in the dollar, especially if
US data will continue to be good".
– says investment strategist Edward
D. Jones Uern Kate (Kate Warne).

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Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

Dollar licking his wounds after Fed shook bulls

The dollar suffered
heavy losses on Thursday, having made
its biggest one-day fall to
euro in the past six years. at the rate of
“Green” hit the Fed, which
It showed much more
“Dovish” tone than many expected
market participants, but also put emphasis
on the fact that the strengthening of the currency presses on
US exports. As expected,
the word “patient” was excluded from the
statement of interest rate rises,
but the outlook for the economy have been lowered,
and the expected trajectory of the recovery rate
rates become much longer and
flat. This – the signal to the gradual
policy normalizing rates. everything goes
slower than expected by many investors.

8.55 MSK moment is trading at 1.0769,
when that pair was Monday
in a 12-year low, reaching $ 1.0457.

“Our technical analysts
now we say that we are seeing
short-term bullish trend reversal,
that will reveal new targets in line
1.1016 and 1.1098 “, – says Elza Linos,
senior currency strategist at RBC
Capital Markets. – “But in the long
run all fundamental signs
indicate a short position on EURUSD:
the pair will fluctuate between
1.1050 and 1.11, and in its further movement
It will focus on achievement
parity. ”

yen dollar also slid down for
night. Compared with yesterday’s values
121.38, USDJPY fell to 119.76,
the first time in three weeks having gone below
at 120. However, it is now trading at

remain cautious buying
dollar / yen, “- said Kaneo Ogino,
Head of the research company
Global-info Co (Tokyo). – “I
convinced that even after today
Event dollar has a solid base against
Yen because people buy to
downs “.

dollar sell-off caused serious
a blow to the confidence of many of the “bulls” in
dollar. Some market participants
It said that the United States needed a strong data
to improve investor sentiment,
which will continue to rally the dollar. other
note that the dollar correction may

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Euro Rises Greece offers new promise

Euro Rises – Greece offers new promise

On Friday morning,
EUR / USD pair has started to grow,
already by 8:54 MSK it was trading at the level of
1.0687 (0.27% increase). Most likely, investors
respond positively to the news of the new
Greece promises.

the country has promised leaders of Germany,
France and the European Union to accelerate the implementation
planned reforms, writes the reported
"Deutsche Welle". Full list
reforms will be ready in the coming days,
announced today German Chancellor night
Angela Merkel. However, it also
clarified that Greece no promises
early provision has not yet been
loans listed. "everything must
It is done quickly", – said Merkel.

basis for
further work – an agreement that
We entered into a euro zone finance ministers
February 20, when the extended program
Greece. "In a spirit of mutual
confidence we are ready to accelerate work
and to complete it as quickly as possible"-
Ministers said in a statement. There
also it specifies that the Eurogroup is ready
to meet as soon as possible.

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Terrible start of US trading Dow fell 203 points

Terrible start of US trading: Dow fell 203 points, Nasdaq – 1.21%

American Stock Exchange
reduced after opening on fears
slowdown of China’s economy and on strong
dollar. US stock indexes sharply
falling as investors continue
to deal with the prospect of the nearest
Fed raising rates. In addition to this on
indexes presses is not strong enough
Dollar and the resumption of oil fall

Shortly after the opening,
to 17:00 MSK, on ​​Wall Street, the Dow
Jones, S P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell each
about 0,9% – Dow lost 203 points.

Weakness in the European
stock markets, which was a sharp
decline of the euro against the dollar,
as noted, also provides pressure
on the US markets. French CAC
40 decreased by 1.3%, German DAX – by 1.5%, in the
while Britain’s FTSE 100 – by 1.6%.

The euro reached a 12-year-old
low against the dollar, falling
to the level of 1,073 euros to the dollar. A fall
value of the euro continues after
run government bond purchase program
European Central Bank

Why? American
multinationals who
the majority of businesses in Europe are
less competitive because
the price of US goods become
expensive. If big American
the company will sell fewer goods
abroad, this will be another negative
factor for the US stock market.

"Concerns about
rising dollar and falling oil
pressed the action"- says financial
Manager Louis Naveler its customers.

Strong reports
employment in the United States, published in
Friday, still affect mood
investors, says Wall Street. And Federal
Fed may change its
schedule to raise interest
rates sooner. Wall Street now expects
that the Fed will raise rates as early as
June, more than three months before the
going. Lower rates, of course,
It cited as one of the principal
driving forces of the bull market, which
It began six years ago, in March 2009.

Asian stock
markets are now also started to sink – Nikkei
in Japan it fell by 0.7% and Hong Kong
Hang Seng fell 0.9%.

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Europe stock fell Tuesday

Europe stock fell Tuesday

yesterday, the European
stock indexes showed serious
decrease. DAX lost
1.89%, CAC 40 eased to 1.81%, the FTSE
100 decreased by 1.03%. Consolidated
index of the largest industrial
Dow companies in Europe
Jones Euro Stoxx 50 has lost

The reason for this decline
– weak corporate reporting,
published in Europe, and news from individual
markets. Among the hardest hit
at the end of the trading
day the companies –
Atlas Copco and

influenced the
European shares and other events:
Output of weak consumer index
confidence in the US yesterday and interception
Iranian cargo vessel flying the
Marshall Islands flag. Incident
It has been exhausted, but the stock markets had

Commerzbank lost
5.7% after announced doprodazhu
shares for capital support (planned to attract 1.4
billion euros).

Atlas Copco, a manufacturer
mining equipment, fell on
9% after reporting strong reduction
demand for products in the first quarter.
The company he among the main losers
the day was UPM Kymmene, which
on weak reporting lost yesterday
as much as 10%.

Stocker, strategist of UniCredit, said:
“We have seen different reports today,
but disappointing results from such
giants such as UPM-Kymmene, stronger
impact on investor sentiment. ”

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PZ Five O

PZ Five O

You – Harmonic trader? 5-0 – a harmonic pattern with 6 points and retracements, which usually foreshadows a significant movement in the market.

  • It is easy to recognize patterns 5-0
  • Useful for finding cheap and expensive zones
  • Adjustable ratio XB, AC and BD (for the most accurate results)
  • Customizable periods breakthroughs
  • Visual / sound / the push / email notifications

Other helpful tools for harmonious trade:

Item display

Functional parameters are listed below. All the rest – it’s display settings.

  • Size of the patterns: the minimum size of the pattern
  • Breakout period: to display the arrow needs Donchian channel breakout
  • Max. History Bars: the number of bars in the past, considered an indicator.

Some important features

  • The indicator works on bars rather than ticks.
  • The last point of the pattern is redrawn at its formation.
  • You can set several indicators with different sizes of patterns (recommended) on a single graph
  • After patterning and breakthrough showing alerts.
  • A small percentage of trading signals can be redrawn. You can increase the breakthrough period.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

PZ Five O

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Asia today is calm and positive on background

Asia today is calm and positive on the background of the general output

stock world is very calm: the majority
sites closed on the occasion of Easter
Friday. Asian-Pacific area,
despite their cultural view
membership, also would not mind to relax.
So today is covered Singapore,
Hong Kong Stock Exchange, rest
and Australia and New Zealand.

major developments in Asian markets
today unfolding in Japan,
mainland China and South Korea. By
the day Nikkei and Topix gained 0.6% each; Shanghai Composite –
0.99%; KOSPI –
0.81%. Analysts attribute this
complacent behavior of investors
general calm in the market and with the expectation
Friday’s data from the US labor market.
Volatility in Asian markets
today was low.

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