Owners of fashion house Valentino are considering

The owners of fashion house Valentino are considering initial public offerings

According to Bloomberg data, Valentino Fashion Group SpA owners are exploring options for an IPO of one of the most famous and popular fashion houses in Italii.Predpolozhitelno, Valentino fashion house will be valued at 2 billion euros. According to analysts, the fashion house management can to sell 25-35% stake in the first six months of next goda.Napomnim, Valentino fashion house was opened by the famous designer Valentino Garavani and his business partner Dzhankarlo Dzhametti over forty years nazad.Interesen fact that the largest initial public offering in the industry to create and issue of clothing over the past decade has been output to the stock exchange of another well-known brand from Italy – Prada SpA, which has attracted about $ 2.5 billion as a result of the listing of T HKong five years ago.

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CBR will introduce harmonization of deals with

CBR will introduce harmonization of deals with shares of banks of Russia in the amount of more than 0.1% of assets

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A new bill the Ministry of Finance on the harmonization of banks buying shares of companies with the Central Bank stipulates that the regulator will require approval of the transaction to generate income and participation in the management, on which the bank will spend an amount greater than 0.1 per cent of assets.

"The bill provides that the said acquisition will require the consent of the Bank of Russia, if the amount of funds allocated for the purchase of shares (interests) of the legal entity to exceed 0.1 percent of the value of the credit institution’s assets", – stated in the press service of the regulator in response to a Reuters query.

"Mandatory criterion for determining whether the need to obtain the consent of the Bank of Russia is the fact that the relevant investment is made by the credit institution for the purpose of generating income from the ownership of shares (stakes) in the legal entity and participation in the management of its activities".

The Ministry of Finance wants to oblige Russian banks to agree to purchase large stakes in companies with CBR, calling the purpose of this measure improving the financial stability of banks. Notice of the beginning of the preparation of the bill, involving changes in the law "On Banks and Banking Activity", It was taken at the federal portal of draft regulations on Thursday.

(Kira Zavyalova, Elena Fabrichnaya editor)

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Eight largest banks in Russia come from Assoc

The eight largest banks in Russia come from the Association

A joint statement was made by management of the eight largest banks in Russia. In this the eight: Sberbank, VTB, VTB 24, Gazprombank, “FC Opening” Bank, Agricultural Bank, BIN-Bank, Alfa-Bank.
Given the importance of this statement we give it the final part of the full and unabridged:
“We inform you that the development of the banking sector of the Russian economy, representation of our interests in the Bank of Russia and the state bodies, development of joint decisions on matters of interest of bank activity, improvement of the legislation regulating the activities of financial institutions, we will choose a different format for interaction, not exclusive, including the creation of a new professional association or conversion of existing professional associations representing the interests sy credit institutions. With this application we will officially announce the release of the members of the association. “
“Eight” states that has done a considerable and very useful work, but at the moment its working efficiency has been steadily declining since the organization in 1991, the Association of Russian Banks (ADB). The reason for the applicants is seen in the unsatisfactory performance of the Association of leadership, which, according to the heads of the 8 banks ceased to consider the interests of association members, moreover, there is a direct zabaltyvanie problems instead of constructive dialogue of the banking community.
“Molded in positions Association, conclusions and assessments do not reflect the real views of all market participants, undermine confidence and business partnerships between credit institutions, preventing their constructive interaction and cooperation with the Bank of Russia and the state bodies”, expressed the opinion leaders of the 8 banks and laying the main blame for the current situation in the president of the Association Garegin Tosunyan.

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