Fibo Color Levels Light

Fibo Color Levels Light

Fibo Color Levels – a great tool for those who like Fibonacci. It allows you to set preferred values, styles and formats for each level, and noting the color levels in accordance with the importance of.

Fibo Color Levels adds Fibonacci retracement levels automatically. The purpose of the indicator in another. You must manually add the Fibonacci retracement levels on the graph.

Use a standard tool for adding MT4 Fibonacci levels, use the values ​​swing high and / or swing low, which is necessary to calculate the correction. after adding Fibonacci retracement levels, you can adjust the indicator Fibo Color Levels, which will be painted in a different color levels.

Free version – Works with EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY on the higher timeframes on the H4 to the MN.

Full version – All the pairs and timeframes – See here –


  • 12 custom levels.
  • It works on any time frame.
  • On / off function of each level.
  • Custom colors, depending on the severity levels.
  • Separately, customizable styles and line thickness.
  • It works with multiple Fibo objects.
  • Easy and intuitive setup.

Item display

“Fibonacci Object”

  • Fibo Line Property Color – color Fibonacci object.
  • Style Value – Fibonacci line style of the object.
  • Width Value – Fibonacci line width of the object.

“Color Table on the importance levels of correction”

  • Neutral – color less than significant levels.
  • Up Key Level – the color key levels on the swing high.
  • Up Strong Level – the color of strong levels in the swing high.
  • Up Overbought Level – color overbought levels on the swing high.
  • Down Key Level – the color key levels on the swing low.
  • Down Strong Level – the color of strong levels in the swing low.
  • Down Oversold Level – the color levels of oversold swing low.

“The standard levels of 0 and 100”

  • On / Off Retracement Value 0.0 – show / hide the zero level.
  • Importance Color 0.0 – significance level 0 according to the color chart.
  • Style Value 0.0 – style line level 0.
  • Width Value 0.0 – the thickness of the line level 0.
  • On / Off Retracement Value 100.0 – show / hide the level of 100.
  • Importance Color 100.0 – significance level of 100 according to the color chart.
  • Style Value 100.0 – 100 level line style.
  • Width Value 100.0 – 100 thickness level line.

“The values ​​of the correction levels”

  • Fibo Retracement Value 1 to 12, – the value of the additional layer.
  • On / Off Retracement Value of 1 to 12 – show / hide the extra level.
  • Importance Color Value 1 to 12 – additional significance level according to the color table.
  • Style Value 1 to 12 – style of line corresponding to an additional level.
  • Width Value 1 to 12 – line width corresponding additional level.


  • Disable Notification for Creation of Fibo Object – false disables all notifications.

Fibo Color Levels Light

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MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

MT4 Order Speed ​​Test

Broker speed can be found in the old way – by measuring ping a server. However, servers are some brokers do not respond to the PING command.

The script – a powerful new way to find out how fast the MT4 server processes the request.

It calculates the time required for installation and removal of deposits (stop) orders, as well as for setting and closing orders to buy (available in settings).

It calculates the total time to perform this task, ie, this is the real processing speed.

The audit trader can assess how the broker handles the orders.


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ST Object by Symbol MT4

ST Object by Symbol MT4

This utility binds each created a graphic object to the symbol graph.

Binding is carried out by adding a prefix to the name of the symbol graphic.

In the future, when you change the symbol on the chart is provided to display only objects associated with the current character, all other objects are hidden.


  • Ignore objects with prefix – light passes graph. objects with a given prefix in the name.

Note: The demo is limited to the convenience store operation in the tester and can not be used to verify the functionality of the program.

ST Object by Symbol MT4

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Zig Zag Swing Detector MT4

Zig Zag Swing Detector MT4

Zig Zag Swing Detector – the speaker indicator that allows you to keep track of new highs and lows using zigzag patterns and giving way to respond to new extremes. For example, for the upward trend every time reveals a new high, the strength of the trend increases. Trend ends at below the previous minimum.

The indicator reports the new highs / lows alerts, notifications and speech!

You can also set conditions for automatically opening deals on new extremes. Speech synthesis allows to pronounce the direction of the trend, pair, timeframe and signal strength in 2 languages ​​- English and Polish. Laniruetsya also in the future to add more languages ​​- Russian and German.

When building a zigzag indicator considers bars significant and insignificant. Significant bars – those that set new highs / lows, insignificant bars can be found between them.

If installed as a new high or a new low, they are both built on the same bar, in order.

Watch the video to understand the mechanics of the indicator, or try to test it in the history.

The indicator is available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for.

Zig Zag Swing Detector MT4


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ROMAN5 Time Breakout EA for MT4

ROMAN5 Time Breakout EA for MT4

ROMAN5 Time Breakout automatically draws blocks break the daily support or resistance. When the price is below the support line, it is a sell signal. When the price is above the price of resistance, it is a buy signal.

For more information on the site.
ROMAN5 Time Breakout EA for MT4

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