Export History to CSV for Matlab

Export History to CSV for Matlab

This script lets you export price data from any schedule and timeframe to a CSV file. These files can be used for analysis of prices in other programs. For example, MATLAB, etc.

period can be set in the input for which you want to export data.

Data Format: Date Time Open High Low Close Spread.

Export History to CSV for Matlab

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Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

The indicator shows the presence of a trend on the market, its magnitude, direction, and whether it is increasing. The indicator is useful for detecting the flat using trendsledyaschih strategies. The indicator also tells about the market transition from the flat in the trend, which can be an excellent entry point. Alert can be included directly in the graph by ticking.

Also includes a bonus in the form of indicators of the current spread and the price of supply and demand large text with color change when the price changes.


Login must be carried out when the indicator line is above the level of 100, that is, it is not yellow, and the vertical bars of the histogram graph of the same color. histogram bars appear at the confirmed direction. Purple color is a confirmed trend, but a weak trend. Green signals indicate buy / long, and red lights – a sell / short. Do not open the deal with no bars.

Early entry may be considered if there is a green / red bar histogram, but the line of the indicator is yellow, or if the bar histogram purple, but the line of the indicator is above the level of 100, that is a green / red color.

Alert is activated via a tick on the graph. By default, a check mark is put in the bottom left corner of the chart. Alert triggered when the transition from the flat to the market trend. The panel displays the number of pips from the date of the alert trigger. The indicator can notify you when a pop-up message, playing a sound wav-file, email message, or push-notification.

Bonus spread indicator shows the current spread, the color of which may vary in case of too high values ​​spread. Also, large text displays the current bid / ask price. Price going up, colored green; going down – in red and yellow shows not changing the price. Indicators are not mandatory, fully customizable.

Input parameters

  • Main_alertOnDefault – at true operating notification indicator included by default
  • Main_alertShowPriceLine – If true, show a horizontal line price of the alert response
  • Main_alertLineStyle – style horizontal price line
  • Main_alertThreshold – value of the indicator when triggered the alert. Default – 100 (transition into a trend confirmed)
  • Main_histogramThreshold – indicator value at occurrence histogram. Default – 90 (possible shift in the trend)
  • Col_alertSell – color line with the Alert for sale
  • Col_alertBuy – color line with the alerts to purchase
  • Box_corner – angle alerting control panel arrangement. Default – the lower left corner
  • Box_X – X-coordinate of the control panel arrangement
  • Box_Y – Y-coordinate of the control panel arrangement
  • Gen_GUIFontSize – font size for the label on the control panel
  • Gen_GUIFont – name of the font for the control panel
  • Gen_lineLabelFontSize – font size of the text label on the horizontal price lines
  • Gen_alertPopUp – if true will show a pop-up notification (post notification will appear in the magazine)
  • Gen_alertSound – if true will play the sound file
  • Gen_alertSoundWavFile – the name of the wav-file. You must specify if Gen_alertSound = true
  • Gen_alertMail – if true a notification will be sent by e-mail according to the settings of your terminal MetaTrader
  • Gen_alertNotification – If true, you will send push-notifications in accordance with the settings of your terminal MetaTrader
  • Gen_colorLabel – color labels for panel
  • Gen_colorSell – common colors for signals for sale
  • Gen_colorBuy – common colors for signals to buy
  • Gen_colorSellBuy – common colors for the transition between the buying / selling
  • Gen_askBidPricesShow – If true, the chart will display information about the ask / bid price
  • Gen_askBidPricesCorner – corner of the chart, which will show information about the ask / bid price
  • Gen_askBidPricesX – the X coordinate information on the price ask / bid
  • Gen_askBidPricesY – Y coordinate information about price ask / bid
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeAsk – font size for the ask price
  • Gen_askBidPricesSizeBid – font size for the bid price
  • Gen_spreadShow – if true shows the current spread
  • Gen_spreadCorner – a spread angle in the graph display

Converting to adviser

This indicator, like the others, you can easily convert the adviser using our product Panel plus Configurable Automation: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/18164

version of MT4


Market Trending plus Alert by RunwiseFX

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Portfolio Indicator

Portfolio Indicator

7 shows the behavior of the indicator instrument from said point (date / time) to deposit currency or as a percentage. The indicator clearly shows the absolute or relative change in the tools relative to each other. Based on these data, we can make a decision about entering into a transaction, for example, if most of the instruments moved in the same direction – there is a great probability of further movement in this direction.

Item display

  • startFrom – the reference point is set as time data, for example ( “20/02/2015 00:00”);
  • showBefore – Show data indicator before the reference point may be set to (false | true);
  • spread1 – symbol 1 and symbol set receives a value of the formula ([-EURUSD {0.4}] [+ GBPUSD {0.3}] or [+ GBPUSD {0.3}]), where (+ | -) is (BUY | SELL) symbol {item};
  • spread2 – symbol 2 or symbol set;
  • spread3 – 3 symbol or set of symbols;
  • spread4 – 4 symbol or set of symbols;
  • spread5 – 5 symbol or set of symbols;
  • spread6 – 6 symbol or set of symbols;
  • spread7 – 7 symbol or character set;
  • calcInPerc – calculated in% or in the deposit currency may be set to (false | true);
  • postfix – If the symbol has any “tail”, for example, EURUSD.lmx, then you need to specify the “.lmx”;
  • barsCalculate – Limitation of number of bars to calculate, for example, 4000 (to be visualized 4000 bars);
  • smooth = 2; – Smoothing indicator of MA.

Portfolio Indicator

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ChartBuilder MT5

ChartBuilder MT5

The indicator is designed for easy construction of synthetic charts with various financial instruments. It will be useful for fans of arbitrage or pair trading, and various researchers. Its main advantage – it is simplicity and clarity. Each graph is given as a conventional mathematical formulas. For example, to plot the spread (difference) between EURUSD and GBPUSD with coefficients 3 and 4, respectively, then enter the following formula:


We obtain the graph shown in the screenshot. But this is one of the simplest examples. Indicator allows you to build much more complex and interesting things. A track certain pricing levels set by the user, when the signal which will be supplied.

A detailed description of the indicators is available on the Discussion tab.

Item display

  • Formula1
  • Formula2
  • Formula12 – are set for each graph formula
  • Precision Digits – accuracy indicator values ​​displayed (number of decimal places).
  • TimeShift_minutes – shift of time of all the graphs in relation to the timeline (in minutes)
  • TimeSnap_Mode – values ​​obtained peg formula to the displayed indicator bars time. It can be given in bars ( “bars“), Or in minutes (“minutes“).
  • TimeSnap_Size – Maximum binding size. If the computed time lag between bar and bar exceeds the actually available active size, then the bar is not drawn on the screen. If set to -1, then there is no binding constraints.
  • Draw Mode – rendering graphics mode:
    • LINE (Line)
    • BARS (bars)
    • CANDLE (candles)
    • SECTION (line segments between nonempty values)
    • HISTOGRAM (histogram)
    • POINTS (points)
    • AUTO (automatic selection in accordance with the selected display mode in the main window)
  • Interpolation Timeframe – intrabar timeframe for interpolating values ​​in constructing synthetic bars. By default M1
  • auto Scale – auto-scaling graph display. Indicates the number of the main graph, a height which is adjusted all the other graphs.
  • Show Labels – choice of location of the formulas titles in the chart window (left or right)
  • Show Bid / Ask – displaying synthetic levels Bid / Ask for each chart
  • Signal_ChartNumber – schedule number for which the signal values ​​are used and the signal lines.
  • Signal_HighValue – upper signal value at which the signal begins to be supplied
  • Signal_LowValue – lower signal value
  • Signal_HighLine – name upper signal line when the signal which will be supplied
  • Signal_LowLine – the name of the lower signal line
  • Signal_CrossCharts – graphs numbers (separated by a space or a comma), while crossing signal which is supplied.
  • Signal_Pause – pause between the repetition of the same signal (in seconds)
  • Save_ChartNumber – schedule number, the value of which will be saved in a text file.
  • Save_FileName – the name of the text file where the values ​​of the graph are saved
  • Save_FileDelimiter – text delimiter used in the file. If nothing is specified, use the tab character.

ChartBuilder MT5

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Spread Analyzer

Spread Analyzer

Do you really know the size of the spread your broker? You want to analyze it? You want to know what time of day offers the best protection?

Spread Analyzer – is a tool that collects data on the actual size of the spread your broker.

How does it work?

Very simply, the adviser collects values ​​spread tick for tick, stores them and get statistics.

This EA has information with said period of time the number of clock ticks obtained at each level of the spread and percentage of each. Visually presented graphic bars, which makes it easy to interpret the information.

On the other hand, the reports will be sent by e-mail with the results.

In addition, you can choose to receive e-mails with a partial report, with the desired frequency.

For example:

Report 8:00 18:30 (total) with a piece of information every 15 minutes will be:

  • real-time study with statistics for each value of the spread, which begins at 8:00 and ends at 18:30.
  • General Report on the spread values ​​from 8:00 to 18:30 by email.
  • Partial report with partial statistics every 15 minutes (from 8:00 to 8:15, from 8:15 to 8:30, etc.) by e-mail.


  • Start Time: time to start a general report (hours: minutes)
  • Finish Time: time for an overview report completion (hours: minutes)
  • Enable Part Report: allowed to send partial reports within the overall time interval.
  • Minutes Part Report: frequency analysis of the partial data in minutes.

Spread Analyzer

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Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo

The demo version differs from the full version Only the fact that the switch time periods: Day, Week, Month, Instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF.

The full version is here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/23477

The indicator allows to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time period to another.

This will help you to use the maximum number of instruments from the list of your broker, to analyze in less time increasing the number of tools / periods.

You can also see information about the current instrument: spread (in real time), swap, swaprollover3day, stoplevel, freezelevel.

Description of the buttons on the screen

  • Move to create buttons – buttons can be attached anywhere on the graph, moving the inscription. The default template can also be saved to have the add button, and then they will automatically be on the new chart openable;
  • New List – creates a new list, the tool follows the order (on the list of market survey) and switches to a new sheet;
  • Info Symb – opens a panel with information about this tool:
    • FreezeLevel – the level of freezing orders in points;
    • StopLevel – the distance from the price in points, which can not be set closer to the warrant;
    • Spread – (Spread is updated in real time);
    • Swap – long / Short;
    • SwapRollOver3Days – day triple charging Swap.
  • Symbol- – switches the instrument on (specified in the list, market survey) following the order from the bottom – up (if the instrument first, then switches to the last, so there is a switch in a circle);
  • Symbol + – switches the instrument on (indicated in the list of the market survey) following the order from the top – down (if the instrument is the latter, then switches to the first one, so there is a switch in a circle);
  • Period- – It switches the time period from the largest to smallest (month – minute);
  • Period + – switch time period from smaller to larger (minute – month).


  • START_PERIOD – time period, which offers new tools (by clicking Symbol + Symbol- New_List);
  • Already_Open_Symbol – if the value is NO (when pressed Symbol + Symbol- New_List) and if the next tool to be opened, but it is open at what the other sheet, it will not be opened and will be opened next following;
  • New_List_BUTTON – hides and reflects New_List button;
  • Symbol_Info_BUTTON – hides and reflects Symbol_Info button;
  • Move_to_create_buttons – the color of the text that you want to move to a place where the user wants to place a button;
  • text_BUTTON – the color of the text in the buttons;
  • background_BUTTON – the background color of the buttons;
  • border_BUTTON – frame color buttons;
  • color_Label – color signatures on the graph of the current character / time period.

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Demo


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